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Vocabulary Word

Word: colossus

Definition: gigantic statue; person or thing of great size or importance

Sentences Containing 'colossus'

467 and 1524), the Sounion kouros, and the Delos colossus.
A smaller version of the Collector will extract the oxygen more gradually and sustainably; in return, humanity, with the guidance of Colossus, will retreat to Mars once the Sun has become a red giant and destroys the Earth.
According to "The Times", Gormley's design was a steel colossus titled "Olympian Man", a trademark piece of a statue of himself, rejected mainly on the grounds of its projected cost, estimated at £40 million.
After being sued by Hasbro, Buzz Bee started taking advantage of air pressure technology, releasing the Gorgon, Ultimate Explorer, Colossus, and others.
After immobilizing Blake, they explain to Forbin their purpose in immobilizing Colossus — their desire to take half of the Earth's oxygen, a process that will kill nearly a quarter of the human population.
As construction of the Collector proceeds, a humbled Blake proposes to Forbin that the old Colossus — the "parent" of the crippled system, be reactivated.
Colossus and the Crab is a science fiction novel written in 1977 by the British author Dennis Feltham Jones.
Construction equipment controlled by Colossus soon completes work on the Collector.
David is later crushed by Colossus possessing S.T.R.I.K.E. agent Betsy Braddock inside a car.
Ever-permanent, without any blemish, without any ignorance, without support, ever-full, undecayingly pure, far as well as near, like the Light beyond the three luminaries (Sun, Moon and Fire), the One Charm that includes all, overflowing with Bliss, undiscernible to mind or speech, standing as the Colossus of Consciousness—on that vastness of the beginning of Infinite Bliss, let us meditate.
Featured characters in Wave 1 include Archangel, Colossus, Captain America, Magneto, Sabretooth, Cyclops, Wolverine, and Hawkeye., Wave 2 includes Hulk, Wasp, Iron Man, Thor, Daredevil, Elektra, Punisher, and Ghost Rider.
Give a man a tolerably fair memory to start with, and piloting will develop it into a very colossus of capability.
Guzo was produced by Dubulah (aka Nick Page), the British musician and producer behind Transglobal Underground, Syriana and Dub Colossus.
He desired I would stand like a Colossus, with my legs as far asunder as I conveniently could.
He has gone on to become one of Ethiopia's most promising young musicians and composers and in recent years, and has gained wider international recognition through his touring and recording with Dub Colossus fusing traditional azmari music, ethio-jazz, dub, and reggae.
He is buried by the reactivated Colossus, who reaches an agreement with the Martians.
His most popular of the present remains "Colossus and the Headhunters" and "Fire Monsters Against the Son of Hercules".
I was very far then from expecting the change you have just informed me of; namely, that four years afterwards, this colossus of power would be overthrown.
In a photograph portrait, Gambit is a new member of the X-Men (with an arm around Rogue), along with other new members such as Colossus, Angel, Boom Boom, and X-23.
In November he was transferred to the "Temeraire" and then to the "Colossus".
In November transferred to the HMS Temeraire and a few days later to the Colossus, then to a naval school near Plymouth.
In order to proceed with construction of the "Collector" designed to harvest the oxygen, the Martians reactivate the parts of Colossus necessary to manage human society.
It is the third and final volume in "The Colossus Trilogy" and a sequel to Jones's 1974 novel "The Fall of Colossus".
It was responsible for the various Robinson machines and the ten Colossus computers.
John Graham-Cumming of "The Guardian" rejected comparisons to icons like the Eiffel Tower, which had itself not been intended to be a lasting monument, only persisting into public acceptance as art through being useful; he also pointed out the Colossus of Rhodes collapsed within a few decades, and the Tower of Babel was "constructed to glorify those that constructed it."
King Parnajom of Iberia (109-90 BC) is reported to have built a fortress at Mount Zedazeni to house the colossus of Zadeni which, along with other pagan idols, are said to have destroyed through the prayers of St.
On painted wares from south Italy radiant lines or simple haloes appear on a range of mythic figures: Lyssa, a personification of madness; a sphinx, a sea demon, Thetis, the sea-nymph who was mother to Achilles, The Colossus of Rhodes, was a statue of the sun-god Helios and had his usual radiate crown (copied for the Statue of Liberty).
On the public announcement of the design Johnson conceded that it might become known by something other than its official name, suggesting "Colossus of Stratford" or the "Hubble Bubble", in reference to his belief that it resembles a giant shisha pipe, or a variant on people's perceptions that it resembled a "giant treble clef", a "helter-skelter", or a "supersized mutant trombone".
Racing against time, Blake and a small team of workers succeeds in penetrating the mountain where the old Colossus is located and re-activating the computer, only to discover that, once imputed with the facts of the situation, Colossus argues that the collection program is in the best interests of humans' long-term future and should move forward. Informed of the failure of their plan, Forbin watches the second test proceed.
Regaining control of the nuclear arsenal, Colossus contacts the Martians, who inform it of Forbin's attempt to use the battleships to destroy the Collector.
The finding spurs corrupt industrialist Blackthorne Shore to clandestinely uncover a second monster buried elsewhere — a giant vine-like creature called "Tendril", who attacks the amber block's public unveiling in San Francisco to release the macabre colossus trapped within, "D'Compose".
The Living Colossus", starring a stone giant introduced in an anthological science fiction-monster story in "Tales of Suspense" #14 (Feb.
The novel begins where its predecessor, "The Fall of Colossus" leaves off, with the supercomputer immobilized and the Martians arriving on Earth.
The people of Rhodes melted down its metal plating and used the materials to build the Colossus of Rhodes.
The Tin Man has had many forms, practically a stick form in its original incarnation it grew into a seven and a half foot 18 gauge iron colossus reinforced with heavy duty soil pipe submerged 4 feet into the ground and 5 ½ feet up through the interior of the figure to withstand potential impact. Vandalism is not a recent threat; since its first installation in the early thirties, The Tin Man has survived many attempts at its demise, ranging from mild explosives to direct impacts with motor vehicles from a number of eras.
There you stand, a hundred feet above the silent decks, striding along the deep, as if the masts were gigantic stilts, while beneath you and between your legs, as it were, swim the hugest monsters of the sea, even as ships once sailed between the boots of the famous Colossus at old Rhodes.
Wolverine, Psylocke, and Colossus fly there to hunt it down, but discover that Fantomex has already killed it.
Yet doing so puts him out of contact with Blake and the old Colossus, who informs Blake that a solution might exist that is acceptable to both the Martians and humanity.

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