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Vocabulary Word

Word: caliber

Definition: ability; quality; diameter of the inside of a round cylinder; Ex. work of very high caliber

Sentences Containing 'caliber'

.19 caliber rifles have thicker rifling than .17 and .20 caliber rifles, which helps the barrel stay clean longer and improves barrel life.
.22 was the caliber of the murder weapon.
A further problem is that, if the warhead is contained inside the barrel, its diameter becomes overly restricted by the caliber of that barrel.
A six shot cylinder was used if the caliber was .36 or the .44.
Activities range from air rifle to large caliber shooting on a 50 meter range.
Another feature of the M120 is the M303 Sub-Caliber insert, which allows the mortar to fire 81 mm ammunition.
As of 1999, he lived "...on nine acres in southern Idaho with his pet skunks and his wife and 100-plus guns of varying caliber."
Between 160 and 210 rounds are carried on the mounting, depending on the caliber.
But with musicians of the caliber and experience of bassist Kai Eckhardt, drummer Alan Hertz, and Fareed Haque on guitars, there is nothing tentative about this recording.
Calhoon began working with .19 caliber after his interest was piqued from learning about British sub-caliber rifle trials in the early 1970s.
Calhoon cartridges are a class of .19 caliber cartridges created by James Calhoon, a firearms designer with an interest in .19 caliber cartridges.
Capabilities of the plant include: Small arms cartridges; components such as percussion and electric primer; pyrotechnics; small caliber ammunition (5.56 mm; 7.62 mm; .50 caliber and 20 mm); performs reliability testing of small caliber ammunition (5.56 mm; 7.62 mm; 9 mm, .22 caliber; .45 caliber and .50 caliber); demilitarization and disposal of small caliber ammunition and explosives.
Depending on variant and caliber, the barrel is 22, 23, or .
Having a larger bore than the .17 caliber centerfires helps mitigate some of the fouling problems that rifles in that caliber tend to have. .19-223.
He accomplished this by necking up the .378 Weatherby Magnum case to accept a .458 caliber bullet.
Hornday's performance envelop for the .458 caliber DGX and DGS bullets are between and the same rating they had assigned earlier to the more lightly constructed InterLock bullet.
However, Roy Weatherby was not the first cartridge designer to neck up the .378 Weatherby Magnum to .45 caliber (11.6 mm).
However, that was tainted by the lack of higher caliber competition due to other first class pros boycotting the ABA.
If the caliber was .56, a five-shot cylinder was used.
In 2012 CZ-USA reintroduced the 357 caliber revolver in stainless steel.
In failing health, Colt expanded his factory on the eve of the Civil War, and began production of a new, lightweight .44 caliber Army revolver, followed a year later by a .36 caliber Navy version.
It also has a championship caliber golf course, a museum of ancient life and a movie theater.
It is capable of firing 5.7mm rounds and four different caliber airbursting 40mm grenades.
Luxman were primarily specialists in making vacuum tube amplifiers of the highest caliber.
Modern BB guns usually have a barrel with a bore and caliber of and are available in many varieties.
Oakland officers are allowed to carry .40 caliber firearms.
Other testimony involved Leiterman's roommate at the time who testified that he was an avid hunter and had owned a .22 caliber handgun along with several other guns in 1969.
Terminal ballistics is relevant both for small caliber projectiles as well as for large caliber projectiles (fired from artillery).
The .19 Badger is the third (currently in 2007 the latest) of the .19 caliber rounds created by Calhoon.
The .19 Calhoon Hornet is a .19 caliber rifle wildcat cartridge.
The .19-223 is the second in a set of .19 caliber rounds created by James Calhoon.
The .460 Weatherby Magnum provides a significant step up in performance over other production .458 caliber (11.6 mm) cartridges.
The 22A is a single-action semi-automatic .22 caliber pistol.
The barrel is 22, 23, or long, depending on the caliber.
The cannon system mounted can be an ATK, Oerlikon, Mauser or Giat model in the 20–30 mm caliber range.
The cartridge is based on the .378 Weatherby Magnum necked up to accept the 11 mm caliber bullet.
The competition is part of USA Track and Field's Visa Championship Series and attracts high caliber athletes, including Olympic and World medalists.
The dancing really comes to forefront only in the third act. As the music is not the caliber of a Tchaikovsky or Glazunov, this can be a challenge.
The final three holes at University Ridge provide a great finish to a great round on a championship caliber golf course.
The neighborhood subsequently went into decline again, and so did the caliber of businesses occupying the space.
The Rx4 is the first .223 caliber carbine in Beretta's Storm-family.
The Schwarzlose enjoyed moderate export success in the years leading up to World War I. Apart from the armies of the Austro-Hungarian empire (8 mm caliber) it was adopted by the armies of Greece (6.5 mm caliber), the Netherlands (6.5 mm caliber) and Sweden (using the 6.5x55mm cartridge and designated "kulspruta m/1914").
The ships were fitted out with either three or four 3"/50 caliber guns but the last two also got one 5"/38 caliber gun - a superior weapon which had proven its effectiveness in the antiaircraft role and which all later classes of APA received.
These five-shot "Paterson" revolvers featured folding triggers, and were available both with and without loading levers in .28, .31, and .36 caliber.
These Hornady .458 caliber round nose and solid bullets were later found to have a performance envelop of not exceeding in the .458 caliber.
They were equipped with one 5 in (127 mm) 54 caliber Mark 42 gun forward, an ASROC abaft the gun and forward of the bridge.
They were larger, had better armour, but nine guns of only 280 mm caliber.
This article lists firearm cartridges which have a bullet in the to caliber range.
Typically, Weatherby cartridges exhibit velocities greater than over the more popular similar caliber cartridges.
While all cartridges in the Whisper family must be capable of accuracy using subsonic loads, most of the smaller caliber cartridges of the family (.308" and under) are also capable of being loaded to supersonic velocities using relatively lightweight bullets for their caliber, increasing their utility.

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