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Vocabulary Word

Word: deranged

Definition: insane

Sentences Containing 'deranged'

A confidential 1927 report complied by "SiguranĊ£a Statului" secret service stated allegations about his "lack of respect" for King Ferdinand I, his ridicule of "our healthy customs" and for tradition, his recourse to "most detestable pornography" and "deranged sexuality".
Adam lifts his axe to kill Rolf when he fires, hitting the deranged artist in the face.
I found it not difficult, in the excitement of Mr. Chillip's own brain, under his potations of negus, to divert his attention from this topic to his own affairs, on which, for the next half-hour, he was quite loquacious; giving me to understand, among other pieces of information, that he was then at the Gray's Inn Coffee-house to lay his professional evidence before a Commission of Lunacy, touching the state of mind of a patient who had become deranged from excessive drinking.
I was left on foot, worn out, famishing, without anyone to help me or any thought of seeking help: and so thus I lay stretched on the ground, how long I know not, after which I rose up free from hunger, and found beside me some goatherds, who no doubt were the persons who had relieved me in my need, for they told me how they had found me, and how I had been uttering ravings that showed plainly I had lost my reason; and since then I am conscious that I am not always in full possession of it, but at times so deranged and crazed that I do a thousand mad things, tearing my clothes, crying aloud in these solitudes, cursing my fate, and idly calling on the dear name of her who is my enemy, and only seeking to end my life in lamentation; and when I recover my senses I find myself so exhausted and weary that I can scarcely move.
It evokes short-term and long-term adaptational mechanisms of a person with a deranged biological system, using specific stimuli to create biological and thus therapeutic effects."
Joel tells Julia that his theory is that he believes that Eve must have always been mentally deranged, and knew all along that she had been fathered by a Priest. He supposes that her mother and mother's friends had murdered the nun.
Judge Turpin discovers her plot to escape and sends her to Fogg's Asylum for the mentally deranged.
Later that night Callihan went to the ring after CZW Iron Man Champion Brain Damage and his Cult Fiction tag team partner Deranged had lost a match to The H8 Club.
Later, due to his involvement in an attack on the Egyptian Freemasons' stronghold, Turtle is marked for execution by the cult's leader, a deranged, but incredibly powerful ace called the Astronomer.
Ordinarily, hygienic living will eliminate the source of the trouble, but if it does not, a physician should be consulted and medicine should be procured from him which will restore the deranged system to its normal healthy condition.
Ten days later, it had its first intervention against a deranged person in Ecquevilly, proving the necessity of the unit.
The "'Mazing Man" series depicts the misadventures of Sigfried Horatio Hunch III, a benignly deranged little man in Queens, New York City, New York who dresses in a homemade costume and performs deeds like unclogging drains and watching out for local children.
The chorus follows, giving way to the second verse-rap which contains the lyrics: "Jay Z in the range, crazy and deranged [...]
The course of human affairs, by marriage, by succession, and by alienation, necessarily deranged this original division, and frequently threw the lands which had been allotted for the maintenance of many different families, into the possession of a single person.
The deranged gangster's vendetta once took a bizarre turn when the Punisher faked his death by appearing to be executed in prison.
The EP features the band's first material with guitarist Bruce Fairweather, formerly of bassist Jeff Ament's previous band, Deranged Diction.
The game is set in a steampunk Victorian age in which one or two players must battle the hostile creations of the titular Chaos Engine across four landscapes and ultimately defeat the Chaos Engine and its deranged inventor.
The Latin verb "lympho, lymphare" meant "to drive crazy" or "to be in a state of frenzy," with the adjectives "lymphaticus" and "lymphatus" meaning "frenzied, deranged" and the abstract noun "lymphatio" referring to the state itself.
The music video for "Magic" is set at a pool party attended by an array of bizarre and comically deranged characters.
This leads to drowsiness (narcosis), deranged acid-base balance due to respiratory acidosis, and death.
When she is taken to El Casco's cave lair, she finds her father, though he has become deranged, presumably after witnessing atrocities committed by the Spaniards (they believe they are descendants of the Aztecs and cut out the hearts of French prisoners).
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