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Vocabulary Word

Word: culmination

Definition: highest point; climax; V. culminate in: reach the highest point in; end in; Ex. a series of minor clashes culminating in war

Sentences Containing 'culmination'

"Hold Your Fire" represents both a modest extension of the guitar stylings found on "Power Windows", and, according to Allmusic critic Eduardo Rivadavia, the culmination of this era of Rush.
After finding the box they buried smashed to pieces around a large hole in the ground where they originally buried it, and finding the boy inside their house, covered in mud, they realize that the boy, named Timothy, is actually a culmination of all their wishes of what their child would be.
Apart from kingship, Ozo title-taking is a culmination of ones achievement in Umueze Anam.
Around this time, he turned most of energies towards the promotion of Spiritualism, specifically Christian Spiritualism, which saw spirit communication as the culmination of Christianity.
At the culmination of her studies Jones remained in America and played for semi-professional W-League clubs Central Florida Krush, Cocoa Expos and Tampa Bay Hellenic.
At the culmination of this feud the group returned to being heels, kicking Sting out for daring to challenge Ric Flair for the World Title.
Author Brad Thor said that he felt the Occupy movement protesters and their slogan, "We are the 99%", represented the culmination of Beck's analysis.
Cartan's idea of introducing the frame bundle as a central object was the natural culmination of the theory of moving frames, developed in France by Darboux and Goursat.
Eddie Bauer's 100th birthday is celebrated with the culmination of national "Building Cities of Green" tree planting tour, in Seattle, Washington.
For many staff and campers alike, Color War is the highlight and culmination of the summer.
Goal orientation or initial expectations can also affect the weighting of a peak or an end, causing an end to be over-weighted as the culmination of a goal. Finally, Ariely and Carmon have theorized that evaluations of past events are affected by feelings at the time of evaluation.
He eventually finds love and peace with Natasha Rostova and their marriage is perhaps the culmination of a life of moral and spiritual questioning.
He was a culmination of many of the messages in some of the music of the time.
Her recital CD, "In Flanders Fields", is the first in a projected series focusing on Music and Conflict, and was the culmination of intensive research into the music and poetry of the First World War and the resulting Wigmore Hall recital with pianist Andrew Ball.
High Top's win at Doncaster was the culmination of an outstanding season for Van Cutsem's two-year-old colts: he had won the Dewhurst Stakes with Crowned Prince and the Middle Park Stakes with Sharpen Up.
His arrest was the culmination of a two-month investigation that did not initially target Russell, but his name and address surfaced repeatedly during the investigation.
Home points are then added together at the culmination of the school year (and each school term) to declare the winner of the Home Cup.
In 1848 he was sent as a delegate to attend the Prague Slavic Congress, 1848, a culmination of the initial phase of Pan-Slav cultural collaboration in the Habsburg Empire.
In traditional cultural reference, the Japanese refer to marobashi as the culmination of training or practice in which the practitioner is able to execute without thought, without kata, upon something even smaller than intuition.
In what Sergei Markedonov has described as the culmination of Georgian "unfreezing" policy, the control of the Georgian peacekeeping battalion was transferred from the joint command of the peacekeeping forces to the Georgian Defence Ministry.
It celebrated its golden jubilee in 2008, the culmination of a year of festivities which began in March 2007.
It happens when there is no "civil twilight" and only "nautical twilight" occurs at the solar culmination.
It happens when there is no "nautical twilight" and only "astronomical twilight" occurs at the solar culmination.
It was described as "the culmination of hundreds of hours of work that evolved out of a directive passed at the 2004 (AGM) in Cambridge.
Juan Santos promised his revolt would bring peace and prosperity to all the Andes, beginning in the jungle and spreading to the highlands and the coast. The culmination of his rebellion, Juan Santos claimed, would be his coronation as Sapa Inca (supreme ruler of Tawantinsuyu) in the capital city of Lima.
Minyekyawswa's campaigns of 1414–1417 were the culmination of Forty Years' War.
Moreover, the Center for Inquiry accepted his resignation as chairman emeritus and board member, the culmination of a years-long "leadership transition", thanking him "for his decades of service" while alluding to "concerns about Dr. Kurtz's day-to-day management of the organization".
Mr. Myers’ arrest is the culmination of a three-year joint DSS/FBI investigation.
One of his greatest achievements to date and a culmination of his charitable efforts is the Don Ferrarese Charitable Foundation.
Over the Edge was the culmination of various scripted plots and storylines.
The BC Metalac competes in the Serbian league, and the financial crisis that began in the 1959th year, and its culmination in 1960.
The culmination of all this activity and work took place at the "Constitutive Assembly" of Armenian Church youth, held in Providence, Rhode Island, on January 12, 1946.
The culmination of his career was his promotion as a minister of the Directorate of Ceremonies in the capital, a distinguished office.
The culmination of inventor Chester Carlson's work on the xerographic process, the 914 was fast and economical. The copier was introduced to the public on September 16, 1959, in a demonstration at the Sherry-Netherland Hotel in New York, shown on live television.
The culmination of their work together was the 104-page nonfiction graphic novel "The Quitter", published by Vertigo in 2005.
The culmination of Wintermute's schemes constitute the plot of "Neuromancer".
The dam was torn out in the summer of 2009 amid much debate with the idea that the removal of Hemlock Dam and restoration of lower Trout Creek would contribute to this whole watershed approach to habitat restoration, and is the culmination of many years of planning.
The doctrines of sarvastivada were not confined to 'all exists', but also include the theory of momentariness ("ksanika"), conjoining ("samprayukta") and simultaneity ("sahabhu"), conditionality ("hetu" and "pratyaya"), the culmination of the spiritual path ("marga"), and others.
The establishment of Lanzhou New Area (simplified as LNA) is the culmination of multiple strategies both from Chinese Central Government and Gansu Provincial Government.
The great culmination of all the effort was revealed in October 1961, when the world's first "all-electronic desktop" calculators were launched.
The realisation of this masterplan would be a culmination of events set in motion by Alexander Garvin’s study.
The Report stated that conflict started "with a massive Georgian artillery attack...against the town of Tskhinvali and the surrounding areas, launched in the night of 7 to 8 August 2008", but was "...mere culmination of series of provocations..." and that all sides share responsibility.
The Right Hegelians followed the master in believing that the dialectic of history had come to an end—Hegel's "Phenomenology of Spirit" reveals itself to be the culmination of history as the reader reaches its end.
Their hard work led to the culmination of their successes in 2006, when the Wilson-led Ford team took the manufacturers' World Rally championship title; it was the first time Ford had achieved this feat in 25 years of competing.
There is then no true daylight at the solar culmination, only civil twilight.
These tensions found their culmination in the feud between margrave Albrecht and the imperial town of Nuremberg in 1449.
This essential part of the war, in the area of information, found a culmination of sorts in the publication by the "Front" on 9 November 1943 of "Faux Soir", a spoof version of the "Le Soir" newspaper circulated under the noses of the occupation authorities.
This period was characterized by a deep, florid relief, which represents the culmination of the sculptural tradition of Copan.
This victory marked the culmination of decades of developing British naval dominance, and left the Navy in a position of uncontested hegemony at sea which endured until the early years of the 20th century.
[Qur'an 71:14,17 These verses illustrate that the creation of the human race was the culmination of a gradual evolutionary process and that it would be incorrect to say (as Creationism/Intelligent design suggests) that God formed the human being in an instant.

More Vocab Words

::: tatter - torn piece of cloth; ADJ. tattered: (of clothes) old and torn; (of a person) dressed in old torn clothes
::: rudimentary - elementary; not developed; crude; N. rudiment: fundamental element or principle; Ex. rudiments of the language
::: pertinacious - holding tenaciously to an action; stubborn; persistent
::: catechism - book for religious instruction in question-and-answer form; religious instruction by question and answer; V. catechize
::: inebriated - habitually intoxicated; drunk; N. inebriety
::: precedent - something preceding in time which may be used as an authority or guide for future action; V. precede; CF. unprecedented
::: dote - be excessively fond of; show signs of mental decline
::: pretension - pretentiousness; claim (without foundation); Ex. I make no pretensions to skill as an artist.
::: intrude - put or force in without being asked; trespass; enter as an uninvited person; Ex. intrude one's own opinion into the report; CF. thrust in
::: perpetual - everlasting