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Vocabulary Word

Word: drone

Definition: idle person who lives on other people's work; male bee

Sentences Containing 'drone'

According to Deutsche Presse-Agentur, unconfirmed Pakistani intelligence sources reported Hammadi killed in a CIA drone strike inside Pakistan in June 2010.
According to the General Mandelblit, 16 civilians were killed when Gaza a drone fired against militants in front of a mosque.
After this, the drone is again prominent and the swarmandal plays an ascending scale, followed by a lone cello in descending scale that leads to the final verse in 16-beat tintal ("And the time will come when you see we're all one, and life flows on within you and without you") ending with the notes of the dilruba left hanging, until the tonal and spiritual tension is relieved by a muted use of canned laughter.
Also called "LS", players are lumped into one team (which can go up to 8), and they fight together to destroy large numbers of computer-controlled drone mechanaughts.
Also in 2012, Willner released "And Never Ending Nights" as Loops of Your Heart, a more drone-inclined venture through Magazine on February 13.
Apart from metal, classical influences were displayed more overtly and elements of noise and drone were introduced.
As Naftalin explains, "The song was based, like Indian music, on a drone.
Becker's propensity for doing comic voices brought him much work in animation; his best known work there was perhaps as Mr. Wizard on "King Leonardo and His Short Subjects" — "Drizzle, drazzle, drozzle, drone / Time for this one to come home" — who was always indulging and then rescuing Tudor Turtle from his outlandish wishes.
Blending music stylings of My Bloody Valentine and The Loop with same kind of drone rock as Spacemen 3.
Burial Chamber Trio is a drone doom band consisting of American guitarist/bassist Greg Anderson, Hungarian vocalist Attila Csihar and Australian multi-instrumentalist Oren Ambarchi.
Civilian pilot groups have expressed concern about impact of drone operations in civilian airspace, especially during takeoff and landing.
Driving 47 yards in just over 5 minutes, Drone hit a wide open Pierre Jackson in the corner of the end zone to pull within 24-23 with 3:02 to go.
Drone dropped back to pass but was quickly swallowed by the Kansas State defensive line to preserve the victory.
Even as he served as a Titular Councillor, drafting legal protocols, in Catherine’s Civil Service, he lauded revolutionaries like George Washington and praised the early stages of the French Revolution, and found himself enamored of the Russian Freemason, Nicholas Ivanovich Novikov, whose publication “The Drone” offered the first public critiques of the government, particularly with regards to serfdom.
First reference to the drone was given by Lieutenant Commander of the Iranian Air Force General Aziz Nasirzadeh who reported that the first tests of the drone were finished.
Following an extended drone opening played on keyboards, "Stratovarius" develops a scary organ intro as a looser succession of mainly guitar and drum based jams that build and break down.
For both Territory Control and Capture the Flag, stationary drone mechanaughts with powerful long-range siege cannons or rockets will appear to automatically defend allied aerogates.
Gould describes Martin's strings as here making "their way through the bustle and drone of the Indian instruments with the slightly shaky dignity of a procession of sahibs in sedan chairs."
He started playing drone and Warp-influenced IDM in Stockholm venues with friend Ola Keijer (alias Ola K) as duo Speedwax.
He was killed in a targeted killing drone airstrike in Pakistan on May 21, 2010.
He was reported as having been killed in a US drone attack in Pakistan on May 21, 2010 along with his wife, three daughters and granddaughter.
If destroyed, a drone will automatically re-spawn after 30 seconds.
Illinois State, out of the Gateway Football Conference would prove to be a tough task for Kansas State as the Wildcats narrowly won, 24-23 Kansas State scored two special teams touchdowns and stopped Illinois State quarterback Luke Drone on a 2-point conversion in the final minutes to preserve a 24-23 victory in the head coaching debut of Ron Prince.
In 2006, Blood Duster began pre-production for a proposed triple album consisting of a disc each of death metal, grind, and drone doom, with guests 70s balladeer and actor Darryl Cotton.
In August 2012, Josh Begley created an iPhone app that sent out a Push notification whenever a US military Drone aircraft struck a target.
Iranian officials reported that the drone has a shape similar to the Eagle ray resulting in the drone being called the "Sofreh Mahi" (the Persian for "Eagle Ray").
It consists of four tracks which are composed of a single tone, called a drone.
It disturbed the Doctor too, for when I went back to replace the candle I had taken from the table, he was patting her head, in his fatherly way, and saying he was a merciless drone to let her tempt him into reading on; and he would have her go to bed.
Kilcullen argues that targeted killings with drone strikes in Afghanistan and Pakistan is a mistake.
Little is known about the drone but scaled down mock-ups shown during Iranian Army Day 2010 parade show that it has a flat diamond shape body with twin vertical stabilizers.
Ogre formed in 1999 when Ross Markonish and Will Broadbent grew tired of their current prog/drone/trance band, Hello Monster, and decided to start a 70s hard rock and heavy metal influenced project. They placed an ad in the local paper for a bassist/vocalist and were contacted by Ed Cunningham.
On 20 April, a Russian jet shot down a Georgian reconnaissance drone flying over Abkhazia.
One joyful night, therefore, I noted down the music of the parliamentary bagpipes for the last time, and I have never heard it since; though I still recognize the old drone in the newspapers, without any substantial variation (except, perhaps, that there is more of it), all the livelong session.
Played on pump organ with a reverberating drone, assisted by an offstage synthesizer, Springsteen cycled around and around, minute after minute, through pieces of the simple yet disjointed lyrics – "Dream baby dream, I just want to see you smile, come on, dream baby dream" – until eventually he would get up from the organ and walk around the stage, the offstage music still coming, he still repeating through the lyrics, looking out over the audience as if he were giving them a puzzled benediction, then finally walking off stage still singing and without further remarks, the end.
Shabak's task is to give intelligence about when and where the target will be available for a strike and then to react to IAF drone feedback to ensure the men at the location are indeed the correct targets.
Since 2008 he has played theremin in the improv ambient/drone quartet Cloud Shepherd. Joron has written an essay, "The Theremin in My Life," on the relation between his literary and musical activities.
Strings 1 and 2, 5 and 6 are used as bordun (drone) strings and tuned to the tonic and the fifth or fourth.
The "tambura" is the traditional drone instrument used in concerts, however, tamburas are increasingly being replaced by "śruti" boxes, and now more commonly, the "electronic "tambura"".
The drone is also made out of special materials that absorb radar energy.
The drone is capable of being fitted with a variety of sensors, including a forward looking infrared turret and synthetic aperture radar.
The drone itself is an integral part of performances and furnishes stability - the equivalent of harmony in Western music.
The higher the difficulty level is set (ranging from 1 to 3), the higher score there is with each drone kill for the player(s).
The M.50 Queen Martinet was a radio-controlled target drone of which 69 were built and a further 17 produced through conversion of production Martinets.
The Sea Ferret was a submarine-launched aerial reconnaissance drone under development by the United States Navy, designed to be launched from within a Sub-Harpoon missile canister and controlled by a submerged submarine to provide covert surveillance, weapons targeting, choke point interdiction, and battle damage assessment.
The song, in the tonic (I) key of C#, is structured around an exotic Mixolydian melody over a constant G# 'root-fifth' drone that is neither obviously major nor minor.
This usually consists of at least; a principal performer, a melodic accompaniment, a rhythm accompaniment, and a drone.
Time Machines is Coil's landmark drone music album, released under the alias Time Machines.
Unlike the drones in Last Stand, however, these have better armor, requiring more hits for a single drone.
When orders are issued by faceless bureaucrats to abandon and destroy the domes, the ship's botanist (Bruce Dern) rebels and takes over the ship, aided by three anthropomorphic "drone" robots.

More Vocab Words

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::: pulchritude - beauty; comeliness; ADJ. pulchritudinous
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::: banal - hackneyed; commonplace; trite; lacking originality; clich\'ed
::: intermittent - periodic; on and off; stopping and starting at intervals
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::: recalcitrant - disobedient or resisting authority even after being punished; obstinately stubborn; determined to resist authority; unruly; Ex. recalcitrant child
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::: defile - pollute; make filthy or dirty; corrupt morally; profane; desecrate; N: narrow passage or gorge through mountains
::: obsessive - related to thinking about something constantly; of an obsession; preoccupying; N. obsession: compulsive preoccupation with a fixed idea; compulsive idea; V. obsess: preoccupy the mind of excessively