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Vocabulary Word

Word: caustic

Definition: burning; corrosive; able to burn by chemical action; sarcastically biting; (of remarks) intended to hurt; bitter; harmful; OP. harmless

Sentences Containing 'caustic'

A neutral liquid formed as in Section 204, by the action of hydrochloric acid and the alkali solution of caustic soda, has a brackish, salty taste, and is, in fact, a solution of salt.
Although frequently funny and thought-provoking, Lassiter was always caustic, always contrarian, and often downright mean.
Caustic soda is used to break down the molecule of nitroglycerine to produce nitrite ions.
DJ Caustic parted with the label in 2004.
From repeated trials, it was found that caustic soda when heated with wood chips destroyed everything in the wood except the desired substance, cellulose; this could be removed, bleached, dried, and pressed into paper.
If blue litmus paper is put into an acid solution, its color changes to red; if now the red litmus paper is dipped into a base solution, caustic soda, for example, its original color is partially restored.
It "stood out, thanks to the relative simplicity of its arrangement, and the caustic humor of the lyrics.
It would eventually be determined that a wide swath of lower Manhattan and Brooklyn had been heavily contaminated by highly caustic and toxic materials.
Lassiter, disgusted by the changes Clear Channel was making and knowing that his time in radio was not long, began expressing open hostility to their policies on the air; at one point he was even reading employee questionnaires circulated inside the offices, and describing the deeply caustic answers he was filling in.
Most fats contain a substance of an acid nature, and are decomposed by the action of bases such as caustic soda and caustic potash.
Some concentrated bases are so powerful in their action on grease, cloth, and metal that they have received the designation caustic, and are ordinarily known as caustic soda, caustic potash -LRB- lye -RRB-, and caustic lime.
The concentration of this caustic soda is crucial to the test. The test involves the taking of a sample with ether and its division into two bowls.
The following year he worked with Front Line Assembly on their record, Caustic Grip Then he, John McRae and Chris Peterson moved into Skinny Puppy's (at that time) Vancouver based recording Studio Subconscious Communications to write and record the tracks found on Decree's first release, Wake of Devastation.
The label was founded in 2003 by DJ Insect and DJ Caustic in Dallas, Texas.
The plain cotton frock of our grandmothers had its death knell sounded a few years ago, when John Mercer showed that cotton fabrics soaked in caustic soda assumed under certain conditions a silky sheen, and when dyed took on beautiful and varied hues.
This enormous time saving is achieved by heating to with the addition of caustic soda.
Two instrumentals bookend the second half: the first, "Tilting at Windmills", shows a more ambient side to the band, whilst the album's rockiest moment; the seven minute "Freezing Point" which features frazzled Loop-like repetition and caustic guitars at its final coda, brings things to a noisy conclusion.
While benevolent sexism may not appear to be harmful to women on the surface, these beliefs are extremely caustic to gender equity and restrict women’s personal, professional, political, and social opportunities.
[http://www.boblassiterairchecks.com/wfla/wfla080296.mp3] On the other hand, despite his unsparingly caustic demeanor and complete frankness, radio with Lassiter was in many respects a kind of free-for-all.

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