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Vocabulary Word

Word: dummy

Definition: imitation of a real object used as a substitute; effigy

Sentences Containing 'dummy'

"They seem to have been of a most interesting character--dummy bell-ropes, and ventilators which do not ventilate.
According to "The San Francisco Chronicle", the report stated that TSA officials and Covenant managers at the airport "notified screening personnel in advance when a tester was approaching a checkpoint and provided their descriptions", and "Officials in the airport's screening control center tracked the undercover testers with surveillance cameras and on foot, the report said, and 'broadcast descriptions and locations of testers to the checkpoints to assist supervisors in identifying testers and to facilitate passing the covert penetration tests.'" An article in the newspaper about a wrongful firing lawsuit related to the events further reported that according to allegations in the lawsuit "Posing as passengers, the decoys try to take dummy bombs, unloaded guns and other contraband through the airport's security checkpoints.
Also, projectiles with an inert dummy payload are often offered, for training and testing purposes.
Among the accusations against Vesco were that he parked funds belonging to IOS investors in a series of dummy corporations, one of which had an Amsterdam address that was later linked to Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, and that he broke into a Swiss bank vault to obtain shares.
Black's misfortunes continue even in death when at his funeral a mêlée takes place resulting in his cylindrical plexiglass casket rolling down a hill (obviously containing a dummy of Neil).
Bombing practices were carried out at sea with the use of dummy bombs, including inert nuclear weapons.
For 34 days, dummy torpedoes passed under "Burrows" while prospective commanding officers and submarine crews sharpened their fighting skills.
For example, a researcher might want to predict whether someone goes to college or not, using family income, a gender dummy variable, and so forth as explanatory variables.
For this reason some shooters use a snap cap in an attempt to cushion the weapon's firing pin as it moves forward. Snap caps and action-proving dummy cartridges also have usage as a training tool to replace live rounds for loading and unloading drills, as well as training for mis-fires or "jams", as they function identically to a live "dud" round that has not ignited.
Giraldo acted in two Adam Dubin features: 2002's comedic short, "American Dummy", in which he played a psychiatrist, and 2008's animated film, "What Blows Up Must Come Down!", in which he did the voice of Jihad Jo.
He produced a dummy issue in April 1950, and planned to launch the new incarnation of "Amazing" in April 1951, the 25th anniversary of the first issue.
Here the variable to be explained is a dummy variable that equals 0 if the observed subject does not go to college and equals 1 if the subject does go to college.
In English, existential clauses usually use the dummy subject construction (also known as expletive) with "there", as in "There are boys in the yard", although "there" is sometimes omitted when the sentence begins with another adverbial (usually designating a place), as in "In my room (there) is a large box."
In Sainte-Mère-Église, a dummy paratrooper hangs from the church spire.
In shooting the scene in which Carter throws Brumby to his death from the multi-storey car park, Hodges used four shots: one of the pair struggling high up on the stairs; one from the lowest level of the stairwell where Caine actually threw Bryan Moseley over the side onto mattresses; one shot of a dummy falling; and one of the body of Brumby on top of a crushed car.
In statistics and regression analysis, an independent variable that can take on only two possible values is called a dummy variable.
In the air defense effort around important targets, labor units often constructed up to 4 dummy positions for each real anti-aircraft concentration.
In this case a set of dummy variables is constructed, each dummy variable having two mutually exclusive and jointly exhaustive categories — in this example, one dummy variable (called D1) would equal 1 if age is less than 18, and would equal 0 "otherwise"; a second dummy variable (called D2) would equal 1 if age is in the range 18-64, and 0 otherwise.
In this set-up, the dummy variable pairs (D1, D2) can have the values (1,0) (under 18), (0,1) (between 18 and 64), or (0,0) (65 or older) (but not (1,1), which would nonsensically imply that an observed subject is both under 18 and between 18 and 64).
It is accessible by three monumental gates; a fourth, dummy gate exists to respect the symmetry of the whole.
It soon backfires when people realise what Rick is doing and Rick gets rid of Roy and throws the dummy over the cliff but accidentally totals Lou Carpenter's (Tom Oliver) car.
Michaels was a regular on the short-lived television series "What a Dummy".
Michaels was nominated for two Young Artist Awards, one for "What a Dummy" and another for "TaleSpin".
Nevertheless, Archie is bad-tempered and frequently tells his long-suffering, scatter-brained wife Edith to "Stifle yourself" and "Dummy up".
Note that the number of dummy variables is always one less than the number of categories: with the two categories male and female there is a single dummy variable to distinguish them, while with the three age categories two dummy variables are needed to distinguish them.
On the 7th June, 1917, while disguised as a British merchant vessel with a dummy gun mounted aft, H.M.S. "Pargust" was torpedoed at very close range.
Other languages with constructions similar to the English dummy subject include French (see "il y a") and German (which uses "es ist", "es sind" or "es gibt", literally "it is", "it are", "it gives").
Powell's first published comic-book art is tentatively identified as the uncredited three-page story "A Letter of Introduction", featuring the famed ventriloquist Edgar Bergen and his dummy, Charlie McCarthy, in Fiction House's "Jumbo Comics" #2 (Oct. 1938).
Rick tries to learn to drive but doesn't have an instructor and uses a dummy he names 'Roy' to ride in the front passenger seat.
Shaun Smith and Mark Rappaport worked hand in hand with Snyder in pre-production to design the look of the individual characters, and to produce the prosthetics, props, weapons and dummy bodies required for the production.
Shortly after that, Brisbane seemed to have the game wrapped up when Gorden Tallis at dummy-half feigned passing and from close range forced his way over the try line under the posts.
So him and the new dummy started off; and the king he laughs, and blethers out: "Broke his arm--VERY likely, AIN'T it?--and very convenient, too, for a fraud that's got to make signs, and ain't learnt how.
The data consist of 1,000 clients with the following variables: Dependent Variable (coded as a dummy variable).
The discovery that this was a dummy, and that the bed was clamped to the floor, instantly gave rise to the suspicion that the rope was there as a bridge for something passing through the hole and coming to the bed.
The Second Challenge: In Stage One of the challenge, each competitor must demonstrate CPR on a practice dummy.
The test flight would have consisted of a five-segment reusable solid-rocket first stage with a flight-production upper stage, containing a dummy, or possibly real, J-2X engine.
The trams were pushed up the steep hill by the dummy, and rode the dummy on the way down to safely descend the hill.
Then the dummy variables can be included as independent (explanatory) variables in a regression.
There wasn't a human being in this town but knew that that boy was a perfect chucklehead; perfect dummy; just a stupid ass, as you may say.
Trams once ran all the way down Darling Street to the Wharf at Balmain East. Due to the very steep incline at the bottom of the street, the trams used a complex 'dummy' counterweight system constructed under the road surface.

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