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Vocabulary Word

Word: decipher

Definition: decode; CF. indecipherable

Sentences Containing 'decipher'

But there is no Champollion to decipher the Egypt of every man's and every being's face.
First, they can decipher all initial letters into political meanings.
For example, a change in the destination address might alter the message route in a way that will force re-encryption with a weaker cipher, thus possibly making it easier for an attacker to decipher the message.
In July 2012, Seabrook left NPR and has started a project called DecodeDC, with a partnership with SoundCloud, whose aim is to “decipher Washington's Byzantine language and procedure, sweeping away what doesn't matter so listeners can focus on what does".
In late 1967, the notable KGB success was the walk-in recruitment of US Navy Chief Warrant Officer John Anthony Walker who individually and via the Walker Spy Ring for eighteen years enabled Soviet Intelligence to decipher some one million US Navy messages, and track the US Navy.
Lina attempts to decipher the letter, but her little sister, Poppy, has chewed on it and the letter has holes and is ripped.
Martian rocks can be even older than Earth rocks, though, so exploring Mars may help us decipher the story of our own geologic evolution including the origin of life on Earth.
Prior to this, up until the "Decipher" (2001) album, the two would write together.
Some of his works also play on words or symbols, with historical or literary references, even sometimes messages to decipher.
The clearest evidence, however, indicates that the blue walleye, whatever its taxonomic status, has been lost. Nonetheless, an investigation of genetic material from preserved blue walleye specimens is currently underway in several research facilities in an effort to decipher the true status of the populations.
The difficulty in the court was how far into church doctrine, and ecclesiastical law the civil court needed to go to decipher an appropriate choice.
There are those who will be unable (or unwilling) to decipher even the most basic of 'messages' buried within "A Serbian Film", but I believe it's one of the most legitimately fascinating films I've ever seen.
What Champollion will decipher this hieroglyphic for us, that we may turn over a new leaf at last?
When she awakens, Abel tells her how he has come to love her, and Rima does also, having only come to decipher her strange feelings and now recognizing them as love for him.
While appreciated by experienced players for being concise, some new players find the icons difficult to learn and decipher.
Without doubt it is safe, for no one beyond ourselves can decipher it; but shall we always be able to decipher it or, I ought to say, will she?''

More Vocab Words

::: confidential - spoken or written in secret; trusted with private matters; Ex. confidential secretary
::: moratorium - legal delay of payment or action; Ex. declare moratorium on the building of new houses
::: ornate - excessively or elaborately decorated
::: mores - conventions; moral standards; moral customs
::: discriminate - distinguish; make distinctions on the basis of preference
::: avocation - secondary or minor occupation
::: dross - waste matter; worthless impurities
::: meditation - reflection; thought; V. meditate
::: concurrent - happening at the same time; in agreement
::: decadence - decay; fall to a lower level (of morality, civilization, or art); ADJ. decadent