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Vocabulary Word

Word: component

Definition: element; ingredient

Sentences Containing 'component'

"We cannot understand any system by seeking to comprehend each component.
A new bridge could include a rail component.
A trimmer or preset is a miniature adjustable electrical component.
An interesting component of the 1960 mission was the surface architecture.
Another key component of Krashen's theory is the affective filter.
Armies were to devise the plan and the principles of the artillery component.
Athletics is another important component of the high school experience.
Backup and Restore, the backup component of Windows, is deprecated.
Bisphenol A (BPA) is a main component in epoxy resins.
Design and planning is an essential component in every construction work.
Dog leukocyte antigen has been found to be the genetic component associated with canine diabetes.
Exocyst complex component 1 is a protein that in humans is encoded by the "EXOC1" gene.
Historicity is construed as a fundamental component of Breen's view of Shinto.
However, the main component of "G. microtarsus"’ diet is ants.
IL2CPU is the primary component of the Cosmos Project, and is developed by the same team.
In mathematics, in the theory of modules, the radical of a module is a component in the theory of structure and classification.
In some fishes, the palatoquadrate is the dorsal component of the mandibular arch, the ventral one being Meckel's cartilage.
In this way, each component of the cognitive model can be evaluated systematically.
Isotope measurements indicate transpiration is the larger component of evapotranspiration.
It is a component of the white lateral columns.
Its component species are found from Mexico to Venezuela. Taxonomic history.
Lenticular galaxies are unique in that they have a visible disk component as well as a prominent bulge component.
MetaComCo secured a contract from Commodore to work on AmigaOS, with the AmigaDOS component being derived from TRIPOS.
Of particular note are a sizable Middle Woodland Selby Bay component, and a large Late Woodland component (ca.
Olive oil production is a major component of Cephalonia's economy.
On a tilted plane, there is another irradiance component: "E"ref, which is the component that is reflected from the ground.
p24 is a component of the HIV particle capsid.
RTI is the fundamental component of HLA.
Some understocked areas are planted with Redwood to increase the Redwood component.
Systems analysis is the dissection of a system into its component pieces to study how those component pieces interact and work.
The biologically active component was isolated and named brassinolide.
The component B orbits the barycenter of the A1+A2 system.
The D-Terminal Video Cable is identical to the Component Video Cable but for its connector.
The digital tuner is an essential component for the digital broadcasting industry.
The lyrics have a "strong literary component", with poetic influences.
The MBP is a central component in the sheath that wraps and protects neurons.
The most distinctive component of African music, however, is the focus on the rhythm.
The PB1 protein is a critical component of the viral polymerase.
The primary active component is calcium carbonate.
The remaining component formula_100 is called the stream function.
The remaining component is the object file system.
The rev-Erb-α protein is a key regulatory component of the circadian clock.
The VGA Cable is created from a modified component or d-terminal cable.
The virtual world component adds a new dimension to MMORPGs.
There is a strong genetic component, and more males are afflicted than females.
They saw energy, and not matter, as the chief component of the universe.
They were Stewart Collingwood for the swimming component, Frans Buissink for the cycling component and Craig Andrew for the running part.
This condition may have a genetic component, as is a similar condition in humans.
When added to lactulose, the combination of the two may be more effective than each component separately.
Will the result be different by removing a different component?

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