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Vocabulary Word

Word: draft

Definition: first rough form; conscription; draught; V: make a draft of; conscript

Sentences Containing 'draft'

"Hawere" is 15 meters long and has a draft of 1.2 meters.
"Petropavlovsk" was long between perpendiculars, with a beam of and a draft of (forward) and (aft).
, it was the last draft without a quarterback selected in the first round.
1 overall player in any draft he's involved with."
1 prospect for the 2011 draft, returned to school.
A "sweet" head, more refined than that of most draft horses, is desired.
A rough draft of the bill was composed in year 2005.
A vote ratifying this draft language closed on 2013-05-20.
As a result, when his class was eligible for the draft in 1964, no team selected him.
Boy sent Bhardwaj another draft of his script.
Draft selections and draftee career notes.
During the Vietnam War there was a rise in draft resistance as a political statement.
From these conversations, and the notes Hibbs compiled from them, a draft of the article was created.
He was drafted by the Cubs in the 3rd round of the 1968 amateur draft.
He was drafted by the Orlando Magic in the 1994 NBA Draft.
He was recruited by the club in the 2012 Rookie Draft, with pick #41.
He was subsequently delisted and he nominated for the draft. North Melbourne.
Here is Lee at his most spontaneous and sincere, but he could have used another screenplay draft."
It currently exists in draft format only, having not been endorsed by the community.
It has the same general features as the draft type but is smaller with a more dished face.
It is not uncommon for a team's actual draft pick to differ from their assigned draft pick, or for a team to have extra or no draft picks in any round due to these trades.
It was not until Baseball Mogul 2004 that the amateur draft was created.
List of East Carolina Pirates in the NFL Draft
NFL Draft. One Vandal was selected in the 2009 NFL Draft:
NFL Draft. The following were selected in the 1968 NFL Draft.
No teams elected to claim any players in the supplemental draft that year.
On April 14, 2009, the Islanders won the NHL Draft Lottery, gaining the number one overall draft pick in the 2009 NHL Entry Draft. Regular season.
Only the top 20 prospects attended the draft. The Senators did not host the draft due to this.
She had a beam of and a draft of . She displaced at standard load.
The 1952 NBA draft was the sixth annual draft of the National Basketball Association (NBA).
The 1962 NFL Draft and the 1962 AFL Draft
The August draft was eliminated after only two years, while the January draft lasted until 1986.
The draft lottery had social and economic consequences because it generated resistance to military service and the resisters, draft evaders or "draft dodgers", were generally young, well educated, healthy men.
The draft. Major League Baseball's first amateur draft was held in June 1965.
The first amateur draft was held in 1965.
The following players were claimed in the 1980 NFL Draft.
The following players were selected in the 2000 NFL Draft.
The following players were selected in the 2007 NFL Draft.
The Heavy Draft Breton is the largest subtype, and is generally used for the hardest draft work.
The league also held a supplemental draft after the regular draft and before the regular season.
The scientific section of Narkompros approved the draft in May the same year.
This draft is considered one of the best draft classes ever for the position of wide receiver.
This horse breed has been used in military, draft and agricultural capacities.
This is a list of the Denver Nuggets' NBA Draft selections:
This list does not include players selected in that draft.
This page is a list of the Jacksonville Jaguars NFL Draft selections.
Thus, it is not uncommon for a team's actual draft pick to differ from their assigned draft pick, or for a team to have extra or no draft picks in any round due to these trades.
Two players from this team were selected in the NBA Draft.
WNBA Draft. The following are the Sky's selections in the 2010 WNBA Draft.
``Here,''he said,``here is a draft at sight.''

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