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Vocabulary Word

Word: derivative

Definition: unoriginal; obtained from another source; Ex. derivative prose style; N.

Sentences Containing 'derivative'

"qN") which define the configuration of the system: where the dot denotes the time derivative, and "t" is time.
14-Phenylpropoxymetopon (PPOM) is an opiate analogue that is a derivative of metopon which has been substituted with a γ-phenylpropoxy group at the 14-position.
5-Nitroimidazole is an imidazole derivative that contains a nitro group.
A derivative of it "Stalin" was carried by the Soviet dictator Joseph Dzhugashvili.
A derivative work is any work, including fanfiction based upon one or more preexisting works.
All fan fiction on the site is recognized as non-profit derivative works.
Also the Internet Archive archive has a derivative work:
Cappellini is an Italian surname, possibly a derivative of "Capelli" or "Capello".
Chemically, it is the acetyl derivative of the amino acid L-glutamine.
Continuity of "u" need not be assumed, but it follows instead from the definition of the quasi-derivative.
Copyright protects: + compilations and derivative works - 17 USC § 103(a).
Flutrimazole is an imidazole derivative.
For this reason the convective derivative is also known as the particle derivative.
Historically, Ardsley is a derivative of 'Erdeslau' - under which name it appears in the Domesday Book.
In finance, the underlying of a derivative is an asset, basket of assets, index, or even another derivative, such that the cash flows of the (former) derivative depend on the value of this underlying.
In mathematics, the Gâteaux differential or Gâteaux derivative is a generalization of the concept of directional derivative in differential calculus.
In mathematics, the quasi-derivative is one of several generalizations of the derivative of a function between two Banach spaces.
It is a derivative of the Malay vulgar word "sial" (derivative of the parent, used interchangeably but sometimes may imply a stronger emphasis).
It is a derivative university part of the Chilean Traditional Universities.
It is a semi-synthetic derivative of the alkaloid cephalotaxine from "Cephalotaxus harringtonia".
It is a semisynthetic derivative of safrole.
It is an alkylated derivative of and has a similar UV spectrum.
Logarithmic derivative on the critical strip.
One commonly used aporphine derivative is apomorphine, although it does not occur naturally.
Pimecrolimus is an ascomycin macrolactam derivative.
Prajmaline is a semi-synthetic propyl derivative of ajmaline, with a higher bioavailability than its predecessor.
Pramiprexole can be synthesized from a cyclohexanone derivative by the following route:
Ro48-6791 is a drug, a benzodiazepine derivative developed by Hoffman-LaRoche in the 1990s.
strength tablets), is a barbiturate derivative having hypnotic and sedative effects.
The Alpha 21364's core is based on the EV68CB, a derivative of the Alpha 21264.
The converse is clearly not true, since the Gâteaux derivative may fail to be linear or continuous.
The covariant derivative can in turn be recovered from parallel transport.
The derivative of a field with respect to a fixed position in space is called the "Eulerian" derivative while the derivative following a moving parcel is called the "advective" or "material" ("Lagrangian" ) derivative.
The launch vehicle used during a 2007 ASAT was speculated to be the KT-409, a derivative of the KT-1.
The material derivative is defined as the operator: where formula_4 is the velocity of the fluid.
The molecule is a derivative of furan, containing both aldehyde and ether (methoxymethyl) functional groups.
The name "Ospac" is a Gaelic derivative of the Old Norse personal name "Óspakr".
The programs are occasionally derivative of mainstream commercial fare with emphasis on the communities the stations are in.
The quasi-derivative is a slightly stronger version of the Gâteaux derivative, though weaker than the Fréchet derivative.
The Scieneer Common Lisp is a commercial derivative from CMUCL.
The SLC (C107) derivative was a 2 door hardtop coupe with normal rear seats.
The tailsection was also a derivative of the F.28, with its high mounted elevators and characteristic airbrakes.
There is a simple way to make any field interact with electromagnetism in a gauge invariant way: replace the derivative operators with the gauge covariant derivative operators.
There is also a fractal derivative, defined in fractal spacetime.
They consider that much film music is derivative, borrowing heavily from previous works.
This "special" derivative is in fact the ordinary derivative of a function of many variables along a path following the fluid motion; it may be derived through application of the chain rule in which all independent variables are checked for change along the path (i.e. the total derivative).
This white crystalline odorless solid is a derivative of cyclopentadiene.
This would be derivative of something called "El Nuevo Rock Argentino" (The New Argentine Rock).
To understand the structure of this target system, we use the Lie derivative.
Xylometazoline is an imidazole derivative which is designed to mimic the molecular shape of adrenaline.

More Vocab Words

::: morbid - given to unwholesome or unhealthy thought; moody; characteristic of disease; Ex. morbid curiosity; N. morbidity; CF. disease
::: tactful - careful no to cause offence; OP. tactless
::: idolatry - worship of idols; excessive admiration or devotion; ADJ. idolatrous
::: exonerate - acquit; exculpate; free from blame or guilt
::: paragon - model of perfection; Ex. paragon of virtue
::: billowing - swelling out in waves; surging
::: vie - contend; compete
::: didactic - (of speech or writing) intended to teach a moral lesson; teaching; instructional; N. didacticism
::: tenacious - holding fast (as to a belief); persistent
::: patrimony - property inherited from a father