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Vocabulary Word

Word: dogged

Definition: determined; stubborn; stubbornly persevering; tenacious; Ex. Inspector Javert's dogged pursuit of Jean Valjean

Sentences Containing 'dogged'

Although he indicated that it was "hard to argue with Brandy's deference to the rhythm, especially when she rides one of producer Rodney Jerkins itchily propulsive tracks," he also noted that it was flattening "its emotional range, until the romantic bliss of "Happy," the dogged determination of "Never Say Never," and the conflicted affection of "Angel in Disguise" all end up sounding pretty much the same."
Antonio and Keri's relationship is relentlessly dogged by Antonio and R.J.'s feud, and in 2002, Antonio's rage against Gannon reaches a fever pitch, resulting in catastrophe.
Covenant accepts this alliance, and the Feroce later help him when they battle with the Skest. Covenant reaches Joan by entering a caesure; Branl and Clyme follow him with dogged Haruchai loyalty, though Covenant is only able to free himself from the warped instant of time.
For all the brashness of the "self-determination" slogan, in the view of historian Mark Solomon the actual meaning of the phrase was rather more modest: "Self-determination was defined as democracy at its essence: self-government, self-organization, social and economic equality, the right of blacks to run their own lives without the relentless terror and racism that dogged their steps and made every waking day a living hell."
Googly Round where the players are dogged with a riddle.
He scored on his debut in a 2–0 win against Brechin City in August, but injury problems dogged him and he only managed eight games in his first season at Hibs.
His father, Jesús Maria Figueroa, was mestizo blooded, with Yaqui ascendancy; at a time when Yaqui people still remained as an aftertaste from the Porfirio Díaz dogged pursuit, despite the legitimate recognition given to the ethnicity by the General Lázaro Cárdenas's government.
In this period, Spain and Portugal were the greatest powers in Europe and the most dogged defenders (and enforcers) of Catholicism.
It was also during his run with the Hill show that the programme first became dogged by charges of sexism however, in no small part due to the addition of the dancing and singing troupe Hill's Angels on his watch, and after years of steadily declining ratings and rising production costs,Thames cancelled the Hill show in 1989;not long afterward, Kirkland's association with the company ended as well.
Locke felt dogged in his early career by misreadings of his work.
Muttiah Muralitharan, one of the modern era's most celebrated exponents of spin bowling was dogged by controversy over his bowling action for much of his international career.
Noted for his sound defence, he was a patient and dogged batsman, in contrast to the exciting styles of brothers Merv, Ray and Neil.
Pettus has been described by military historian Ezra J. Warner as "a fearless and dogged fighter and distinguished himself on many fields in the western theater of war" and after his promotion to a general officer "he followed with conspicuous bravery every forlorn hope which the Confederacy offered..."
The club was formed in 1884 but was dogged by financial and player difficulties throughout its history and closed down on a number of occasions, including 1896-1903 and 1936–1938, before finally dissolving in 1969.
The government purchased the requisite lands for the airport but did not have time to physically begin the project. The James-led government was dogged by charges of corruption and these allegations only increased as their term progressed.
The natural result of this treatment, continued, I suppose, for some six months or more, was to make me sullen, dull, and dogged.
The potential commercial value of this discovery leads to intrigue, theft and murder, with everything finally solved by Inspector French after his usual dogged legwork and some flashes of inspiration.
Their success ended when they lost 1-9 away to Deportivo La Coruña. Of late the club has been dogged by financial problems.
They seemed to be waiting for something with a dogged determination, and they looked at the Jury, but at nothing else.
This was to be the first of many controversies that dogged his life and career from that time on.
Tragedy dogged the remainder of Maria Theresa's life.
Tyson had been the decisive force in England's 3-1 victory on the previous tour, but had been dogged by a heel injury since 1955 and had played only intermittently for England ever since.
was the cry from captain, mates, and harpooneers, who, undeterred by fearful rumours, were all anxious to capture so famous and precious a fish; while the dogged crew eyed askance, and with curses, the appalling beauty of the vast milky mass, that lit up by a horizontal spangling sun, shifted and glistened like a living opal in the blue morning sea.
While Carney succeeded in her main charge of shaking up Disney's marketing approach, she also had difficulty as an outsider in Hollywood's creative and marketing communities, and was dogged by rumors that her future with Disney was not secure.
You are being dogged: within five days both of you will be assassinated.'
``Ye es, sir,''returned Jerry, in something of a dogged manner.
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More Vocab Words

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