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Vocabulary Word

Word: diversion

Definition: act of turning aside; pastime; V. divert: turn aside from a course; distract; amuse

Sentences Containing 'diversion'

2006-2010 End of US waste shipment, search for new landfill and diversion targets.
A three-mile Staxton Diversion has been planned.
After diversions by the Los Angeles Aqueduct, lowering of the water table led to a 50% loss of pre-diversion woody riparian vegetation, and a 70% loss of pre-diversion meadowlands.
After the war, film director Ivo Lukas made a film about this event in 1961 entitled "Diverzija na telefonsku centralu" (Diversion to a telephone switchboard).
Among the ladies were two of a mischievous and frolicsome turn, and, though perfectly modest, somewhat free in playing tricks for harmless diversion sake.
An important purpose of the first two treaties is to codify internationally applicable control measures in order to ensure the availability of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances for medical and scientific purposes, and to prevent their diversion into illicit channels.
And to set forth the valour of my own dear countrymen, I assured him, “that I had seen them blow up a hundred enemies at once in a siege, and as many in a ship, and beheld the dead bodies drop down in pieces from the clouds, to the great diversion of the spectators.” I was going on to more particulars, when my master commanded me silence.
As a diversion, Peter stabs Cleveland with a pencil.
At Helles, the diversion at Krithia Vineyard became another costly stalemate.
Due to this consistent acid pollution from the reservoir, most large fish spawn downstream of Red Bluff Diversion Dam, a dam also on the Sacramento River near Red Bluff, California.
Ehrlich's one diversion was to attend the movies of the early 20th century.
Grant was furious at McClernand's diversion from his overall campaign strategy, ordered him back to the Mississippi, disbanded the Army of the Mississippi, and assumed personal command of the Vicksburg Campaign.
Having lured the troopers away as a diversion, other warriors approached the homestead and freed Jaga Jaga.
He ordered a diversionary raid by boats to assist the army encamped near Baltimore in their proposed attack on Hampstead hill (which they canceled and withdrew), but this diversion had no success.
Here I often used to row for my own diversion, as well as that of the queen and her ladies, who thought themselves well entertained with my skill and agility.
In front of it, seated in chairs, as in a garden of public diversion, are a number of women, busily knitting.
In the mean time Taylor launched a diversion against eastern Monterrey with Col. John Garland's 1st and 3d Infantry plus Lt.
In the UK, a ten-year study of the effect of cycle facilities in eight towns and cities found no evidence that they had resulted in any diversion from other transport modes.
It included propaganda, organization of self-defence units, sabotage and diversion.
It is sometimes locally referred to as the A5(D), for 'diversion', to distinguish it from the 'old A5' which is now V4 Watling Street.
It is the call of nature, which requires to be relieved by some indulgence, sometimes of ease only, but sometimes too of dissipation and diversion.
It may seem strange that of all men sailors should be tinkering at their last wills and testaments, but there are no people in the world more fond of that diversion.
Jonathan Bernstein in the British newspaper "The Observer" writes "What could have been, at best, an eccentric diversion and, at worst, a shuddering embarrassment, succeeded on every level [...]
Lord and master over all this scene, the captain stood erect on the ship's elevated quarter-deck, so that the whole rejoicing drama was full before him, and seemed merely contrived for his own individual diversion.
Mean annual flow of the Zayandeh River is estimated at and is used mostly for agriculture, but an increase in population and industry has necessitated dam construction (Chadegan Reservoir, capacity ) and diversion schemes.
Naburn station was closed to passengers in 1953 and to goods in 1964, and in 1983 the Selby Diversion was opened and the line via Naburn was closed and turned into a cycle track.
New dams were planned, including the diversion from the Bridge River to Seton Lake, near Lillooet, but the economic depression of the 1930s restricted business expansion.
She was in the late 1930s a fixture of the English stage, playing in a succession of hits: 'The Gang Show,' 'On Your Toes,' 'Diversion,' and 'The Gentle People.'
Strachan went on to say that "Rookie Blue" is "a harmless enough diversion on an otherwise lazy summer TV night."
The Authority is going to deliver at least 50% recycling and 75% diversion from landfill through its existing contractual guarantee with Viridor Laing (Greater Manchester).
The Avon escapes any major impoundment or diversion.
The Bavarian diversion during the War of the Spanish Succession involved southern Germany into this war and the two Baden margraviates (Baden-Baden and Baden-Durlach) attained a difficult position between the allies Bavaria and France and suffered a lot.
The blowing of the coach-horn in the yard was a seasonable diversion, which made me get up and hesitatingly inquire, in the mingled pride and diffidence of having a purse (which I took out of my pocket), if there were anything to pay.
The cast found the experience informative; Murray explained, "I realised that most cons are all about diversion – while you're trying to con somebody you're doing something to distract them in the opposite direction so they don't notice and that's exactly how pickpockets work".
The defendants were then either placed on probation or were required to enter drug diversion programs.
The diversion tunnels were closed and the reservoir began to fill on June 15, 1964.
The hydropower was terminated in the 1950s, and the diversion that used to supply the nursery is not currently in use.
The older Persian Pārāb (in Ḥudūd al-ʿĀlam) or Fāryāb (also Pāryāb), is a common Persian toponym meaning “lands irrigated by diversion of river water”.
The second is the rifle's gas system and the diversion of gases from the suppressor toward the face of the shooter.
There is likewise another diversion, which is only shown before the emperor and empress, and first minister, upon particular occasions.
There was a diversion by the Royal Naval Division, including a solo effort by Bernard Freyberg at Bulair, for which he was awarded the Distinguished Service Order.
This diversion is only practised by those persons who are candidates for great employments, and high favour at court.
This was a matter of diversion to my master and his family, as well as of mortification to myself.
This was a zonal hazard. The aircraft crashed after diversion to Sioux Gateway Airport in Sioux City, Iowa, with 111 fatalities, 47 serious injuries and 125 minor injuries.
This would occasion a diversion in Jip's favour, and some inking of his nose, perhaps, as a penalty.
Together with the aircraft carrier , the ship made a sweep towards the Norwegian coast as part of Operation "Governor", a diversion for the Allied landings in Sicily in early July.
Water for the canal is diverted at the Imperial Diversion Dam.
Whether exploding nuclear weapons or diversion of mass is used, a sizable human crew may need to be sent into space for many months if not years to accomplish this mission.
While he was thus reasoning and resolving with himself, a _sardral_, or gentleman-usher, came from court, commanding my master to carry me immediately thither for the diversion of the queen and her ladies.
While Philip was plundering Pergamese territory and attacking cities in Caria, Attalus I of Pergamum went to Athens to try to create a diversion.

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