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Vocabulary Word

Word: entreat

Definition: plead; ask earnestly

Sentences Containing 'entreat'

"'Then I entreat you, tell me if to the best of your own convictions, this your story is in substance really true?
'Always observing her from one point of view,' said Mr. Wickfield; 'but by all that is dear to you, my old friend, I entreat you to consider what it was; I am forced to confess now, having no escape-' 'No!
'Do I constantly entreat you,' said Mrs. Steerforth, 'to speak plainly, in your own natural manner?'
'I entreat Mr. Traddles to bear with me in entering into these details.
'My darling girl,' I retorted, 'I really must entreat you to be reasonable, and listen to what I did say, and do say.
'We are not likely to remain alone much longer,' said Agnes, 'and while I have an opportunity, let me earnestly entreat you, Trotwood, to be friendly to Uriah.
All that Camilla could do was to entreat Leonela to say nothing about her doings to him whom she called her lover, and to conduct her own affairs secretly lest they should come to the knowledge of Anselmo or of Lothario.
And thou, O sage magician, whoever thou art, to whom it shall fall to be the chronicler of this wondrous history, forget not, I entreat thee, my good Rocinante, the constant companion of my ways and wanderings."
At length I ventured to take his hand, and to entreat him, as well as I could, to endeavour to get some command of himself.
But she sat perfectly still in his grasp, and only said, in a low voice,``I entreat you, good gentlemen, do not come near us, do not speak, do not move!''
Charles Darnay felt it hopeless to entreat him further, and his pride was touched besides.
Entreat her that she be pleased to show thee how thou canst execute the command she gives thee, for she will, such is her goodness.
For they are still in doubt and perplexity; and having heard of your worship's acute and exalted intellect, they have sent me to entreat your worship on their behalf to give your opinion on this very intricate and puzzling case."
He replied, however,``I entreat you, M. de Villefort, be, as you always are, kind and equitable, and give him back to us soon.''
I can not misunderstand you, but I entreat you, dear Lizzy, not to pain me by thinking that person to blame, and saying your opinion of him is sunk.
I dwell the longer upon this subject from the desire I have to make the society of an English _Yahoo_ by any means not insupportable; and therefore I here entreat those who have any tincture of this absurd vice, that they will not presume to come in my sight.
I entreat of you not to go near him at least to night; and if to morrow your curiosity still continues as great, pursue your researches if you will; but to night you neither can nor shall.
I entreat you not to suppose that I moved this way in order to beg for a partner.''
I shall entreat his pardon for not having done it earlier.
I would entreat them not to dismiss your request, without a reference to Dora; and to discuss it with her when they should think the time suitable.
If only for the sake of M. de Salvieux, who recommends him to me, I entreat your majesty to receive him graciously.''
In 1870, he went to Versailles, the headquarters of the German armies, to entreat Wilhelm I of Prussia to reduce the war contribution imposed on the city of Rouen.
In vain did she entreat him to stand up with somebody else, and offer to introduce him to any young lady in the room.
It was Villefort who seemed to entreat, and the prisoner who reassured him.
Mademoiselle de Villefort will share them with you; for I entreat her to give to the poor the immense fortune reverting to her from her father, now a madman, and her brother who died last September with his mother.
Now, if I entreat, if I order you to live, Morrel, it is in the conviction that one day you will thank me for having preserved your life.''
Oh, I entreat you, my son, if you had entertained such an idea, dispel it; and my counsel to you nay, my prayer is to retain his friendship.''
said Valentine,``Maximilian, come back, I entreat you!''
She looked at her father to entreat his interference, lest Mary should be singing all night.
She made a hasty gesture with her hand, as if to entreat my patience and my silence, and turned towards London, whence, as her dress betokened, she had come expeditiously on foot.
Tell me, I entreat you, my dear doctor, that you may be deceived.''
The gentleman was serious immediately, and looked at me, I thought, as if he would entreat me to say nothing about the window.
Then turning towards Monte Cristo,``Count,''said he,``in the name of all that is dear to you, I entreat you not to kill Albert!
There is but one favor I would entreat of you.''
This damsel by her own confession speaks as one in love, for which I am not to blame, and therefore need not ask pardon, either of her or of your excellence, whom I entreat to have a better opinion of me, and once more to give me leave to pursue my journey."
Whereas, I entreat you to learn what the administration of the World is, and what place a Being endowed with reason holds therein: to consider what you are yourself, and wherein your Good and Evil consists.
``Be careful of my friend, I entreat you, and leave me.''
``Dear Valentine,''said Morrel, endeavoring to conceal his own emotion,``listen, I entreat you; what I am about to say is very serious.
``Entreat me to believe it no more, Miss Manette.
``I entreat you to observe that I have come here voluntarily, in response to that written appeal of a fellow countryman which lies before you.
``Maximilian,''said she,``Maximilian, my friend, my brother on earth, my true husband in heaven, I entreat you, do as I do, live in suffering; perhaps we may one day be united.''
``Move, monsieur move away, I entreat you; you are exactly in the spot!''
``My friend, my dear Maximilian, do not make a hasty resolution, I entreat you.''
``Not so loud, father, I entreat of you for your own sake as well as mine.
``Oh, attend to it, Valentine, I entreat you.''
``Oh, I entreat you,''exclaimed Morrel in a low voice,``do not speak another word, count; do not prolong my punishment.''
``Oh, yes, yes; this instant, I entreat you.''
``Sire,''said Villefort,``I will render a faithful report to your majesty, but I must entreat your forgiveness if my anxiety leads to some obscurity in my language.''
``Tell me, I entreat of you, who and what you are?''
``You see you were deceived,''murmured the magistrate;``come and see her, and on her bed of agony entreat her pardon for having suspected her.''

More Vocab Words

::: facsimile - copy
::: skulduggery - (skullduggery) dishonest behavior or action; Ex. skulduggery in the election
::: strut - pompous walk; V: walk in a self-important manner
::: welter - confusion; turmoil; confused mass; bewildering jumble; Ex. welter of data
::: stodgy - dull; stuffy; boringly conservative; Ex. stodgy book
::: stentorian - (of the voice) extremely loud; CF. Stentor: a loud herald in the Iliad
::: aggregate - sum; total; ADJ. V: gather into a mass or whole; accumulate; add up to; Ex. aggregate 100 dollars
::: obtuse - blunt; not sharp; stupid; slow in understanding
::: collateral - security given for loan; ADJ: secondary; descended from the same person but through different sons or daughters
::: rejuvenate - make young again