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Vocabulary Word

Word: contention

Definition: assertion; claim; thesis; struggling; competition

Sentences Containing 'contention'

After Greece achieved its independence, Crete became an object of contention as the Christian part of its population revolted several times against Ottoman rule.
After joining the Raiders, Gannon knocked the Chiefs out of playoff contention in the 1999 season when the Raiders defeated the Chiefs by a score of 41–38 in overtime.
Another major point of contention was the cessation of aid to insurgent groups, particularly United States aid to the Contras.
Bradley Wiggins, who had fallen well out of contention on Stage 5 but would figure to be a favorite in any time trial, had the best time at the intermediate time check.
But two losses put the team out of contention for a spot in the second round.
During the Chu–Han contention (206–202 BCE), General Xiao He used the Wei River to transport provisions for his army, thereby creating an effective logistics supply network.
From the beginning five teams were in contention for four semi-final slots.
Galloway's reception continued to precede him, being placed in contention for RQW's "Not Just For Christmas" tournament to crown the inaugural RQW Heavyweight Champion.
Garcia's contention that the ball was not catchable has been disputed.
Haggis won an award given by the SIGNIS at the 2007 Venice Film Festival, where the film was in contention for the Golden Lion.
He next faced Sean Sherk at "UFC 90", in a fight with title contention implications.
Her claim that microevolution is quite different from macroevolution is a common contention.
However, despite the quality of the orchestra's performances, numerous artistic matters such as the prerogative of the music director to dismiss musicians, select soloists and determine repertoire were persistent grounds of contention.
In 1881, Rigg went on to become the justice of the peace in Contention City, Arizona.
In other words, the court supported Doe’s contention that TMRT has no right to discover the identity of the anonymous users on the InfoSpace website.
In the howling universe of passion and contention that seemed to encompass this grim old officer conspicuous in his gray coat and red decoration, there was but one quite steady figure, and that was a woman's.
It is not about ordinary petty matters, believe it, that all our strife and contention is, but whether, with the vulgar, we should be mad, or by the help of philosophy wise and sober, said he.
It is one of the most highly contested new gTLDs, with 8 competitive applications in contention.
It is PAST's contention that strong public networks ensure robust learning opportunities.
Its genre was a matter of contention among festival curators.
Kankkunen had been in contention for the drivers' world title.
Kashechkin, on the other hand, finished in the second-to-last large group, losing 18 minutes and any chance at serious overall contention.
Lu Xuan was ultimately made a member of Li Heng's staff, out of contention for the chancellorship.
Manuel performed a clean routine up until his dismount, where a large stumble left him out of medal contention.
Most observers expected the Bolts to compete for their divisional title, but they finished fourth with a 9-11 record and well out of playoff contention.
On March 31, following a loss to the Florida Panthers and a win by the Montreal Canadiens, the club was eliminated from playoff contention for the first time since 1996.
Priscilla Grinder's testimony is held as a point of contention from both sides of the murder–suicide debate.
Ptoion, kouroi have been found dedicated at the sanctuaries of Hera at Samos, and of Athena and Poseidon at Sounion, so the contention that they depict Apollo is at the very least problematic.
Responsibility for the attack is a matter of contention, with both the Hutu extremists and the RPF under suspicion.
Reverse key indexes have become particularly important in high volume transaction processing systems because they reduce contention for index blocks.
So with a retooled roster the Browns headed into the 1968 season, hoping to get back into serious title contention.
The "gohonzon" has been a point of great contention between the Nichiren Shōshū and the Soka Gokkai since the 1991 schism.
The active monitor is chosen through an election or "monitor contention" process.
The contention surrounding romanisations has never been purely academic or in response to the needs of the foreign community in Taiwan, but rather clouded by partisan politics.
The Netherlands' primary contention was that it held actual title because the Netherlands had exercised authority on the island since 1677.
The regular season ended with three one-loss teams in BCS contention: Oklahoma, LSU, and USC.
The Saints were eliminated from playoff contention in week 15 when they were blown out 35–0 at home by the San Diego Chargers.
The works Alfa Romeo team were also in contention; putting pressure on the Matras.
There he died of pneumonia on January 27, 1882, and was buried in the Contention City Cemetery.
There is, however, support for the contention that Rev. John was the son of Sir John's elder son Dean.
This alteration caused contention among the Puritans because the new hymn book broke from the Puritan societal norms.
This left Italy and South Korea remaining who were the final two countries in contention during the bidding process to host the 2009 championships.
This means that 24538 appears on the same block as 14538 while 24539 goes to a different block, eliminating this cause of contention.
This put him in contention for the title at December's No Blood, No Sympathy IV.
Thus these claims in the gospel are also brought into contention by the theory, especially if a grave robber is proposed as the culprit.
To summarize the foregoing, his essential contention in his legal pleadings and public statements was, that it would be very hard on him, and perhaps life-threatening, to be taken away from his home in his present condition.
Turner lifted the weight with much aggression and easily locked the bar out overhead which left him in great contention for the next part of the competition.
While the government has conceded that it was not spending enough on marketing because of cash flow problems, it has rejected the AWU's contention that the industry is in crisis.
Wiggins again fell out of contention, this time conclusively so, by losing 25 minutes on the climb.
Wiggins would end up finishing the stage 10'21" behind the stage winner and dropping well away from contention.

More Vocab Words

::: ultimatum - last demand; last warning; last statement of conditions that must be met; Ex. They have ignored our ultimatum.
::: extraneous - not essential; irrelevant; superfluous; external; coming from the outside; Ex. extraneous details/noise/to the subject
::: compunction - remorse; strong uneasiness caused by guilt
::: ineffectual - not effective; not having a desired effect; weak
::: argot - slang; speech spoken by only a small group of people
::: babble - chatter idly or foolishly; make continuous sounds like water running gently over rounded stone; N.
::: centaur - mythical figure, half man and half horse
::: check - stop motion; curb or restrain
::: interjection - exclamation; Ex. ``Ouch''
::: prefigure - be a sign of; foreshadow