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Vocabulary Word

Word: convoluted

Definition: coiled around; twisted; involved; complicated; intricate; complex; N. convolution: twist; one of the convex folds of the surface of the brain

Sentences Containing 'convoluted'

Bhardwaj gave the twins verbal impediments to show that the world has now been so hardwired to convoluted and calamitous communication that it needs silence or a speech defect to hash things out."
Blackboard. Blackboard was implemented by the school's technology department as a student and faculty resource in the spring of 2003 on the basis that many colleges and universities utilize it on a daily basis, and as part of her college preparatory education, the Ursuline student should familiarize herself with its intricate and often convoluted inner workings.
Eklahare, or Himalayan yam, is a little-studied plant which appears above the ground as a low vine, but underground bears long, convoluted tuber growth stretching sometimes as deep as 2 metres.
Electron microscopic studies in 3 cases described intracytoplasmic mucin, convoluted oval nuclei, prominent nucleoli, homogeneous euchromatin with peripheral chromatin condensation, microvilli, junctional complexes, and primitive lumen formation.
Its plot is so labyrinthine that it constitutes the movie's major weakness; can we follow this convoluted emotional journey?
Juan Bautista then became a "happy widower"; various episodes described his convoluted love life, as well as his nosy neighbors' attempts to convince Juan to act his age.
Shortly afterward, another cable operator, named Community Television was also established serving southwestern London and a "gentleman's agreement" set a boundary, convoluted in the old London South (Wortley Road) area; Community Television was later purchased by Maclean Hunter Cable TV, and Maclean Hunter was ultimately purchased by Rogers Cablesystems.
The harbour shoreline is convoluted by the entry of many rivers and streams, and is about long, being the drainage catchment for about 640,000 ha of land.
The plot is convoluted and occasionally technical, spanning generations and incorporating multiple narrators and a large cast of characters.
The plot is somewhat convoluted and difficult to follow because the timeline frequently skips from past to present.
The writer and artist are being very, very clever, here, obviously clever, it's too convoluted to follow."
Their taxonomic history is convoluted, being initially described as woodpeckers and variously merged and split.
This has become a matter of significant public interest recently, in view of the complex and convoluted pricing structure of rail tickets in Great Britain.
Though Nimnul is an intelligent and creative scientist, his plans often lack any trace of logic and tend to be extremely convoluted.
Through a convoluted series of coincidences, Keri ends up serving as a surrogate mother and carrying to term what Antonio and Liz secretly believe to be their own "love child".
While the film – the couple's most expensive to date – benefits from quality comedy specialists, opulent art direction by Carroll Clark under Van Nest Polglase's supervision, and a timeless score which introduces three classic Gershwin songs, the convoluted plot and the curious absence of a romantic partnered duet for Astaire and Rogers – a hallmark of their musicals since "The Gay Divorcee" (1934) – contributed to their least profitable picture to date.

More Vocab Words

::: incantation - singing or chanting of magic spells; magical formula; (the saying of) words used in magic; CF. enchant
::: rational - (of a person) having reason; (of ideas) based on reason; logical
::: titter - nervous giggle; nervous laugh; V.
::: kindle - start a fire; ignite; inspire; arouse
::: uninhibited - having no inhibitions; free in behavior and feelings
::: unwitting - not knowing; unaware; unintentional; Ex. She was their unwitting accomplice; Ex. unwitting insult; CF. wit: know
::: augury - omen; prophecy; sign of coming events; V. augur: predict; foretell; be a sign of (something in future)
::: subsistence - existence; means of subsisting; means of support; livelihood; V. subsist: exist; maintain life (at a meager level)
::: correlate - either of the correlated things; V.
::: fortuitous - accidental; by chance; N. fortuity