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Vocabulary Word

Word: disjointed

Definition: disconnected; lacking coherence; V. disjoint: disconnect; disjoin

Sentences Containing 'disjointed'

A former classmate, Caitie Parker, who attended high school and college with Loughner, described his political views prior to 2007, prior to his personality transformation, as "left wing, quite liberal," "radical." In the aftermath of the shooting, the Anti-Defamation League reviewed messages by Loughner, and concluded that there was a "disjointed theme that runs through Loughner's writings", which was a "distrust for and dislike of the government."
Although the building looks as though it is split down the middle, the two sides are only slightly disjointed until nearing the top, where there is a gap between them.
Apparently as time went on, the feeding of the Under-world, however it was effected, had become disjointed.
Bobby Hankinson of the "Houston Chronicle" enjoyed the episode, going on to write, "I thought it was a strong showing, if a little disjointed.
He wears glasses, and most distinctively, a long, wild, tangly black beard. He often talks in a choppy, disjointed and flustered manner "Did you asking me?
It took him ten seconds to scrape his disjointed remains together again.
Over the years it has been expanded at both ends, with each expansion being of a different design from the rest. As a result, today's stand has a rather disjointed look about it.
Played on pump organ with a reverberating drone, assisted by an offstage synthesizer, Springsteen cycled around and around, minute after minute, through pieces of the simple yet disjointed lyrics – "Dream baby dream, I just want to see you smile, come on, dream baby dream" – until eventually he would get up from the organ and walk around the stage, the offstage music still coming, he still repeating through the lyrics, looking out over the audience as if he were giving them a puzzled benediction, then finally walking off stage still singing and without further remarks, the end.
Reiter criticized her inconsistent characterization, which made her actions seem "like fragments pasted together to form a disjointed collage."
Something about his disjointed delivery and downright weird lyrics is riveting.
The composition of the one was hard, piecemeal, and disjointed, while the modelling of the other was rapid, certain, soft, and accurate.'
The episodes are rather disjointed, with scenes missing in between episodes making it hard to follow, but taken at face value it makes enough sense.
The following day, in the Vuelta's first road stage, Sutton earned the victory in a disjointed mass sprint finish to the second stage, in Orihuela; he and Vicente Reynès of gained a gap on the field and they stayed clear until the finish with Sutton outsprinting Reynès for his first Grand Tour victory.
The forest is disjointed with lands spread across central and northern New Mexico, west Texas and Oklahoma.
The maidenly bosom bared to this, the pretty almost child's head thus distracted, the delicate foot mincing in this slough of blood and dirt, were types of the disjointed time.
The others strove to make peace between them, but could not, for the Biscayan declared in his disjointed phrase that if they did not let him finish his battle he would kill his mistress and everyone that strove to prevent him.
The result would be a very disjointed two halves on the same album.
The Schneirs conclude that "A reader faced with Venona's incomplete, disjointed messages can easily arrive at a badly skewed impression."
The video had a disjointed quality about it and was perfect for the tone of MTV (which was still playing alternative rock at the time).
Torn, scarred and disjointed images remain figurative, suggesting a desperate, contradictory impulse towards collapse and wholeness at the same time.
Well, at least it was honest. If this show is one thing, it's disjointed.
When we peruse the first histories of all nations, we are apt to imagine ourselves transported into some new world; where the whole frame of nature is disjointed, and every element performs its operations in a different manner, from what it does at present.

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