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Vocabulary Word

Word: confiscate

Definition: seize; take possession of (private property) by official order (usu. as a punishment); commandeer

Sentences Containing 'confiscate'

After Caesar came into the dictatorship, Orca was given a commission to confiscate land in the area around Volaterrae in Etruria, which was to be redistributed to Caesar's veterans as a reward for their service.
At one point they advised the king to confiscate the lands of the exiled Henry Bolingbroke, Earl of Hereford. When Bolingbroke returned from exile in 1399 to reclaim his inheritance, the three councillors decided flight was the best option.
Discriminatory land use policies had been introduced prior to 1929, which made it such that clergy who wanted land plots for private cultivation needed special permission and that this permission could only be given if no one else requested the land for use, and if such a request did arise the state could confiscate the land from the clergyman and give it to the person who requested it.
Don’t punish us all because some of us fought when we had to.” Believing that agency bands were supporting the "hostiles", the army prepared to disarm the friendly Lakota and confiscate their ponies.
Edwards had threatened to confiscate the land of any Mexican already living in the area in which he planned to bring settlers unless the Mexicans could present written deeds to the property.
However following the publication, the British Government obtained a High Court order to confiscate all proceeds from the book, on the grounds that the government owned the copyright to anything written by Tomlinson.
In its penultimate state, the project thus expressed “what it means to have a secret but not the autonomy to share it.” AIVD entered Tate Modern, in 2010, to permanently confiscate Magid's uncensored manuscript.
Magid invited AIVD personnel to review the exhibition a day before the opening; the agents returned, during its run, to confiscate several works.
Mexican authorities promptly told him that he did not have the authority to confiscate land and he should honor the claims of the previous settlers.
Pierce did this to confiscate Jackson's land, where he had discovered gold.
The local townspeople then raid the camp to confiscate a dancing bear they believe is the killer.
The northeast—declared a "special district" – was subject to nearly unfettered government control, including the authority to detain, arrest or forcibly move individuals or groups, as well as confiscate possessions and land.
The Patriarch appealed to the parishes on February 19, 1922 to surrender all such objects of value with the exception of the vessels used for the Holy Eucharist. On February 28, the government issued another order to all state agents to confiscate all sacred vessels including those used in the sacraments.

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