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Vocabulary Word

Word: discredit

Definition: defame; disgrace; destroy confidence in; disbelieve; N. CF. discreditable: causing discredit; shameful

Sentences Containing 'discredit'

After Martok refused, Worf decided to challenge Gowron himself, citing his faulty battle planning, his dishonorable conduct in trying to discredit Martok, and poor strategies at the later stages of the Dominion War.
After the new king refuses to marry any of several potential queens offered to him, and also makes a broadcast speech drawing attention to the problem of Great Depression unemployment, which is considered highly radical by "The Powers That Be," a plot is discovered to discredit him.
All three of these terms were used by magistrate John Winthrop in his account of the Antinomian Controversy, called the "Short Story", to discredit the so-called antinomians.
An accurate accusation of being an alcoholic—in the gossip-crazy society of the city bound to come to light and easily verified—was a favorite and damaging way to discredit political rivals employed by some of Rome's greatest orators like Cicero and Julius Caesar.
An editorial complained that the website had attempted to discredit Ken Livingstone's Conservative challenger Boris Johnson by highlighting the fact that the far-right British National Party had called on its supporters to cast a second-preference vote for Johnson.
Carcetti refuses to allow Bond to make the case federal because he is worried it will be used to discredit Baltimore's Democratic Party.
Elmasry has said "The pro-Israel lobby continually strive to discredit anyone who dares to speak the truth about Israeli atrocities against native Palestinians."
For example, in the context of domestic policy, it is argued that Ronald Reagan implied linkages between concepts like “special interests” and “big government” with ill-perceived minority groups in the 1980s, using the conditioned negativity toward the minority groups to discredit certain policies and programs during campaigns.
Gowron assumed direct command because he feared Martok's growing popularity and devised a plan to discredit Martok.
He began ordering Martok on near-suicidal missions against Dominion forces, hoping that a string of defeats would weaken Martok's popularity and discredit him as a military leader.
He dares not do anything which would disgrace or discredit him in it; and he is obliged to a very strict observation of that species of morals, whether liberal or austere, which the general consent of this society prescribes to persons of his rank and fortune.
He decided therefore to either win him over to his side or at least discredit him with Ptolemy.
He escapes his mother's facility, looking for his father, and murders hundreds to discredit him.
He has claimed that terrorists acts attributed to Muslim groups were in fact “false flag” attacks, “inside jobs” carried out by the US, Israeli, Indian, and/or other governments to discredit Muslims.
He predicted that the exposure and ridicule of the convulsionnaires would discredit the entire Jansenist movement, leaving it to fall into obscurity.
He said emphatically in the preface to the First Part and in the last sentence of the Second, that he had no other object in view than to discredit these books, and this, to advanced criticism, made it clear that his object must have been something else.
He was afraid he might have dealt with his love affairs in some indecorous fashion, that might tend to the discredit and prejudice of the purity of his lady Dulcinea del Toboso; he would have had him set forth the fidelity and respect he had always observed towards her, spurning queens, empresses, and damsels of all sorts, and keeping in check the impetuosity of his natural impulses.
He was of small stature, and hence the ‘Lancet,’ in many indecent attacks on him, usually calls him ‘the cock-sparrow,’ but in a long series of abusive paragraphs nothing to Earle's real discredit is stated.
However, critics point out that: Campaign to discredit the Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District decision.
If there was an exception to this rule, it was with the cranks and extremists: when he received calls from the religious fringe, conspiracy theorists, ideologues, even members of the Ku Klux Klan—he would let them have their say, even encouraging them to make outrageously offensive and marginal statements and thus discredit themselves.
In an effort of gathering some new nonpartisan energy, not to mention making it harder for the regime media to discredit and smear them as just another opposition political group, Otpor!
In France, they are necessaries neither to men nor to women; the lowest rank of both sexes appearing there publicly, without any discredit, sometimes in wooden shoes, and sometimes barefooted.
In Scotland, custom has rendered them a necessary of life to the lowest order of men; but not to the same order of women, who may, without any discredit, walk about barefooted.
It is similar to the Discovery Institute intelligent design campaigns to discredit evolution.
John A. McDougall (M.D), author of "The Starch Solution", attempted to discredit the science used to determine the paleolithic diet, and proposed that the human diet around this time was instead based primarily on starches.
K'Ehleyr was eventually murdered by Duras when she found evidence of his involvement in the effort to discredit Worf.
Libelous literature is characterized as literature that is slanderous in nature in a direct attempt to discredit or ridicule an individual in authority.
Lobbyists attempted to discredit the scientific research by creating doubt and manipulating debate.
Nothing but the discredit into which the universities are allowing themselves to fall, could ever have brought into repute so very absurd a practice as that of travelling at this early period of life.
Sagan's arguments were aimed at a popular audience and he did not remain to debate Velikovsky in person, facts that were used by Velikovsky's followers to attempt to discredit his analysis.
Senator Gerald Nye contended the incident represented a larger effort on the part of a "secret society" that for two years had been trying to discredit him and his fellow isolationists.
Sexual abuse scandal. In April 2013, "The Observer" alleged that as Bishop of Motherwell, Devine had protected priests who had sexually abused children and tried to silence or discredit their victims.
She wished to discredit it entirely, repeatedly exclaiming,``This must be false!
SPR member Anita Gregory claimed Price had deliberately faked the photograph to discredit SPR research and ruin Rudi's reputation.
The authorities also sought to involve medical professionals in their bid to discredit the movement.
The defense claimed that the card was forged by Soviet authorities to discredit Demjanjuk.
The Discovery Institute has conducted a series of related public relations campaigns which seek to promote intelligent design while attempting to discredit evolutionary biology, which the Institute terms "Darwinism."
The fact that there were no narrow-snouted sauropods ("Giraffatitan" included) tends to discredit such a hypothesis.
The film is about Inspector Gadget giving up his beloved but aging Gadgetmobile, while his archenemy Dr. Claw uses a competing crime fighter to discredit Gadget and cost him his badge.
The pecuniary recompence, therefore, of those who exercise them in this manner, must be sufficient, not only to pay for the time, labour, and expense of acquiring the talents, but for the discredit which attends the employment of them as the means of subsistence.
The Soviet KGB was known to use disinformation, in particular through the use of forgeries, to discredit, denigrate, and confuse its enemies, including Ukrainian communities in the West that supported Ukrainian independence.
These groups began to pursue an ostensibly extreme right-wing anti-communist agenda using violent means, including false flag bombings that were then blamed on extra-parliamentary left-wing militant organizations, to discredit the political Left in general at a time in Italy when the Italian Communist Party was very close to entering government.
They also relayed several stories to the discredit of Puebla. The historian Garrett Mattingly, writing in 1940, pointed out that Ferdinand and Isabella were probably sceptical in response to what appears to have been Ayala's effort to tarnish Puebla's reputation.
They worked to discredit the scientists involved, to dispute their findings, and to create and maintain an apparent controversy by promoting claims that contradicted scientific research.
This goes without saying, this literature was illegal and the police had the responsibility of censoring and banning these works that sought to discredit the regime that ruled over the French kingdom.
This magistrate, who by the nature of his office is almost absolute, was vested with full powers, on purpose to suppress or discredit these miracles; and he frequently seized immediately, and examined the witnesses and subjects of them: But never could reach any thing satisfactory against them.
Those other banks, therefore, were enabled to get very easily out of that fatal circle, from which they could not otherwise have disengaged themselves without incurring a considerable loss, and perhaps, too, even some degree of discredit.
Though it has been widely reported that Barbara Franklin deserted her children, Aretha Franklin has disputed that rumor, and C. L. Franklin's biographer, Prof. Nick Salvatore of Cornell University, takes pains to discredit it.
Today, Japanese and some Chinese scholars discredit the intentionally damaged stele theory based on the study of the stele itself and the pre–Sakō and pre-lime-marred rubbings.
Whig newspapers tried to discredit Hébert by starting rumors of his allegiance with the Know Nothings.

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