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Vocabulary Word

Word: courier

Definition: messenger

Sentences Containing 'courier'

A courier might leave a message at a specific drop location for another courier (a stranger to him or her).
A weekly newspaper, the Ypsilanti Courier, is published every Thursday by Heritage Media from their Saline, MI offices.
After the Normandy Invasion in June 1944, because a liaison and courier unit flying light aircraft until the end of the war in Europe.
After the October Revolution of 1917, the successor to the Imperial Courier Service Corps has an external link All-Russian General Staff, and from 1920 - The Courier Corps of the Red Army.
After traveling several days overland looking for the nearest courier route, Choe's party was found by Chinese authorities and taken to Taizhou Battalion.
Also in 1962, Trojan acquired the Elva sports car business and started to make the Mk IV Elva Courier.
Among his other projects was the co-ownership of the "Rye Courier", a small newspaper based in Rye, New York.
And he who has shown the greatest longing for him has been the great Emperor of China, who wrote me a letter in Chinese a month ago and sent it by a special courier.
At this point, water transport was the preferable means of travel for the courier agents; Choe wrote "all envoys, tribute, and commerce come and go by water.
Beauchamp understood that nothing remained but to submit, and left the office to despatch a courier to Morcerf.
Because the enriched uranium was shipped out discretely by courier in a suitcase, there was a local rumour that the secret CEW project must be a failure or a boondoggle.
Beckett joined the French Resistance after the 1940 occupation by Germany, in which he worked as a courier.
Bertuccio obeyed and despatched a courier to Pontoise to say the traveling carriage would arrive at sixo'clock.
Buckner returned to Kentucky when he was eligible in 1868 and became editor of the Louisville "Courier".
Every day in airplanes and trains, there are about 300 employees of the federal courier.
From 1983 to 1985 he acted as a PKK courier in northern Iraq.
From there they left their courier ships and traveled by donkey and foot towards the capital Beijing, where they lodged at the Central Courier Hostel.
His courier who delivered the messages walked around Philadelphia acquiring a lot of information.
His personal courier was Hanneke Ippisch, author of the book "Sky".
In January 1867, the "Courier de Dieppe" was spotted floundering in a gale off Dymchurch, with the crew clinging to the rigging and one by one dropping off into the sea.
In the weeks preceding the landings, lists of "A" and "B" messages were distributed, usually by courier, to the resistance groups.
It was in The Times and The Courier, I know; though it was not put in as it ought to be.
It was replaced by a silver, bullet-shaped container that could be unscrewed to hold a message and which would not poison a courier who might be forced to swallow it.
Moore came under repeated attack from the conservative "Brisbane Courier."
Morticia tries at being a preschool teacher, Wednesday and Pugsley sell toxic lemonade, and Thing (Christopher Hart's hand) becomes a courier.
Newspapers in the 19th century included the "Amesbury Daily News", "Merrimac Journal", "Morning Courier", "Evening Courier", "New England Chronicle", "Transcript", and the "Villager".
Nowy Kurier Warszawski ("New Courier of Warsaw") was a German propaganda newspaper issued in the occupied Poland during World War II.
On August 20, 1997 the State Courier Service of the Russian Federation was reorganized and subordinated directly to the Government of the Russia.
On August 6, 1921 The Courier links service was created as part of the Cheka.
On January 24, 1995 The Federal Office of Communications under the Ministry of Courier and Communications of Russia was reorganized into the State Courier Service of the Russian Federation (GFS of Russia) as the current name.
On March 10, the party travelled along the postal route to Baiqiao Station, a courier centre between Taizhou and Ningbo prefectures.
On May 17, 2000 the State Courier Service of the Russian Government was reorganized into the State Courier Service under the President of the Russian Federation.
On November 25, 1991 The Courier Service Office was part of the Ministry of Communications of the USSR and was transformed into the State Courier Service of the RSFSR in the Ministry of Communications of the Russian SFSR.
On September 30, 1992 The State Courier Service of the Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation was transformed into a Federal Courier under the Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation.
On September 6, 1996 the State Courier Service of the Russian Federation was reorganized into the State Courier Service of the Russian Federation under the Ministry of Communications of Russia.
Paul Revere had served as a courier prior to his "midnight ride" and continued to do so during the early years of the war.
Rustomji Kashaspathi was a Parsi writer and journalist. He started "Bombay Courier" in 1777, which was Bombay's first English newspaper.
Subsequently he served as a courier for the Chrobry II Battalion Group (1st Battalion, 3rd company) and carried orders to the front lines.
The Courier Communications Division located in all provincial, regional and national centers of Russia, as well as in a number of large cities, are of economic importance.
The Courier Corps was created on December 17, 1796, by Imperial decree of the Emperor Pavel I. The personnel of the Corps Courier were ensure the delivery of orders, reports, securities, parcels, as well as support for high-ranking officials, and was operated under the College of War.
The courier of these samples was not informed of the danger of radiation and developed painful lesions.
The courier officials were eager to see the Koreans off, since a party of 43 was a somewhat large group for a courier station to provide sudden accommodations for.
The GFS of Russia headed by the Director of the State Courier Service of the Russian Federation who shall be appointed and dismissed by the President of the Russian Federation.
The State Courier Service of the Russian Federation (GFS of Russia) is a federal executive authority performing specific functions in the area of federal courier in the Russian Federation, and is a system of federal bodies of executive authority, which provides guidance to the President of the Russian Federation.
The State Courier Service of the Russian Federation (GFS) (Государственная фельдъегерская служба Российской Федерации; ГФС России) is a federal body of executive authority responsible for federal courier communications in the Russian Federation.
Through writing, he questioned these Chinese sailors on how far the nearest official road and courier route was.
Walsall Courier and South Staffordshire Gazette
Walsall Courier and South Staffordshire Gazette is the earliest known newspaper to serve Walsall in the ancient county of Staffordshire, now the West Midlands.
``I have just received my courier from Greece,''said Danglars.
``Yes; I received the news this evening by a courier.

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