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Vocabulary Word

Word: dowry

Definition: money or property brought by a bride to her husband at marriage

Sentences Containing 'dowry'

At one end was the receipted bill for the 287,000 francs, and at the other was a diamond as large as a hazel nut, with these words on a small slip of parchment: Julie's Dowry.
Bholenath thinks that his status is beneath hers and that she deserves a rich suitor and steals the money from the Hindu temple to give to Kunwal for her dowry.
Despite its outlaw in 1961, the dowry system has continued to survive in some social castes.
Ever since Valentine's dowry had been mentioned, Morrel had been silent and sad.
For Ramesses, the marriage was valuable more for the large dowry he acquired rather than his new bride, who was despatched to his harem palace at Mer-wer (today's Gurob).
He has published “Hoarse Legend”, “The Dowry of Education” and “ The Alphabet of the Traveler “ with Mansfield Press.
IDontWantDowry.com attempts to create a meeting place for brides and grooms who want to marry without dowry.
IdontWantDowry.com is India's first matrimonial website for dowry free marriages.
In 1613 he married Isabelle Le Sueur, daughter of a "maître des comptes", who brought him a solid dowry and further connections with the "noblesse de robe".
Later Selecus would form an aliance with the marriage of his daughter to Chandragupta, in return as dowry, Seleucus received 500 War Elephants, which would prove decisive in the conflict ahead, culminating in the Battle of Ipsus.
Many traditions like a dower, dowry and bride price have long traditions in antiquity.
Miss Doran, whose graceful figure and striking face attracted much attention at the Westbury House festivities, is an only child, and it is currently reported that her dowry will run to considerably over the six figures, with expectancies for the future.
name Lovedean derives from a marriage in 1594 when Isabel Norton married Thomas Loveden , and included in the dowry was part of the Manor of Catherington plus an area known as the Manor of Lovedean Lovedean Village Hall is well used, there were two pubs, "The Green Dragon" which closed December 2011, and became a Tesco Express March 2012, and "The Bird in Hand" The Bird in Hand is owned by the same company that runs the Hurdles, a similar pub in Droxford as well as a few shops.
Previously, Saladin offered to mediate relations between Nur al-Din and Kilij Arslan II—the Seljuk Sultan of Rum—after the two came into conflict. The latter demanded Nur al-Din return the lands given to him as a dowry for marrying his daughter when he received reports that she was being abused and used by him to gain Seljuk territory.
Self-respect marriages were a brainchild of Periyar, who regarded the then conventional marriages were mere financial arrangements and often caused great debt through dowry.
She is best known for her widely reviewed book on Dowry murder.
Sublet de Noyers' recent biographer, Camille Lefauconnier, estimates that at the height of his career he enjoyed an income of approximately 50,000 "livres tournois", from his official emoluments, from the rents on his properties in Normandy and in Paris, and the dowry of his late wife.
The 300 rubles which his wife had brought him as dowry having been lost through the bankruptcy of his debtor, Spektor, being unable to rely any longer on his father-in-law for support, became in 1837 rabbi of the small adjacent town of Sabelin, with a weekly salary of five Polish gulden.
The dowry of his wife amounted to fifty thousand crowns, and he had, besides, the prospect of seeing her fortune increased to half a million at her father's death.
The dowry was paid not only to support the establishment of a new household, but also served as a condition that if the husband committed grave offenses upon his wife, the dowry had to be returned to the wife or her family; but during the marriage, they were made inalienable by the husband.
The greedy in-laws burn her alive for more dowry.
The land in question was part of Eva's tocher (dowry) and is known to be Falside from the rubric on King William's charter.
The marriage between Catherine and Henry never occurred, but in 1406, another indirect link to the English royal house was created when the brother-in-law of Philippa suggested a marriage between John, Count Palatine of Neumarkt The negotiations was completed in one year, and Margaret gave Catherine a dowry of 4000 gulden, much less than was expected by her future father-in-law.
The marriage treaty of Charles II of England and Catherine of Braganza that concluded on 8 May 1661 placed Bombay under British rule—the territory was part of Catherine's dowry.
The name 'dairy' may be a corruption of the word dowry and it has been speculated that the property was the home of a widow at some point.
The servant had further informed him that he was now going to the Indies with the appointment of Judge of the Supreme Court of Mexico; and he had learned, likewise, that the young lady was his daughter, whose mother had died in giving birth to her, and that he was very rich in consequence of the dowry left to him with the daughter.
The song is famous in weddings, dowry events and other celebrations.
The third, Agnès, is named, her dowry of Craon and Chantocé is specified, but the name of her husband is not given; as for the sons all three figure in their order of primogeniture.
The Treaty of Medina del Campo (27 March 1489) provided that Arthur and Catherine would be married as soon as they reached canonical age; it also settled Catherine's dowry at 200,000 crowns (the equivalent of £5 million in 2007).
Their financial independence was based on their dowry, which they were not allowed to pass on to a man; the dowry was the compensation for not being included in the inheritance, as this was passed on through the patriarchal line.
Traditionally, the bride or her family may have brought her husband a "dowry", or the husband or his family may have paid a "bride price" to the bride's family, or both were exchanged between the families.
Vadivu takes advantage of Rajeswari's salary and dowry.
When the nadītu died, the dowry fell to her brothers or other relatives.
``I accept it,''said she;``he has a right to pay the dowry, which I shall take with me to some convent!''
``I,''said Danglars,``have always intended giving my daughter 500,000 francs as her dowry; she is, besides, my sole heiress.''
``Shall you be able to pay M. Cavalcanti the five hundred thousand francs you promise for my dowry?''

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