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Vocabulary Word

Word: elicit

Definition: draw out fact or information (by discussion or from someone)

Sentences Containing 'elicit'

A perfect marker would elicit no false positive results.
A performer aims to elicit responses of sympathetic feeling in the audience, and to excite, calm or otherwise sway the audience's physical and emotional responses.
Afferent: Nociception detected in the S1 dermatome and travels up the tibial nerve to the sciatic nerve to roots of L5,S1 and synapse in the anterior horn to elicit the motor response.
Author Peter Selz, writing in the catalog about the artist’s work, described the link between the three artists: “A canvas like "Chinese Reds" (1990) in scarlet color relates to the chromatic scheme of his teacher’s "Angel of Death" (1998), while alarming paintings like "Marlboro Country" (1990) with its human skulls spread in the foreground, or "Coit Tower Night" (1988) – a painting of deep blue water, a brown hill and a violent purple sky – all done with an agitated brush, elicit a fervent emotion, comparable to the sensations evoked by the canvases of Kokoschka himself.” The Palazzo Ducale Museum in Massa-Carrara, Italy presented his retrospective exhibition in March-April, 2002 with the publication of a catalog written by Massimo Bertozzi.
Because a confession was required for a conviction and sentence the use of torture was often used to elicit such a confession.
During the chorus, when Springsteen shouts "Bad-lands!" fans pump their fists in the air twice, once for each syllable of the word. In the years when it slotted at the start of shows, this would be Clemons' first sax solo, which would bring him to center stage and elicit huge cheers from the crowd.
For example, sentences beginning with phrases such as *"the garden was on the worked", which violates an English phrase structure rule, often elicit a brain response called the early left anterior negativity (ELAN).
He defeated Mogul of the Mystic Mountain; during this adventure he operated on his own for a while, trying to use his charm to elicit information from beauteous adversaries.
His indifference to fire was sufficiently remarkable to elicit a word of remonstrance from Mr. Lorry; his boot was still upon the hot embers of the flaming log, when it had broken under the weight of his foot.
In 2013 "Forbes"' Katheryn Thayer asserted that digital-era artists' work must not only be of high quality, but must elicit reactions on the YouTube platform and social media.
In April 2011 it mailed a letter to the priests working in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia to elicit their support for the abolition of the statute of limitations in Pennsylvania.
In the case of organizations, attributions of causality elicit emotional reactions from stakeholders, especially negative emotions if the organization is attributed as the cause for a crisis.
In this collaboration Cremer used his UV laser micro irradiation equipment to elicit cellular changes in the early larval stages of the fruit fly "Drosophila melanogaster".
Neo-Mandaic also has two locative demonstrative pronouns, "hənā" / "ehnā" ‘here’ and "ekkāḵ" ‘there.’ The interrogative pronouns are used to elicit specific information beyond a simple yes or no answer (which can be elicited simply by employing a rising intonation, as in English).
Once AMPARs are inserted, the synapse is no longer silent; activated synapses no longer require simultaneous pre- and postsynaptic activity in order to elicit EPSPs.
Phycobiliproteins elicit great fluorescent properties compared to small organic fluorophores, especially when high sensitivity or multicolor detection is required : As a result, phycobiliproteins allow very high detection sensitivity, and can be used in various fluorescence based techniques fluorimetric microplate assays, Flow Cytometry, FISH and multicolor detection.
Researchers suggested that hostile sexism can elicit anger or frustration in the target, which may increase her motivation to succeed or perform.
Robert was asked if he would go and see if he could elicit any help from his father-in-law, John Talbot.
Stimulation of a silent synapse "will" elicit EPSPs when the postsynaptic cell is depolarized beyond -40 mV.
The ability of an antigen to elicit immune responses is called immunogenicity, which can be humoral and/or cell-mediated immune responses.
The Forum was also a place where orators would express themselves to mould public opinion, and elicit support for any particular issue of interest to them or others.
The location of the reference point for each individual that experiences referred itch is well conserved and specific to each person, in that a certain location will elicit the phenomenon repeatedly for a given person while itches elsewhere may not.
The stimulation of a silent synapse does not elicit EPSPs when the postsynaptic cell is clamped at -60 mV.
Thomas returned to the continent and again failed to elicit Spanish support, but instead met Guy Fawkes, with whom he returned to England.
Up the broad flight of shallow steps, Monsieur the Marquis, flambeau preceded, went from his carriage, sufficiently disturbing the darkness to elicit loud remonstrance from an owl in the roof of the great pile of stable building away among the trees.

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