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Vocabulary Word

Word: deluge

Definition: flood; rush; V.

Sentences Containing 'deluge'

(2000), "SeaChange" (2000), "Stingers" (2000), "The Secret Life of Us" (2001), miniseries "Bootleg" (2002), miniseries "After the Deluge" (2003), "Real Stories" (2006).
Although intended as a humorous response to the Surgeon General's Commission on Smoking, whose recently-issued report on the dangers of smoking had been accompanied by an official photo of the Commission showing ashtrays overflowing with cigarette butts, the Eastland anti-smoking ordinance proved prophetic-even though, at the time it generated a deluge of hate mail from the outraged citizens of Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
Although rain is rare, when it happens it can bring a sudden deluge that causes brief localized flooding.
An artist, in search of hints for a painting of the deluge, would here have found them in abundance.'
C.E.Corea, who was in the Royal College team, in an article in the 1932 Royal-Thomian souvenir had this to say about fielding conditions on the first day - "On the first day we batted in a deluge of rain and submitted to the leather hunting which followed over mud and sludge, weighed down in sodden clothes, up to the very minute fixed for drawing stumps, without protest or grumble".
Christians up until the 19th century, held dominant scientific beliefs that were founded on the biblical narratives of Creation and the universal deluge.
Enoch appears in the Book of Genesis of the Pentateuch as the seventh of the ten pre-Deluge Patriarchs.
For example, in the Epic of Gilgamesh, the biblical account of Noah and the flood myth resembles some aspects of the Sumerian deluge myth.
He then studied theology before being ordained a Catholic priest. Bauzer's most important work is "The History of Noricum and Friuli" ("Historia rerum Noricarum et Forojuliensium"; 1663), written in Latin in ten books and comprising a period going from the Deluge to the coronation of Frederick III, Holy Roman Emperor.
here's the battering-ram, Capricornus, or the Goat; full tilt, he comes rushing, and headlong we are tossed; when Aquarius, or the Water-bearer, pours out his whole deluge and drowns us; and to wind up with Pisces, or the Fishes, we sleep.
In 1708, the Swiss naturalist Johann Jakob Scheuchzer described two ichthyosaur vertebrae assuming they belonged to a man drowned in the Universal Deluge.
In 1823 the Reverend William Buckland, the first professor of geology at Oxford University, interpreted geological phenomena as "Reliquiae Diluvianae"; relics of the flood "Attesting the Action of a Universal Deluge".
In 2010, Marines, with a close coordination with the Army, Navy, and Air Force, were working around the clock to rescue villagers trapped by the country's worst deluge in 80 years.
In the 17th century the village was bought by the family of Stanisław Leszczyński, who started the construction of a new palace; however, the works were stopped by The Deluge when the forces of Sweden captured the area and plundered it completely.
It gives an account of a state of the world and of human nature entirely different from the present: Of our fall from that state: Of the age of man, extended to near a thousand years: Of the destruction of the world by a deluge: Of the arbitrary choice of one people, as the favourites of heaven; and that people the countrymen of the author: Of their deliverance from bondage by prodigies the most astonishing imaginable: I desire any one to lay his hand upon his heart, and after a serious consideration declare, whether he thinks that the falsehood of such a book, supported by such a testimony, would be more extraordinary and miraculous than all the miracles it relates; which is, however, necessary to make it be received, according to the measures of probability above established.
Kulp also wrote a detailed critique of Flood Geology, titled "Deluge Geology", which he published in the "Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation" in 1950.
Other ancient deluge myths have been discovered since then, explaining why the flood story was "stated in scientific methods with surprising frequency among the Greeks", an example being Plutarch's account of the Ogygian flood.
Tertullian, in several places, speaks of this book with esteem; and would persuade us, that it was preserved by Noah during the deluge.
The idea that "all" geological strata were produced by a single flood was rejected in 1837 by theologian Buckland who wrote: Some have attempted to ascribe the formation of all the stratified rocks to the effects of the Mosaic Deluge; an opinion which is irreconcilable with the enormous thickness and almost infinite subdivisions of these strata, and with the numerous and regular successions which they contain of the remains of animals and vegetables, differing more and more widely from existing species, as the strata in which we find them are placed at greater depths.
The Siege of Toruń was one of the battles during the Swedish invasion of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (Second Northern War / Deluge).
This present flood of 1882 Will doubtless be celebrated in the river's history for several generations before a deluge of like magnitude shall be seen.
Though Karagöz always outdoes Hacivat’s superior education with his “native wit,” he is also very impulsive and his never-ending deluge of get-rich-quick schemes always results in failure.
v. LCGM, Inc.", a company engaging in pornographic website advertising sent a deluge of spam to AOL's customers, and, in so doing, also forged the AOL domain name in an effort to trick customers into opening the emails.
What private solicitude could rear itself against the deluge of the Year One of Liberty the deluge rising from below, not falling from above, and with the windows of Heaven shut, not opened!
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