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Word: ecologist

Definition: person concerned with the interrelationship between living organisms and their environment; person concerned with the detrimental effects of human civilization on the environment; CF. ecology

Sentences Containing 'ecologist'

August Friedrich Thienemann (7 September 1882 in Gotha – 22 April 1960 in Plön) was a German limnologist, zoologist and ecologist. He was an associate Professor of Hydrobiology at the University of Kiel, and director of the former Hydrobiologische Anstalt der Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gesellschaft (now the Max-Planck-Institut für Limnologie) at Plön. A co-founder of Societas Internationalis Limnologiae, Thienemann is best known for his work on the biology of the Chironomidae, and his contributions to the field of lake typology.
Bands who have played the festival in the past. During its 14 years worldwide famous bands have performed there, such as Mogwai, !!!, Ocean Colour Scene, OK Go, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Rentals, Asian Dub Foundation, Ash, Gogol Bordello, Nada Surf, Amy Macdonald, James, The Sounds, The Ettes, Brett Anderson, Molotov, Ecologist, Rinôçérôse, The Hidden Cameras, Los Campesinos!, Shout Out Louds or Teenage Fanclub.
Each Spring, the equestrian community meets for the Red Hills Horse Trials, an Olympics qualifying event held at Elinor Klapp-Phipps Park and land owned by Tallahassee ecologist and horse enthusiast Colin Phipps (Ayavalla Plantation).
Ecologist Justin Brashares suggests that at least some of the marmot's group behavior is learned, so that the loss of marmot "culture" has caused them to become more solitary, and interact aggressively rather than cooperatively when they do encounter each other.
For example, a botanist might do field research in tropical rain forests to see which plants grow there, or an ecologist might study how a forest area recovers after a fire.
In a 2004 paper in "Science", ecologist Lian Pin Koh and colleagues discuss coextinction, stating "Species coextinction is a manifestation of the interconnectedness of organisms in complex ecosystems.
Pia Parolin (born 24 August 1965 in Castelfranco Veneto, Italy) is a biologist and tropical ecologist, Vice-President of the Society for Tropical Ecology (gtö) and councilor of the Association of Tropical Biology and Conservation (ATBC).
Ricardo Rozzi (born October 6, 1960, in Santiago) is a Chilean ecologist and philosopher who is professor at the University of North Texas (UNT) and the Universidad de Magallanes (UMAG).
Since 2007, the "Oikos" subject editors make nominations for the annual Per Brinck Oikos Award given to a world-leading ecologist. Editors-in-chief.
Taylor became a public figure following the 1977 Windscale Inquiry into nuclear fuel reprocessing during which he exposed the risks of nuclear waste storage and mounted a successful campaign against radioactive discharges to the marine environment – his work was widely reported in the national press, New Scientist, The Ecologist and the New Internationalist. Between 1980 and 1992 he became an advisor to a wide spectrum of organisations, ranging from government agencies to environmental NGOs, appearing on TV and radio on issues of nuclear risk and pollution.
Taylor published an account of the anti-nuclear movement in The Ecologist - a text used by the Open University for its Control of Technology Course, an on assessments of nuclear risk in the science journal Nature.
The first volume, written primarily by Italian ecologist Otto Huber, is an introduction to the geography, ecology, botanical history and conservation of the Venezuelan Guayana, and includes two fold-out maps of the region (one vegetation and one topographical, both 1:2,000,000 scale).
The law itself is named after the ecologist L. R. Taylor (1924–2007).
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