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Vocabulary Word

Word: disembark

Definition: debark; go ashore (from a ship); unload cargo from a ship; CF. embark

Sentences Containing 'disembark'

"Bremen"’s captain decided to continue to New York to disembark her 1770 passengers.
After coming to a full stop at the base of the tower, riders will disembark and the next riders will board. Characteristics.
Angola. During the South African Border War, the Soviet RPGs used by SWAPO guerilllas and their Angolan supporters posed a serious threat to South Africa's lightly armored APCs, which could be easily targeted as soon as they stopped to disembark troops.
Her passengers hoped to travel overland to Palestine, but were Turkey forbade them to disembark unless the Britain allowed them to migrate to Palestine.
I saw them as heroes disembark and whites were singing in Castilian.
In 492 BC, the Persian generals Mardonios and Datis launched a naval assault on the Aegean islands, causing them to submit, then attempted to disembark to Marathon in 490 to take Athens.
It was a smaller version of the Daihatsu Class, with a bow ramp that was lowered to disembark cargo upon riding up onto the beach.
Of the first to disembark, only reached the beach.
The covering force from the Royal Munster Fusiliers and Royal Hampshires landed in a converted collier, , which was run aground beneath the fortress so that the troops could disembark via ramps to the shore.
The first intervention plan, approved on 4–5 February 1940 by the Allied High Command, consisted of 100,000 British and 35,000 French troops that were to disembark at the Norwegian port of Narvik and support Finland via Sweden while securing supply routes along the way.
The flood story is essentially a reversal of the creation story in Genesis 1: with the flood the waters are no longer kept in check by the firmament, and all life is wiped out except for those on board the Ark. De-creation is followed by re-creation: God remembers Noah, the waters are restrained, the dry land reappears, and the animals disembark and are once again told to be fruitful and fill the earth.
The passengers included 67 due to disembark at Athens, with the remainder continuing to Prague.
The shipwrecked survivors were consequently taken prisoners by Comnenus and when a ship bearing Richard’s sister and bride entered the port, Comnenus refused their request to disembark for water.
The troops earmarked for the assault were required to be loaded on the transports in the order they were to disembark and as a result the landings could not be undertaken until the end of April.
This "ford" may actually refer to a "scapha" or skiff which was used to disembark goods coming from Constance to move them around the Rhine Falls.
This usually entails some additional delay, required to notify passengers already on board, and to allow some of them to disembark to avoid being taken past their intended destinations.

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