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Vocabulary Word

Word: compensatory

Definition: making up for; repaying

Sentences Containing 'compensatory'

Another distinguishing feature of this draft in comparison with those of other North American major professional sports leagues is its sheer size: under the new collective bargaining agreement the draft lasts 40 rounds, plus compensatory picks.
Compensatory picks that one team gave another via this method were the highest available pick that team had, with the exception of picks in the top half of the first round.
Currently, teams can earn compensatory picks in the draft based on departing free agents.
Hobbs responded by filing a lawsuit claiming compensatory and punitive damages for "loss of income, injury to his reputation and emotional distress."
In addition, teams which lost free agents in the previous off-season may be awarded "compensatory" picks.
Its brittleness sometimes stretches the reader to an almost unbearable degree before a compensatory piece of warmth, in the form of an abrupt confession, a piece of apparently unmediated emotion, is forthcoming.'
Six of these were "Modified Type A"—meaning that the signing team did not forfeit a draft pick, but the player's former team received a compensatory pick in the same position it would have earned under regular Type A rules.
The main functions of the Council were to: Votes chose between coalition lists, and seats were allocated according to a formula that considered first the proportion of votes received in each governorate and then allocated compensatory national seats to those lists where the governorate seats did not reflect their share of the national vote.
There is evidence that incidental artificial selection caused by heavy fishing has led to a compensatory growth response, i.e. faster growth and earlier maturation.
Therefore, a 200 year old character will have vastly more skill points than a 20 year old, with little compensatory advantages for the younger one.
These excess picks will go to smaller-revenue teams via a yet-to-be-reported formula. Uniquely, these compensatory picks can be traded—marking the first time MLB has allowed trading of draft picks.
They were also granted the maximum four compensatory draft picks as a result of losing premium free agents before the 2003 season.
To earn a compensatory pick, a free agent must have been either signed before the arbitration deadline in early December, or offered arbitration by their former team but still signed with another team.

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