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Vocabulary Word

Word: conducive

Definition: helpful; contributive; V. conduce; Ex. conduce to/towards

Sentences Containing 'conducive'

A school environment that is caring, supportive and promotes mutual respect is the most conducive to learning.
Although in the cases of some towns the behavior of the Jews may have been conducive to Muslim success, such was of limited impact overall.
Areas farther than 30 degrees from the equator (except in the vicinity of a warm current) are not normally conducive to tropical cyclone formation or strengthening, and areas more than 40 degrees from the equator are often very hostile to such development.
As unions and collective-bargaining units grew in strength, the atmosphere became more conducive to the development of group coverage.
But the life I lead, Miss Manette, is not conducive to health.
Climate conditions near Berat are conducive to farming and related agricultural industries.
Creating and stimulating customer engagement behaviour has recently become an explicit aim of both profit and non-profit organisations in the belief that engaging target customers to a high degree is conducive to furthering business objectives.
Further that it was not for the courts to substitute their judgement for that of the Secretary of State as to what was conducive to the peace, order and good government of BIOT.
Golden Press released trade paperback reprint collections ("Walt Disney Christmas Parade", "Bugs Bunny Comics-Go-Round", "Star Trek Enterprise Logs"), while the distribution of comic books on spinners and racks at drug stores, supermarkets and such continued under the Gold Key label- the same comics being simultaneously distributed (usually in plastic bags of three) to toy and department stores, newsstands at airports, bus/train stations, "as well as other outlets that weren't conducive to conventional comic racks", under the Whitman logo, which it also used for products such as coloring books.
He was affiliated with the King James-Only Movement, which accepts the Authorized King James Version of the Bible, the manuscript which supporters contend is more conducive to the reception of the Holy Spirit and more helpful in memorizing and understanding scripture.
Historically, the snow goose wintered in the marshes and prairies along the coast. Vast amounts of available open-water habitat combined with waste rice created by modern farming methods created exceptionally conducive wintering grounds and thousands of geese moved inland to the new habitat.
In a 1942 football game against the University of Washington, Lieutenant Wilson reportedly "distinguished himself although weather conditions hardly were conducive to sparkling play."
In his reply to their propositions, the King, on 14 September, expressed a preference for the Proposals of the Army, as more conducive "to the satisfaction of all interests and a fitter foundation for a lasting peace".
Indonesian domestic political factors in the mid-1970s, however, were not conducive to such expansionist intentions; the 1974–75 financial scandal surrounding petroleum producer Pertamina meant that Indonesia had to be cautious not to alarm critical foreign donors and bankers.
Instead, the conditions of the transitional societies created the ideal conditions conducive to trade in human beings.
It is also intended to keep the atmosphere of the class relaxed and conducive to learning.
It's not entirely known how they are dispersed, but one idea is that they have evolved to avoid seed dispersal since doing so in such inhospitable environments might not be conducive to its reproduction.
Other outdoor races developed later, with Noord-Holland hosting a race in 1917, but the Dutch natural ice conditions have rarely been conducive to skating.
Petersburg Academy of Medicine and Surgery but did not find that conducive.
Right away, Holderman championed a proposal to create an honors college because it would foster an academic environment conducive to excellence necessary to keep South Carolina's best students instate.
Studies in 2010 based on interviews with postpartum women have concluded that limiting perineal trauma during birth is conducive to continued sexual function after birth.
The conditions included establishing decrees of amnesty in those countries involved in insurgent conflicts, initiating dialogue between governments and unarmed political opposition groups (or groups that had availed themselves of amnesty), undertaking efforts to negotiate cease-fires between governments and insurgent groups, ceasing to allow outside aid to insurgent forces, denying the use of each country's national territory to "groups trying to destabilize the governments of the countries of Central America", and ensuring conditions conducive to the development of a "pluralistic and participatory democratic process" in all of the signatory states.
The drones inadvertently fomented the nuclear exchange by their efforts to create conditions on the planets' surface conducive to the growth of the algae that is the One's food.
The emotions are high and that isn't conducive to living together in near or medium future."
The Evangelical Seminary of Puerto Rico —or Seminario Evangélico de Puerto Rico (SEPR) in Spanish — is a mainline Protestant seminary in Río Piedras, Puerto Rico that offers graduate studies conducive to either a Master of Divinity or a Master of Arts in Religion.
The Four Right Exertions are associated with the Noble Eightfold Path's factor of "right effort" ("sammā-vāyāma") and the Five Spiritual Faculties' faculty of "energy" ("viriya"); and, are one of the seven sets of Qualities Conducive to Enlightenment In the Pali literature.
The highly controversial pharmaceutical research undertaken on this project showed that microgravity was not always conducive to industrial research, despite the claims of NASA at that time.
The Los Angeles Times reported that there was much kicking and that the game was considered much safer than regular play, but that the new rule was not "conducive to the sport."
The Medusoid Mycelium has a unique conducive strategy of waxing and waning: first a brief dormant cycle in which the mycelium is nearly invisible, and then a precipitated flowering into speckled stalks and caps of such intense venom that it is fortunate the grotto serves as quarantine.
The storm moved through the Caribbean Sea, and in an environment conducive to intensification, it quickly strengthened to its initial peak intensity as a Category 4 hurricane on the Saffir–Simpson Hurricane Scale.
The term "social science" first appeared in the 1824 book "An Inquiry into the Principles of the Distribution of Wealth Most Conducive to Human Happiness; applied to the Newly Proposed System of Voluntary Equality of Wealth" by William Thompson (1775–1833).
The township is in the foothills of the Laurentian Mountains, not exceeding above sea level, with a rocky, sandy, gravelly soil that is not conducive to agriculture.
The Young Hegelians drew on his idea that the purpose and promise of history was the total negation of everything conducive to restricting freedom and reason; and they proceeded to mount radical critiques, first of religion and then of the Prussian political system.
They were dedicated to creating a new institution “conducive to the general prosperity of that section of the country.” The Dominion Bank was a cautious institution, “selecting its customers carefully, serving them well, and duly prospering with them” (in the words of the official history).
This can, among other things, result in the formation of complex social processes conducive to evolutionary fitness.
Too great humidity is enervating, and not conducive to either mental or physical exertion; on the other hand, too dry air is equally harmful.
Unfortunately, this type of broadcasting was not conducive to selling advertising in a predominantly religious and conservative part of the country (and with relatively few affluent teenagers and young adults) like northern Alabama, and the station suffered financially as a result. This was because few businesses wanted anything to do with what some of them considered "sinful" programming.
We considered it conducive to the happiness of all parties that it should be so.
With sub-100-nanometer resolution and an architecture conducive to massive parallelization, DPN is capable of producing large arrays of nanoscale features.

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