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Vocabulary Word

Word: duress

Definition: forcible restraint, especially unlawfully; coercion by threat; illegal coercion; Ex. a promise made under duress

Sentences Containing 'duress'

Authorities have at times allegedly extracted confessions through duress, using methods such as severe beatings, prolonged suspension, threats of rape, incommunicado detention, and inadequate access to food and water.
Harry Allen of "The Village Voice" perceived its dense production as overwhelming Black Thought's rapping and questioned, "is zealous love for the track submerging the band's vocalist?", but commended "the nuances of the Roots' dystopia; the rather painterly way they use sound, in the compositional modes that hip-hop affords, to render a world not only under duress, but, in fact, permanently diseased: "Dhalgren" on wax".
He noted ‘the best known case’ of "Maskell v Horner", and also "Skeate v Beale", where Lord Denman CJ said an agreement was not void because it was made under duress of goods, but noted that older cases do not deal with what happens when the threat is to breach a contract. He decided that there was such a thing as economic duress, a threat to break a contract is one form and if it led to a contract for valuable consideration ‘I think that contract is a voidable one which can be avoided and the excess money paid under it recovered.’ The agreement here was caused by ‘economic duress’.
He scolds humanity for the environmental duress caused by man’s blatant disregard for nature: “If industrial man, continues to multiply his numbers and expand his operations he will succeed in his apparent intention, to seal himself off from the natural, and isolate himself within a synthetic prison of his own making” (211).
He then asked if the whole agreement was procured by duress for the threat to break the original agreement.
However, in 2004, the South Korean government issued the following statement: "Our government takes the position that the 1909 Gando Convention, signed by Japan illegally without Korea's consent, is null and void, to the extent that the Eulsa Treaty, which deprived Korea of its diplomatic rights in 1905, is a null-and-void treaty obtained through duress."
In Sparta, Queen Gorgo, Leonidas' wife, agrees (under duress) to a sexual encounter with Theron, before which he promises his help in persuading the Spartan council to send reinforcements to Leonidas.
Lamberton saw his oath to Edward II as a necessity and exhorted from him under duress- therefore invalid.
Leo Fender believed that this new design was superior to previous designs since the bridge actually moved backwards and forwards along with the strings during vibrato use, thereby maintaining proper intonation even under duress, and preventing strings from binding.
Many of these were emigrating under duress from the trustees of the Boreraig, Suishnish and North Uist estates of Lord Macdonald.
North Ocean Shipping Co Ltd v Hyundai Construction Co Ltd QB 705 is an English contract law case relating to duress.
The New Zealand Court of Appeal upheld the confidentiality contract signed by Coburn as a member of UK special forces, ruling that there was valid consideration, that it was not an unconscionable bargain, and that it was not the result of duress or undue influence.
Tomlinson accepted the offer (he claims under duress) but retained the job for only a few months before he emigrated to Australia, where his younger brother lived.
Under duress, Bohemond was compelled to cede the Principality to Leo.
Upon the divorce proceedings, the pre-nuptial agreement was declared void, since it was made under duress.
‘The owners made a very reasonable offer of arbitration coupled with security for any award in the yard’s favour that might be made, but this was refused… I do not consider the yard’s ignorance of the Shell charter material. It may well be that had they known of it they would have been even more exigent.’ However, because of the delay in bringing the case to court economic duress could not be found in this case: 'the action and inaction of the owners can only be regarded as an affirmation of the variation.'

More Vocab Words

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::: legerdemain - sleight(dexterity) of hand; CF. light of hand
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::: conclusive - decisive; ending all debate
::: commonwealth - nation governed by the people; republic; people of a nation
::: flush - redden; blush; flow suddenly and abundantly; wash out by a rapid brief flow of water; N: reddish tinge; blush; brief rush; rush of strong feeling; Ex. flush of pride; ADJ: having surfaces in the same plane; even; blushing
::: insightful - discerning; perceptive
::: plasticity - ability to be molded; ADJ. plastic: capable of being shaped or molded; Ex. plastic material such as clay
::: validate - make valid; confirm; ratify