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Vocabulary Word

Word: docile

Definition: obedient; easily managed; submissive

Sentences Containing 'docile'

Alice then moves back to the winter house with Tom to help him and undertakes the task of giving Meg the potion that keeps her docile.
Consider all this; and then turn to this green, gentle, and most docile earth; consider them both, the sea and the land; and do you not find a strange analogy to something in yourself?
Dimisianu finds that the narrative elaborates on a Kafkaesque interpretation of revolt which sets it against other messages of revolt in 1930s Romanian literature, since its persecuted hero is docile and middle class ("see The Trial").
His most docile pupil, Girodet, a refined and cultivated classicist, was producing pictures of astonishing frigidity.
Icelandics tend to be friendly, docile and easy to handle, although also enthusiastic and self-assured.
In Java, it is thought that putting a piece of its skull in a water jug would make a husband more docile and submissive, just like a slow loris in the daytime.
Most viewers do not realize that the slow loris pet trade is illegal or that the docile behavior of the animals in the videos is a passive defensive reaction for dealing with stress.
On the other hand, despite its notoriously heavy controls, the Su-7 was popular with pilots for its docile flight characteristics, simple controls and considerable speed even at low altitudes.
Standing only 5’2”, and possessed of a naturally mild manner, Cogen’s union militancy may have seemed incongruous to many who were used to viewing teachers as docile civil servants.
The design goal was to provide an ultralight version of the Cessna 150 or Cessna 152, including its looks, styling features and docile handling.
Unlike the 1970s depictions of docile East Asian women on TV, Ling's character was the opposite, but still a classic stereotype, that of the Dragon Lady.
With him they will be gentle and docile as lambs.''
Women are brought up to act as if they were weak, emotional, docile – a traditional prejudice.
Yet was this Nantucketer a man with some good-hearted traits; and this Lakeman, a mariner, who though a sort of devil indeed, might yet by inflexible firmness, only tempered by that common decency of human recognition which is the meanest slave's right; thus treated, this Steelkilt had long been retained harmless and docile.
``My brave wife,''returned Defarge, standing before her with his head a little bent, and his hands clasped at his back, like a docile and attentive pupil before his catechist,``I do not question all this.

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