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Vocabulary Word

Word: diligence

Definition: steadiness of effort; persistent hard work

Sentences Containing 'diligence'

"Eight weeks passed away like this, and I had written about Abbots and Archery and Armour and Architecture and Attica, and hoped with diligence that I might get on to the B's before very long.
8a); he boasted that even Rabbi Hiyya, who was renowned for his diligence, was no more diligent than he (Yer.
A man was hidden in Lafitte's banking house, behind one of the little arched windows which are placed above each desk; he saw Mercedes enter the diligence, and he also saw Albert withdraw.
A smith who has been accustomed to make nails, but whose sole or principal business has not been that of a nailer, can seldom, with his utmost diligence, make more than eight hundred or a thousand nails in a day.
But a young man would practice with much more diligence and attention, if from the beginning he wrought as a journeyman, being paid in proportion to the little work which he could execute, and paying in his turn for the materials which he might sometimes spoil through awkwardness and inexperience.
But not being paid to the judges till the process was determined, they might be some incitement to the diligence of the court in examining and deciding it.
But so severe, or, rather, indeed, so oppressive a law, could never have been executed in such free countries, had not the diligence of the clergy beforehand converted to the established church the whole body of the people, with the exception of, perhaps, a few individuals only.
By means of diligence and activity, we managed to hunt out nearly all the old friends.
By the by'; he laid down his knife and fork, which he had been using with great diligence, and began feeling in his pockets; 'I have a letter for you.'
Chawla and AIF Capital Development have one man each on the eleven member board. Federal Bank had mandated KPMG to conduct a financial due-diligence in September, 2009 to consider the merger proposal between the banks.
Cogent Partners offers various private equity research products, including both fund and portfolio-level performance monitoring as well as due diligence services for new fund commitments.
Diligence in the weight room helped Wilkins have a big summer league and shine in preseason action for the Sonics, allowing him to make the team.
Due diligence was not performed, and the merger was rushed.
Even more fortunately the matter is listed before the Hon'ble Chief Justice of India himself, a judge who is renowned for his integrity, diligence and a no nonsense approach.
George (4th class) on November 1, 1905 for courage and diligence in these campaigns.
Groz-Beckert is a leading company in the production of textile needles and the term "Muggeseggele" is therefore used to stress exactitude and diligence as well as Swabian cultural influence throughout the company.
Have they contributed to encourage the diligence, and to improve the abilities, of the teachers?
He is known for his professionalism and diligence, proof of which are the six decisions and 100 resolutions that he renders every month, and his 99 percent affirmance rating.
He served in various districts and because of his diligence rose gradually.
I have been very fortunate in worldly matters; many men have worked much harder, and not succeeded half so well; but I never could have done what I have done, without the habits of punctuality, order, and diligence, without the determination to concentrate myself on one object at a time, no matter how quickly its successor should come upon its heels, which I then formed.
In 1817 he visited Paris with Leslie and Washington Allston, and painted 'The Departure of the Diligence from Rouen', and the 'Scene on the Boulevards' (both sold privately) - these were exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1818.
In 1984, laws were passed to remedy this problem, mandating that lawyers defend their clients with diligence and independence to the best of the lawyer's ability.
In courts which consisted of a considerable number of judges, by proportioning the share of each judge to the number of hours and days which he had employed in examining the process, either in the court, or in a committee, by order of the court, those fees might give some encouragement to the diligence of each particular judge.
In modern times, the diligence of public teachers is more or less corrupted by the circumstances which render them more or less independent of their success and reputation in their particular professions.
In order to effect service in this manner, the plaintiff must make out an affidavit asserting that the defendant is not a resident of Virginia, or can not be found in Virginia with due diligence, and recites the defendant's last known address.
It is by powerful protection only, that he can effectually guard himself against the bad usage to which he is at all times exposed; and this protection he is most likely to gain, not by ability or diligence in his profession, but by obsequiousness to the will of his superiors, and by being ready, at all times, to sacrifice to that will the rights, the interest, and the honour of the body corporate, of which he is a member.
It would be impossible to make use of a diligence, equally so to engage post horses; to travel either way a passport was necessary.
Its object is, in all cases, to maintain the authority of the master, and, whether he neglects or performs his duty, to oblige the students in all cases to behave to him as if he performed it with the greatest diligence and ability.
Jessica could not reveal Daniel's prior embezzlement to anyone on her own without violating the confidentiality agreement she signed; as part of the due diligence of the merger negotiations, Darby is given access to the firm's financials, allowing him indirectly to learn of Daniel's past illicit actions while nullifying the confidentiality agreement's effects, which apply strictly to Jessica and her use of the information.
Mayorkas later apologised for his role in the affair, saying, "It is reasonable to expect that someone in my position would do his or her due diligence to learn that information, ...
No one equaled Simeon ben Lakish in diligence and eagerness to learn.
Often, the role of the network is to bring together investors and those representing opportunities; however, the amount of due diligence investor networks enact in the assessment of deals varies.
Police Chief William Blair and Mayor David Miller asked for additional resources and asked for diligence from residents to contend with this issue.
Public services are never better performed, than when their reward comes only in consequence of their being performed, and is proportioned to the diligence employed in performing them.
R. Yochanan might be called a teacher of Resh Lakish (Brachot 31a); but the latter, through his extraordinary talent and his exhaustless diligence, soon attained so complete a knowledge of the Law that he stood on an equal footing with R. Yochanan.
Remember his resolute constancy in things that were done by him according to reason, his equability in all things, his sanctity; the cheerfulness of his countenance, his sweetness, and how free he was from all vainglory; how careful to come to the true and exact knowledge of matters in hand, and how he would by no means give over till he did fully, and plainly understand the whole state of the business; and how patiently, and without any contestation he would bear with them, that did unjustly condemn him: how he would never be over-hasty in anything, nor give ear to slanders and false accusations, but examine and observe with best diligence the several actions and dispositions of men.
Reputation in his profession is still of some importance to him, and he still has some dependency upon the affection, gratitude, and favourable report of those who have attended upon his instructions; and these favourable sentiments he is likely to gain in no way so well as by deserving them, that is, by the abilities and diligence with which he discharges every part of his duty.
Several different expedients, however, may be fallen upon, which will effectually blunt the edge of all those incitements to diligence.
The distribution of these epices, too, is according to the diligence of the judges.
The endowments of schools and colleges have in this manner not only corrupted the diligence of public teachers, but have rendered it almost impossible to have any good private ones.
The Henry R. Kravis Prize in Leadership was established in 2006 and selects an annual recipient following a rigorous due diligence and selection process.
The next day, just as Debray was signing the deed, that is about fiveo'clock in the afternoon, Madame de Morcerf, after having affectionately embraced her son, entered the coupe of the diligence, which closed upon her.
There will not be the smallest occasion for your coming to town again; therefore stay quiet at Longbourn, and depend on my diligence and care.
This fact is attested, not only by the accounts of Windsor market, but by the public fiars of all the different counties of Scotland, and by the accounts of several different markets in France, which have been collected with great diligence and fidelity by Mr Messance, and by Mr Dupr
This observation, however, may very probably be the mere suggestion of fraudulent dealers, whose smuggling is either prevented or detected by their diligence.
This work brought Boyd prominently forward in the church courts; he amply proved his judgment and discrimination as a critic of sacred song, and his business capacity and unflagging diligence as convener of his committee.
Throughout the expedition he worked with diligence and honesty, keeping meticulous horticultural notes in his journal. Thouin wanted Delahaye to improve his schooling on the expedition and recommended that Delahaye study Latin, try to translate the works of Linnaeus and to read and write in French.
To read with diligence; not to rest satisfied with a light and superficial knowledge, nor quickly to assent to things commonly spoken of: whom also I must thank that ever I lighted upon Epictetus his Hypomnemata, or moral commentaries and common-factions: which also he gave me of his own.
What is it that we must bestow our care and diligence upon?
What those lectures shall be, must still depend upon the diligence of the teacher; and that diligence is likely to be proportioned to the motives which he has for exerting it.
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