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Vocabulary Word

Word: dogmatic

Definition: opinionated; holding stubbornly to one's opinion; arbitrary; doctrinal

Sentences Containing 'dogmatic'

A close and shrewd observer, with quick grasp of character and a humorous sense tinged with cynicism, he was always fresh and attractive — and not seldom brilliant — as preacher, writer, or conversationalist. His sermons were literary and practical rather than dogmatic ; his essays, although often commonplace in thought and expression, caught the attention by their common sense, their easy allusiveness, and transparency of style; and his brisk unflagging talk was enriched with endless and apposite anecdotes, although it was not devoid of a certain overbearing element.
Although himself a member of the federalistic school, he was in no way blind to the value of the scholastically established dogmatic system of the Church.
Due to several dogmatic differences the agreement formally existed only for ten years.
Gorky disliked the Bolsheviks' dogmatic collectivism but saw them as an ally against the backward peasants and Tsar.
He combines several elements, including natural stones and bronze, to create a stunning work that is unique to the Colombian artist. ""I'm an artist who makes art without prejudges, without dogmatic ties, I just use myths as a reference for my own creations"" - "Juan D'Greck (1998)."
He often emphasized that Zen Buddhism adapted so readily to new cultures especially because it was not dependent upon a dogmatic external form.
Hence, Marx's anti-dogmatic attitude exists only in the theory and not in the practice of orthodox Marxism, and dialectic is used by Marxists, following the example of Engels' Anti-Dühring, mainly for the purposes of apologetics - to defend the Marxist system against criticism.
Hereafter, his pronouncements appear less dogmatic.
I could never, though born and brought up as a Christian, believe in the dogmatic aspect of the Church, and have always placed reason and commonsense above blind faith.
In geography he found a field hardly touched since Samuel Bochart, in whose footsteps he followed in the "Spicilegium geographiae hebraeorum exterae post Bochartum" (1769–1780); and to his impulse we owe the famous Royal Danish expedition to "Arabia Felix" (Yemen) conducted by Carsten Niebuhr and Peter Forsskål. In spite of his doctrinal writings—which at the time made no little noise, so that his "Compendium of Dogmatic" (1760) was confiscated in Sweden, and the Knighthood of the North Star was afterwards given him in reparation—it was the natural side of the Bible that really attracted him, and no man did more to introduce the method of studying Hebrew antiquity as an integral part of ancient Eastern life.
Kovel fears that this is political, springing from historic hostility to Marxism among anarchists and sectarianism, which he points out as a fault of the "brilliant" but "dogmatic" founder of Social Ecology, Murray Bookchin.
None of the campaigns are aimed at directly influencing the scientific community, which the Institute considers dogmatic and hidebound, but rather are focused on swaying the opinions of the public and public policy makers, which, if effective, it is hoped will respond by forcing the academic institutions supporting the scientific community to accept the Discovery Institute's redefinition of science.
Professor of dogmatic theology, Mainz, 1968-1971; of dogmatic and ecumenical theology, Freiburg, 1971-1983.
Thanks to dialectic the anti-dogmatic attitude has disappeared, and Marxism has established itself as a dogmatism which is elastic enough, by using its dialectic method, to evade any further attack.
The following year, Proof collaborated with Dogmatic on "Promatic" and joined Eminem's "Anger Management" tour in support of the release.
The story chronologically happened that in 1945, General Zebulon McCandless, a very pious and dogmatic person, oversaw the American recovery of a crashed Daemonite flying saucer in Nevada's Black Rock Desert.
There arose in Gnostic circles after the 2nd century the apocryphal accounts of the lives of the Apostles, indicating dogmatic prepossessions.
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