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Vocabulary Word

Word: carillon

Definition: a set of bells (often in a tower) capable of being played

Sentences Containing 'carillon'

Also belonging to the "Schloss" is the ""Dicker Turm"", or "Fat Tower" with a carillon.
Ann's Schoolhouse (built in 1844), the Netherlands Centennial Carillon, Thunderbird Park, and Mungo Martin House, Wawadit'la, a traditional big house built by Mungo Martin and his family.
As a result, the structure (which included a carillon) was named "La Samaritaine".
At the top is the 43-ton, 55-bell Baird Carillon.
Dogwood Dell Amphitheatre has annual summer concert and theatrical events, including a concert by the Richmond Concert Band that concludes with the 1812 Overture, complete with cannon fire, the carillon, and a fireworks display on the 4th of July.
Events and shows for children are frequently scheduled at the Ha'Penny Stage just beside the carillon.
He was one of the best-known musicians in the Netherlands in the seventeenth century as a carillon player, expert in bell casting and tuning, organist, recorder virtuoso, and composer.
Housing a grand carillon, the tower was built in 1936 as a memorial for University President Marion Leroy Burton (presidency: 1920–1925).
In 1625 he left home and became carillon player of the Dom Tower of Utrecht, in 1628 he became the Director of the Carillons of Utrecht.
Its carillon was donated by Michigan alumnus Charles A. Baird, a lawyer and the first U-M athletic director, and has been christened the "Charles Baird Carillon".
James Abercrombie in the defeat at the Battle of Carillon.
Musically the pitch of this bell is E. [http://www.gcna.org/data/ONNIFARB.HTM] The smallest bell in the instrument weighs less than and has a circumference of . The bell castings for the Rainbow Carillon were begun in 1941 by John Taylor Bellfounders of Loughborough, England, but interrupted by the onset of World War II.
Philip Hubert Frohman, who had designed his first fully functional home at the age of 14 and received his architectural degree at the age of 16, and his partners worked to perfect Bodley's vision, adding the carillon section of the central tower, enlarging the west façade, and making numerous smaller changes.
The carillon has 53 bells ranging from to and was manufactured by John Taylor Co of Loughborough, England in 1963.
The Carillon is also home to the City's live Christmas Nativity pageant now held (weather permitting) on December 23, after over 60 years of holding it on Christmas Eve.
The Carillon is played on occasions such as Veterans Day, Memorial Day, and July 4 and is also used for hosting wedding receptions, parties, meetings, and other such gatherings.
The cathedral is unique in North America in having both a carillon and a set of change ringing bells.
The grand carillon, one of only 23 in the world, is the world’s fourth heaviest, containing 55 bells and weighing a total of 43 tons (a grand carillon has a bourdon bell — the name given to the heaviest bell in a carillon and the one that sounds the hour — that weighs at least six tons, and can sound a low 'G').
The Rainbow Carillon is sounded four times a day, 365 days a year.
The Rainbow Tower houses a carillon -- a musical instrument consisting of a baton keyboard that controls a series of bells.
The World War I Memorial Carillon, built in 1926, is a memorial to those who died in that war; it contains 56 bells.
There are also annual events, including Remembrance Day commemorations, the Heritage Fair, and a Carol Along with the Carillon and Christmas Open House at Helmcken House.
These included Dame Nellie Melba's proposal to build a carillon of bells; a suggestion by Simpson Newland to turn Anzac Highway into a "Way of Honour" by adding triumphal arches to each end; and Walter Charles Torode's plan to build a 30 meter high "metal and marble" monument on the top of Mount Lofty with an electric car to carry people to the summit.
Unique in North America, the central tower has two full sets of bells — a 53-bell carillon and a 10-bell peal for change ringing; the change bells are rung by members of the Washington Ringing Society.
While this building serves as a memorial carillon, it is primarily a conventional high-rise, contains classrooms for the University of Michigan's school of music, and houses offices for the department of musicology and ethnomusicology.

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