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Vocabulary Word

Word: clapper

Definition: striker (tongue) of a bell

Sentences Containing 'clapper'

As soon as the current flows, the coils become magnetic and attract the soft iron armature, drawing it forward and causing the clapper to strike the bell.
He began his career as a camera loader before becoming a clapper loader and assistant cameraman on John Boorman's 1985 film, "The Emerald Forest", under French cinematographer Philippe Rousselot.
In doing this, however, the armature makes contact at P through the spring, and the current flows once more; as a result the coils again become magnets, the armature is again drawn forward, and the clapper again strikes the bell.
In the electric bell, the electromagnet, clapper, push button, and battery are relatively near, usually all are located in the same building; while in the telegraph the current may travel miles before it reaches the electromagnet and produces motion of the armature.
It still featured some of the original creatures from Grolls Gorks, such as Screamer, TwinHead, Gork, Pingo, Wakko (now known as Yokkis), Clapper (now known as Klasp), and many others.
It was founded in August 2005 by Ron Clapper, Keith Follesé and Brad Allen.
Lassen was killed in 1859 under strange circumstances near what is now Clapper Creek in the Black Rock Range in Nevada.
San Pablo Creek's delta, located within the city limits of Richmond, is known as San Pablo Creek Marsh, and its are filled with an abundance of wildlife, including endangered species such as the California Clapper Rail, the Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse, the threatened Black Rail, the Salt Marsh Wandering Shrew, and the San Pablo vole.
So long as we press the button this process continues producing what sounds like a continuous jingle; in reality the clapper strikes the bell every time a current passes through the electromagnet.
The bak (clapper) and the janggu (hourglass drum) are the percussion T'ang instruments.
The clapper, who is already in front of the camera with the clapperboard, calls "marker!" and slaps it shut.
The scoring is for 83 musicians playing 2 paixiao, 2 taoxun, 2 dadi, 2 soprano sheng, 2 alto sheng, 1 bass sheng, 2 alto guan (doubling soprano suona 3 and double bass guan), 1 bass guan, 1 guzheng, 1 guqin, 2 xiaoruan, 4 pipa, 4 zhongruan, 1 sanxian, 2 daruan, 8 gaohu, 12 erhu, 8 zhonghu, 8 gehu, 5 digehu, and 7 percussionists playing poured water sounds, water gong, small and large temple bowls, medium and large Chinese drums, small temple block, small and large Chinese woodblocks, suspended Chinese bells, suspended Chinese stone chimes, large wood drum, large pellet drum, bamboo or wood clapper, large guiro, and large Chinese temple drum.
This is again a clapper type relay which does not need continuous current through its coil to retain its operation.
This wooden clapper is a Ghana Vadya which has discs or plates that produce a clinking sound when clapped together.
To the casual observer the flower appears to have a small bell-clapper sticking out.

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