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Vocabulary Word

Word: combustible

Definition: easily burned; N. CF. combustion

Sentences Containing 'combustible'

An electric match is a device that uses an externally applied electric current to ignite a combustible compound.
As a single bud out of many thousands produced year after year on the same tree under uniform conditions, has been known suddenly to assume a new character; and as buds on distinct trees, growing under different conditions, have sometimes yielded nearly the same variety--for instance, buds on peach-trees producing nectarines, and buds on common roses producing moss-roses--we clearly see that the nature of the conditions is of subordinate importance in comparison with the nature of the organism in determining each particular form of variation; perhaps of not more importance than the nature of the spark, by which a mass of combustible matter is ignited, has in determining the nature of the flames.
As it is combustible, limonene has also been considered as a biofuel.
At 7000 years old, Khayman can also kill any vampires weaker than himself by telekinetically igniting their combustible blood.
Carbohydrates, whether of the starch group or the sugar group, are composed chiefly of three elements: carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen; they are therefore combustible, and are great energy producers.
For the same reason, combustible rubbish would not be allowed to accumulate on railroad property.
Not incidentally, Gore herself co-wrote the song, which is sung on record by Miss Lily Banquette of retro-lounge band Combustible Edison.
Staged reforming is a thermochemical process to convert organic material or bio waste such as wood, dung or hay into combustible gases containing methane, carbon monoxide and hydrogen. The single-stage reforming of bio materials results in high dust and tar yields in the produced gas restricting its use, hence the use of staged reforming.
The body is cremated with the coffin, which is why all British coffins that are to be used for cremation must be combustible.
The cells were fully equipped, heated and ventilated, and constructed entirely of non-combustible materials (except for window frames and doors).
The heat required for boiling the water and supplying the steam can be derived from various sources, most commonly from burning combustible materials with an appropriate supply of air in a closed space (called variously combustion chamber, firebox).
The large amount of combustible materials, including paper, plastics, electrical equipment and wooden walls and furniture, contributed to the fire spreading rapidly.
The rivalry was likened by Miller to the Hatfield–McCoy feud, and described by "The New York Times", in 1998 as being "as combustible as any in the league".

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