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Vocabulary Word

Word: defer

Definition: give in respectfully; submit; delay till later; exempt temporarily; N. deferment; CF. show respect, comply with, courteous

Sentences Containing 'defer'

According to the OIG, the order to defer the release was based on the Attorney General's assessment of the risk to the investigation and Blandon "versus the benefit of timely release of a report that addressed a topic of significant public concern."
Allow me to say that I fully defer to the reasonable character of that inquiry, and proceed to develop it; premising that it is not an object of a pecuniary nature.
Another day I will do the same; I will sit in my library, in my nightcap and powdering gown, and give as much trouble as I can; or, perhaps, I may defer it till Kitty runs away.''
Civil courts must defer to hierarchical tribunals to avoid civil interpretation of, and subsequent entanglement in ecclesiatical law and politics.
Dantes remained in his cell all day, not daring to return to his friend, thinking thus to defer the moment when he should be convinced, once for all, that the abbe was mad such a conviction would be so terrible!
Design–build architects learn from experience in a dynamic, live process during an evolving project, to achieve design goals and yield authentic outcomes: From experience, they are able to work with placeholders, anticipating when to defer design decisions and trusting that as open-ended options become limited and details more precise, a robust, appropriate authentic design can and will emerge.
Emerson was admitted to Stanford University for entry in 2012, but announced she would defer admission until September 2013.
Franz protested he could not defer his pursuit till the following day, for many reasons.
Given this weak executive structure, and the necessity to refer business for detailed review, the proceedings were often dominated by the Councillor Pensionary of Holland as the representative of the largest province, as well as the most well informed and prepared official. Representatives of Holland as well as other provinces would often defer to his expertise.
However, the Attorney General, citing law enforcement concerns, invoked Section 8E of the Inspector General Act to defer the release of our report.
I could not defer my pleasure, so I took a cabriolet and drove to the horse dealer's.
If you and Miss Bennet will defer yours till I am out of the room, I shall be very thankful; and then you may say whatever you like of me.''
Installment sales permit sellers to defer recognition of gains on the sale of a business or real estate to the tax year in which the related sale proceeds are received.
Most of the existing JVM instruction set is statically typed - in the sense that method calls have their signatures type-checked at compile time, without a mechanism to defer this decision to run time, or to choose the method dispatch by an alternative approach.
Ōkuninushi replied he would defer the decision to his children deities, and would follow suit in their counsel.
Oregon won the coin toss to begin the game and decided to defer to the second half.
The architect bears the same risk as they do in the traditional approach but has more control in IPD, even if they were to defer to the contractor.
The contractor leads the joint venture so in supervising the subs, the architect might defer to the contractor.
The government lawyers stated that even if the court lifts the stay, they would defer deportation until at least 1 May, to allow Demjanjuk time to file an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.
The Royal Navy granted her Master, Captain G.A. Dickson, permission to defer sailing until 0400 hrs.
The time for my departure arrived; I spoke one night to Luscinda, I told her all that had occurred, as I did also to her father, entreating him to allow some delay, and to defer the disposal of her hand until I should see what the Duke Ricardo sought of me: he gave me the promise, and she confirmed it with vows and swoonings unnumbered.
Then, turning towards Beauchamp,``If you have anything to attend to, Beauchamp, do it directly; if you have any appointment for this evening, defer it till tomorrow.
This time, the architect leads the joint venture so in supervising the subs, the contractor might defer to the architect. The architect might bear more risk than they do in the traditional approach but risk is shared with the owner and the contractor, as outlined in their agreement.
Unlike other Ismaili communities in Afghanistan and worldwide, the Baghlan Ismailis do not defer to the nominal leader of Ismailis worldwide, the Agha Khan, leading Naderi to be described as a "renegade local Ismaili leader".
We therefore resolved to put ourselves in the hands of God and in the renegade's; and at the same time an answer was given to Zoraida, telling her that we would do all she recommended, for she had given as good advice as if Lela Marien had delivered it, and that it depended on her alone whether we were to defer the business or put it in execution at once.
Where Deliverence would do handle the HTML transformation in Python, Diazo generates XSLT which can then be used to defer the actual transformation to faster XSLT engines.
[http://supreme.justia.com/cases/federal/us/282/101/] The assignment of income doctrine is similar to the doctrine of constructive receipt which holds that taxpayer's realize taxable income in the year in which taxpayer can control, i.e. take his income, but decides nevertheless to defer taking the case or in kind income in a later taxable year.
``Will you give me leave to defer your raptures till I write again?
“Thus even the Son of Heaven must revere someone, that is to say there is a father; and must defer to someone, that is to say there are older brothers.

More Vocab Words

::: derision - ridicule; ADJ. derisive; CF. derisory
::: arbiter - person with power to decide a matter in dispute; judge who is in a position ot make influential judgments; Ex. supreme arbiter of fashion in beachware
::: expeditious - done with speed; quick; N. expedition
::: berserk - mad with violent anger; frenzied; madly excited
::: somatic - pertaining to the body; bodily; physical
::: cuisine - style of cooking; Ex. French cuisine
::: braggadocio - boasting
::: baroque - highly ornate
::: indices - signs; indications; Ex. indices of a student's potential; CF. index: something that reveals or indicates; sign; Ex. cost-of-living index
::: dowse - use a divining rod to search for underground water or minerals