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Vocabulary Word

Word: equinox

Definition: period of equal days and nights; the beginning of spring and autumn; Ex. vernal/autumnal equinox; ADJ. equinoctial

Sentences Containing 'equinox'

Also, the above numbers are average numbers: owing to the ellipticity of the Earth's orbit, where the South pole receives a week more of sun-below-horizon than the North pole (see equinox).
and but six months before he wheeled out of a former equinox at Aries!
As it is required as a base for the definition of true anomaly, it is usually arbitrarily assumed (as a line pointing into the direction of the vernal equinox).
Beginning in 2008, Fire Ant once again began competing semi-regularly as a singles wrestler and began a heated feud with former ally Equinox, who had since unmasked himself and began competing under his real name (Vin Gerard).
Easter's date corresponds roughly with Passover, the Jewish observance associated with the Exodus, that is fixed for the night of the Full moon near the time of the spring equinox.
Every fourth year, at the vernal equinox, there is a representative council of the whole nation, which meets in a plain about twenty miles from our house, and continues about five or six days.
For example, mounds A, D, and E, which form the central axis of the site, align with the sun at the spring equinox.
He also occasionally narrated television documentaries, such as the "Equinox" episode "Unravelling the Universe", first broadcast in December 1991.
In 1958, his novel "Higanbana" ("Equinox Flower") was made into a movie by Yasujirō Ozu, starring Kinuyo Tanaka.
International. In the UK, Warner Home Video distributes most of the DVD releases of Icon Entertainment International, and also distributes Icon releases in Australia as well as Seville Pictures and Equinox Films releases in Canada.
Newgrange and Dowth have Winter solstice solar alignments, while it is claimed Knowth has an Equinox solar alignment.
Rick Sternbach designed similar craft into the USS Voyager and the USS "Equinox", known as the aeroshuttle and the waverider, respectively.
Soon after their debut, Team Colony immediately became "technicos" on the undercard and often teamed with fellow masked wrestler Equinox in trios matches.
The Christians who began the experiments with independent computations held that the paschal full moon should never precede the equinox.
The Dragon Festival is a Spanish free festival which ran from 1997 to 2009, held at Los Cigarrones on the riverbed of the Rio Guadalfeo, 2 km to the south of Órgiva, and from 2010 at Santa Fé, Granada, Spain, during the month of March, and culminating on the weekend nearest the March equinox.
The Great Houses of Pueblo Bonito and Chetro Ketl were found by the "Solstice Project" and the U.S. National Geodetic Survey to be sited along a precisely east-west line, an axis that captures the passage of the equinox sun.
The lines perpendicularly bisecting their principal walls are aligned north-south, implying a possible intent to mirror the equinox midday.
These Jewish calendars, according to their Christian critics, sometimes placed Nisan 14, the paschal full moon and the day of preparation for the Jewish Passover, before the spring equinox (see Easter).
Two days before the 2009 Spring Equinox a prohibition order was posted proclaiming a ban on the Dragon Festival on grounds of health and safety and that anyone found organizing the event would be charged and if convicted, receive hefty fines.

More Vocab Words

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::: valid - logically convincing; sound; legally acceptable; effective; Ex. valid reasoning/passport
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::: alimony - payments made regularly to an ex-spouse after divorce
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