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Vocabulary Word

Word: dire

Definition: warning of disaster; disastrous; (of needs and dangers) very great; urgent; Ex. dire prediction/need of food

Sentences Containing 'dire'

"The Bug" is a song written by Mark Knopfler and originally performed by Dire Straits on the final studio album by the band, "On Every Street" (1991).
"Tunnel of Love" is a 1980 rock song by Dire Straits.
A member of the former Mahar class, he grew up in dire poverty.
A section of page 1 of Colonel Aubrey H. Camden's ""Fifty Years of Christian Education in a Baptist School: A Historical Record of Hargrave Military Academy"" reads: "In 1906, a young graduate of Trinity College, Durham, North Carolina, Mr. Charles R. Warren, learned of the dire educational needs in the vicinity of Chatham.
A siege ensued and the Templars, realising their dire circumstances and their besiegers’ reluctance to bargain, sallied out into the streets during dawn one morning, taking the Cypriots completely by surprise.
According to Kurt London, film music "began not as a result of any artistic urge, but from a dire need of something which would drown the noise made by the projector.
Albrecht is in such dire financial straits that it is likely he would agree, and Reidinger asks Ursula to give thought to the matter.
Already twenty five hundred people had received rations from Troy, on Black River, and he had towed out a great many cattle, but a very great quantity remained and were in dire need.
At 12:05, Acton realized the dire situation "Novara" was in, but by this time, the "Sankt Georg" group was too close.
At which juncture, he exclaimed, in a voice of dire exasperation:``Bust me, if she ain't at it agin!''
Binding results in inhibition of the enzyme and can lead to dire consequences.
Creation of the Board. It was at this point that think-tanks in Sindh realized the dire need of an organisation which could initiate, supervise and promote the publication of material in Sindhi language.
Despite protests and dire omens, Marcus Crassus left Rome on November 14, 55 BC.
Fertility rate well below the replacement level of 2.1 births per female has triggered a national alarm, with dire predictions of an aging society unable to grow or support its elderly.
Finally, on 11 September, Bill Clinton announced: Indonesia, in dire economic straits relented.
For in the world of the Borderkind—and the realms that exist beyond it—Oliver is discovering just how vulnerable are humankind's myths, the dire consequences of their extinction, and the reason he was chosen to save them...
He only seemed to contrast his present cheerfulness and felicity with the dire endurance that was over.
However because of dire financial straits the club was forced to sell its license to play in the league to Bohemians 1905, essentially spelling an end for the club in higher competitions.
However, Gary Ellis Sr. was of the opinion that bankruptcy was good for the ABA since it removed most of the top management that got the ABA into dire straights in the first place: ""... We basically felt ... well, I basically felt the person that started the USBA was part of the bad of the ABA that put them towards bankruptcy in the first place.
In 1980s concerts, Dire Straits played the central theme of The Animals' "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" during an extended instrumental introduction to the song, as Knopfler talked about that group's hometown of Newcastle.
In 1988, Clapton appeared in the Nelson Mandela 70th Birthday Tribute concert as a guest guitarist for Dire Straits.
In addition to their powers of transformation, the two share a telepathic link, enabling one to alert the other over a distance when in dire circumstances.
In November 1985 he founded his first group and play only in small clubs Soft Rock bearing influences from bands like Eagles or Dire Straits.
In the hospital and nursing home where he spent his final days, Beckett wrote his last work, the 1988 poem "What is the Word" ("Comment dire").
It attempted to generate among ABA track operators a sense of impending doom facing the ABA over its financial dire straights in order for them to change their affiliations to the point of harassment.
James Berardinelli says she "does as competent a job as one could expect in these dire circumstances."
Large extinct carnivorans that lived in the area until the coming of humans include the saber-toothed cat "Smilodon fatalis", the scimitar cat "Homotherium serum", American lions, dire wolves and short-faced bears.
Lucan follows the procession with the sacrifice of a bull, whose entrails reveal dire omens, and a prophetic speech by Nigidius Figulus based on his astronomical observations.
On his frequent travels to Dire Dawa and Addis Ababa (Finfine), he was met by famous Oromo nationalists like Baro Tumsa, Jarra Abba Gada, and Ali Birra.
One afternoon, when we were all harassed into a state of dire confusion, and Mr. Creakle was laying about him dreadfully, Tungay came in, and called out in his usual strong way: 'Visitors for Copperfield!'
Other clients include engineers for Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Jay-Z, Missy Elliott, Snoop Dogg, Aretha Franklin, Dire Straits, Sheryl Crow, Peter Frampton, Wynonna Judd, Reba McEntire, and Willie Nelson.
Parisian flavour is augmented by the music of Françoise Hardy, Django Reinhardt and Quintette du Hot Club de France, with some late-70s classics from The Stranglers, Dire Straits, Hot Chocolate and Elvis Costello that are appropriate for that the period.
Some musical passages were taken from the 1982 Dire Straits album "Love Over Gold".
Some thought the creation of the USBA was timed to take advantage of the ABA's financial dire straits and to cause a stampede of ABA tracks to change affiliation to the new organization.
Somehow, the evocative moan of the artist's guitar suggests a truth much deeper than the carnival-as-life metaphor has revealed."" "Tunnel of Love" is one of only three Dire Straits songs not credited to Mark Knopfler alone (the other two are "Money for Nothing" and "What's The Matter Baby?").
The character has also appeared in the "King of Queens" episode "Dire Strayts".
The irregular wavering of pitch caused by playing back such recordings at a constant rate of speed can make speech much more difficult to understand and has obvious dire effects on the reproduction of music.
The play has frequently influenced popular music, including works by The Supremes, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Waits, Lou Reed, and Taylor Swift. The most famous such track is Dire Straits' "Romeo and Juliet".
The police under Rebati Mahan Som the officer in-charge of the police station warned the procession of dire consequences if they proceeded with their plan.
The school motto is "Faire Sans Dire" which, literally translated from French, means "to do without saying".
The situation on deck, however, was dire.
The song is the fourth and final UK single from the album "On Every Street" by English rock band Dire Straits, and it also was to be Dire Straits' final single release in the UK.
The stadium has hosted concerts by many famous artists, including Bon Jovi, Paul McCartney, Dire Straits, The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Sting and Tina Turner, among others.
The team was already in such dire financial straights that Foitek had to pay for Goodyear tyres used by the team in 1989 before the company would provide them with tyres for the 1990 season.
The university was established in 1962 out of a dire need for highly qualified and skilled manpower in education and was affiliated to the University of Ghana.
The USBA suffering its own financial dire straights sold it back to Hutch who in turn sold it to the ABA.
These effects can have dire consequences for plants rendering them unable to grow or stunting their growth.
They grow increasingly irritated with each other as the situation becomes dire.
While Allen had briefly headed International Publishers during Trachtenberg's prosecution in the 1950s under the Smith Act, he found IP in dire financial straits as he began his second stint as a publisher: "When I returned to IP in 1962 as president and editor-in-chief the house faced bankruptcy.
Witnesses described the situation as "very, very dire".

More Vocab Words

::: gadfly - animal-biting fly; irritating person
::: fraudulent - cheating; deceitful; Ex. fraudulent means; N. fraud: deception; swindle
::: gavel - hammerlike tool; mallet(wooden hammer) used by a presiding officer or an auctioneer; V.
::: maculated - spotted; stained; CF. immaculate
::: scrappy - quarrelsome
::: variegate - change the appearance of (by marking with different colors)
::: pith - core or marrow; spongelike substance in the center of stems; essence; substance
::: retentive - holding; able to retain things (esp. facts in the mind); having a good memory
::: stymie - thwart; present an obstacle; stump
::: champion - support militantly; fight for; N: person who fights for or supports strongly (a principle, movement, person, etc.)