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Vocabulary Word

Word: cynical

Definition: skeptical or distrustful of human motives; N. cynicism; CF. cynic: person who believes all people are motivated by selfishness

Sentences Containing 'cynical'

A more cynical view, that sought to contrast illusion with changing times, was offered in 1934 by the composer and conductor Constant Lambert who "conjureup the hideous faux bonhomie of the hiker, noisily wading his way through the petrol pumps of Metroland, singing obsolete sea chanties "[sic" with the aid of the Week-End Book, imbibing chemically flavoured synthetic beer under the impression that he is tossing off a tankard of 'jolly good ale and old' ... and astonishing the local garage proprietor by slapping him on the back and offering him a pint of 'four 'alf'".
Almost two decades later, a review in "The Digital Fix" called the film "A sun-bleached study in corruption and soul-destroying brutality, this film by the notoriously erratic but sometimes brilliant William Friedkin is nasty, cynical and incredibly good."
Anti-Catholic politicians made cynical use of this "plot" to implicate English Catholics, particularly priests.
Ayola describes herself as "optimistic, cynical, lazy, naive honest".
Beyond his role as the "cynical, worldly", even "skeptical" outsider, Tubbs has been seen as exemplifying the lure of the very things his job pits him against. Writing about the character's development over the first few seasons, James Lyons describes Tubbs as being "rather enchanted" by the thrills of his undercover work, noting his off-duty relationships with suspects and other individuals related to his cases in episodes such as "Evan", "The Great McCarthy" and the two-part "Calderone's Return".
Both also play a significant role in "Uncommon Danger", where the English journalist, Kenton, blunders into a major intelligence operation and finds himself working for Moscow against agents of cynical capitalism and National Socialism.
Both born on May 6; Karin is typically cynical and sarcastic, and is significantly more assertive and aggressive than Yuzu.
Despite Nazi hostility to religion, a cynical piece of anti-Communist propaganda depicts the Communists as posting obscene anti-religious posters, and the Frisians as piously declaring that all authority comes from God.
During the night-watches some cynical old sailors will crawl into them and coil themselves away there for a nap.
Elevated to hero status in interwar Greater Romania, and decorated with the Order of Michael the Brave, Costache is attracted into far right politics, only to find that he has been manipulated by more cynical political partners.
Episode #144 in "Sailor Moon Supers" is one of his most memorable later episodes, in which he has a crush on Ami Mizuno. In the live-action series, Shingo is an extremely cynical character.
He praised the second half of the season as "the best-written quarter of "Clannad"," stating that it "effectively builds up and delivers its emotional appeal, reinforces the series' central theme (i.e. the importance of family), and peaks visually," and concluding that "only the most cynical of souls will avoid shedding at least a few tears at certain points."
He quickly followed that with a supporting part in "Saved!", as a cynical wheelchair-bound, non-Christian student in a conservative Christian high school.
His productions for Australian television networks include a two-hour feature documentary, "Spy Trap", telecast by the Australian Broadcasting Commission; the one-hour documentary special "Psychic Visions Of The Future", a cynical look at the world's alleged psychics for the Australian Ten Television Network, and "Warriors Of The Deep", a docudrama about the Japanese midget submarine attack into the heart of Sydney Harbor in 1942, then the base for American and Australian warships.
In 1987, Adam (Craig Chester), a shy, cynical goth kid, encounters Steve (Malcolm Gets), an attractive Dazzle Dancer performing at Danceteria one night.
In it a jaded Raffles is growing increasingly cynical about British high society.
It delivers a markedly trimmed down, pop-oriented, and somewhat cynical direction for the band following the perniciously optimistic and progressively influenced previous album, "Ra".
Kim Millar, writing in the "Evening Times" described "Penniless In Park Lane" as ‘Hard, cynical and so funny it actually made me cry,' going on to describe it as, 'a brilliant but strangely bleak book’.
Mandy (voiced by Grey DeLisle) is a cynical and arrogant girl with blonde hair with a black hairband, black shoes, and a light pink dress with a yellow flower on it.
Mihir Fadnavis of Firstpost writes "Ram Leela has the soul of a cynical old noir peppered with a few small glimmers of masala. The direction, outstanding production design, gorgeous cinematography are supported by a surprisingly strong cast, and Padukone is a wild-eyed anchor in a sea of formula. Three years ago you'd never have expected her to improve so drastically and command the kind of energy she does now.
Motoki and Mamoru are contrasting characters; while Mamoru is cynical and sarcastic, Motoki is supportive and kind, always with something nice to say to the girls.
She initially acts cynical and hostile towards Bower, but later warms up to him after he saves her life from the other survivor, an old cook who survived for years by shamefully feeding on both the hunters and humans along with algae covering the ship.
Simon described the show as "cynical about institutions" while taking a humanistic approach toward its characters.
Some of the comedians were funny, most of the shows were smutty harem comedies – coarse and cynical affairs".
The cynical demands of the bad emperors and the beneficial ones of the good emperors are described at great length by the historians of the empire, such as Tacitus.
The October Manifesto may have satisfied Russia's liberals with a constitutional monarchy, and freedom of speech, rallies and unions, most left-wing revolutionaries saw it as a cynical move by the Nicholas II to isolate the bourgeoisie from the workers and peasants, whose own social and political demands were still unanswered.
The painting was a political statement; the incompetent captain was an inexperienced sailor, but a politically sound anti-Bonapartist. According to contemporary art critic and curator Karen Wilkin, Géricault's painting acts as a "cynical indictment of the bungling malfeasance of France's post-Napoleonic officialdom, much of which was recruited from the surviving families of the "Ancien Régime"".
The result was what "New York Times" TV critic John J. O'Connor called a "startlingly graphic and convincing survey of urban crime, violence, brutality and cynical despair".
The term is derogatorily applied by cynical Chinese netizens to any person who blatantly expresses pro-Communist Party thoughts online.
Unable to forgive Jianguo, Kangli becomes cynical. She is particularly hostile towards Weiyun who has been accused of being a marriage-breaker, and makes many enemies.
Whereas Raffles is sharp-witted and cynical, the younger Bunny is more innocent and idealistic.
While Stan is cynical and profane, Parker still notes that there is an "underlying sweetness" to the character, and "Time" magazine described Stan and his friends as "sometimes cruel but with a core of innocence".
Yet when I think of him in cold blood, far away from the glamour of his presence, I am convinced from his cynical speech and the look which I have caught in his eyes that he is one who should be deeply distrusted.
“Ride” would lift the most cynical and leaden of hearts clear into the stratosphere."

More Vocab Words

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