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Vocabulary Word

Word: carefree

Definition: free from worries; having no problems

Sentences Containing 'carefree'

After a brief introduction with three glissando-like passages in a rather free time, the tempo changes to "Andante deciso", and the instantly recognizable, lighthearted and carefree first theme is introduced.
Although this resulted in hit albums and singles, the profit margin suffered due to the care-free spending by the label.
Anu is a carefree and ambitious girl who wants to be a model.
But he who dodges hospitals and jails, and walks fast crossing graveyards, and would rather talk of operas than hell; calls Cowper, Young, Pascal, Rousseau, poor devils all of sick men; and throughout a care-free lifetime swears by Rabelais as passing wise, and therefore jolly;--not that man is fitted to sit down on tomb-stones, and break the green damp mould with unfathomably wondrous Solomon.
Despite the fact that it is a much darker theme, the carefree feel of the piece remains.
Despite the video's poor effects and unprofessional feel, it became very popular with fans., possibly due to the carefree nature and fooling around of the band onscreen (likely attributable to the large amount of alcohol they consumed while filming).
During an appearance on BBC Radio Tees, host Bob Fischer described their song 'Still Lie With You' as 'pure summer - the perfect indie pop song', and, similarly, music website Drowned in Sound called "First to Know" 'a gloriously carefree piece of indie-pop, which feels unequivocally summery'.
For young people it was primarily undertaken as a carefree environment in which they could spend time with prospective partners without the prying eyes of a normal close-knit Rotuman community.
From her window Mireille sees a young shepherd singing, and envies his carefree life.
He appeared in the role of Dr. Chauncy Hartlund in the 1965 "Perry Mason" episode, "The Case of the Carefree Coronary."
He is the jovial, lovable person who is symbolic of the democratic carefree spirit of a sunny land...
In strange contrast to the hardly tolerable constraint and nameless invisible domineerings of the captain's table, was the entire care-free license and ease, the almost frantic democracy of those inferior fellows the harpooneers.
Its reception was mixed, with some fans lamenting the loss of the carefree gentlemen thief of the early stories.
Miguel encourages Steven to live a carefree, womanizing life like he does.
Not to mention the loss of the carefree life he and Nicola once had.
She teamed up with Camacho and Jones once again in 2010's critically acclaimed "Para Volver a Amar" by Gómez Fernández and Giselle González, where she portrayed Bárbara Mantilla, the suffering, yet flighty and carefree wife of an abusive alcoholic.
The graceful harmonies of the song and dance reflect the joyous spirit of the negro race, the care-free actions of the Dinahs and the Sams who gathered outside the cabin doors on moonlit nights and to the twang of the banjo or the scrape of the fiddle, vented the rhapsodies of mind and body in a purely natural way.
This event crushed Burns, once a carefree and selfish youth, and after some years of travel he returned to London chastened, and became engaged to Cynthia Drassilis mostly out of sympathy for her plight.
Written by Adrian Hodges, based on the novel "Metroland" by Julian Barnes, the film is about a man whose calm and predictable life is disrupted by the sudden reappearance after ten years of his best friend, which leads him to remember his carefree youth in Paris, to question some of his lifestyle decisions, and to re-evaluate his life and marriage.
“Ron is a direct person and uncompromising in his principles”, says one former student, “but he’s also carefree.” Ron’s personality comes across on the tennis court.

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