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Vocabulary Word

Word: derelict

Definition: negligent; (of someone) neglectful of duty; (of something) deserted by an owner; abandoned; N: abandoned property; homeless or vagrant person

Sentences Containing 'derelict'

A derelict apartment in downtown Toronto served as the company's first building, and a homemade wooden stand mounted over a toilet was among its first camera equipment.
After its closure the pumping station lay derelict until the late 1960s, when the Kennet and Avon Canal Trust proposed to the British Waterways Board that students from the University of Bath conduct a survey and report on the viability of returning the pumping station to working order.
After lying derelict for many years, it was a temporary venue for the Almeida Theatre, and has since been redeveloped as apartments.
Although the Brayford site had been derelict for many years, there had been vast regeneration plans for the site including a new theatre since the early 1970s, which were killed off by Lincoln City Council in the mid-1970s for being too financially extravagant.
Although the municipality of Celles has offered to take it over, the family has refused, and the enormous building is now (as of 2011) in a derelict state.
And so, in that derelict museum, upon the thick soft carpeting of dust, to Weena's huge delight, I solemnly performed a kind of composite dance, whistling _The Land of the Leal_ as cheerfully as I could.
Arriving at the place where the derelict school and The Ghost School had once stood, they see it is now a new hospital, dedicated to Albert Povey.
As the crew prepares to return, "Mother III" suddenly uncouples from the "Demeter", leaving them stranded aboard the derelict ship with no means of communication.
As well as heavy use of leading British actors, other features were Arthur's constant rhyming slang and other misquoted sayings (one being "the world is your lobster" and "I had a dream"), the derelict sites used as locations, and the episode titles, which contained references to films (e.g. "Gunfight at the O.K. Launderette", "Monday Night Fever", "National Pelmet", "The Beer Hunter", "Days of Fines and Closures", "The Wrong Goodbye" and "Guess Who's Coming to Pinner?").
By 1959, "G-AOSS" was a derelict hulk and its remains were scrapped in 1960.
By 1976 Haseley was derelict and overgrown with ivy.
By the 1980s large areas of Cardiff docks were derelict, and a regeneration project that eventually transformed South Cardiff began.
During the 2000s, the area gentrified and housing costs sharply increased after derelict buildings were torn down or remodeled.
Four years later the city council bid to host the 2000 Summer Olympics, but this time focusing on a brownfield site east of the city centre on derelict land that was the site of Bradford Colliery, known colloquially as Eastlands.
Further south there is derelict land followed by a small area of allotment gardens north of Wards Road, with more allotments to the south and north of Benton Road.
However, this benefit took years to materialise due to a lack of agreement between the derelict access land owners (Associated British Ports) and Cardiff Council.
In the end, St Erkenwald's proved to be surplus to requirements; with dwindling church attendance the church was eventually closed in 1978 and became derelict. Following a fire, the church was demolished in 1995 to make way for residential property development.
In the year 3000, the space salvage ship "Mother III" happens upon the derelict transport "Demeter".
It had until recently, an operating dining room in which its annexe buildings, Lazenby, Byrne House (now an Egenis office) and Montefiore (although now derelict), all dined in.
It was evidently the derelict remains of some vast structure, to what end built I could not determine.
One of the major upgrades was the construction of the new state-of-the-art Sekgoma Hospital, which is located 6 km to the south of the main town, replacing the old and derelict hospital in the area also by the same name.
Starting in coaches from Hammersmith Unemployed Workers' Centre on Sunday 5 May 1996 the group set up "Pure Genius!!", an eco-village on squatted derelict former distillery site owned by Guinness in Wandsworth, London.
The castle was derelict for many years, having previously been used as an hospital, catering college, and a base for film crews.
The centre opened in 1982 in an area of the city that, at that time, was mainly derelict. The transit sheds, dating from 1894, had fallen into disrepair but had Grade II listed building status.
The club released images of a cutting-edge youth academy and training facility, including a 7,000-capacity mini stadium on derelict land adjacent to the stadium's SportCity location.
The derelict station building was carefully surveyed and tidied to industrial archaeology standards by the Welsh Highland Heritage Group and secured for rebuilding, which was undertaken in 2011.
The first vehicle, dubbed "Talisman," utilized armor fabricated from derelict LVTP5 amphibious personnel carriers.
The General manipulated delusional homeless derelict, Julie Caesar, who believed himself to be the historical Julius Caesar.
The Grand Hotel is a former hotel which still stands in a derelict state in the English coastal village of Mundesley in the county of Norfolk, United Kingdom.
The hospital finally closed in 1995 and the buildings are currently standing derelict with only one of the wards having been converted.
The House, including the Staircase, was painstaking restored, using traditional materials, tools and techniques, following a major fire in 1995, the second of two arson attacks on the semi-derelict building.
The nearby Millennium Mills building and its surrounding derelict land are frequently used as TV and film locations, notably BBC's "Life on Mars" and ITV drama "The Bill".
The opening of the centre in 1998 came after many years of the site remaining derelict. In the early 1990s the buildings along Finchley Road were demolished in preparation for the centre, but problems with planning permission, with concerns over traffic in particular, led to construction being delayed by many years.
The origin of the scheme dates back to a visit by the then Secretary of State for Wales Nicholas Edwards Conservative MP for Pembrokeshire to the largely-derelict Cardiff docklands in the early 1980s.
The rather derelict building with sparse natural light was shared with several other institutions.
The route travels through the Edgehill and Falsgrave areas of the town, passing the derelict McCain Stadium and Seamer Road Retail Park.
The site lay derelict until it was restored by an enthusiast in October 2008.
There was once a siding to Marsh Farm, where fresh fruit and vegetables were loaded for London, and a siding going into the old BX Plastics factory (now derelict) for loading and unloading materials.
This mill was a derelict shell for many years, but the building has now been house converted.
To cripple rescue ships, they have been known to leave a bait ship intact with a bomb planted on board, set to detonate when another ship docks to help, destroying the already-derelict ship and crippling the ship that tried to provide aid.
Traversing the inner city area which is modern day Shoreditch the road is lined with (sometimes derelict) commercial premises.
Unlike the relatively nearby Eden Camp which is preserved as a Second World War museum, Pingley Camp lies in a semi derelict state in the grounds of Pingley Farm.
Using the time portal, Croker and Darcy make millions of pounds, and plan to buy Roddy's former school,and set up "THE GHOST SCHOOL", which is now derelict and abandoned, apart from the ghosts who reside there.
When the hospital was decommissioned in 2008 and moved into the new Jane Furse Hospital, everything of value, including items of historical interest, were stripped and sold off, leaving the buildings derelict. The Anglican Diocese of St Mark the Evangelist is seeking compensation from the relevant government departments for the damage to the property.
With the facility released from military control in 1946, Holmsley South has since stood derelict and, while a few odd parts of the runways and a few dispersal points remain, the vast majority of the concreted areas have been removed along with the buildings around the airfield leaving a large open area.

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