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Vocabulary Word

Word: brisk

Definition: quick and active; marked by liveliness and vigor

Sentences Containing 'brisk'

A close and shrewd observer, with quick grasp of character and a humorous sense tinged with cynicism, he was always fresh and attractive — and not seldom brilliant — as preacher, writer, or conversationalist. His sermons were literary and practical rather than dogmatic ; his essays, although often commonplace in thought and expression, caught the attention by their common sense, their easy allusiveness, and transparency of style; and his brisk unflagging talk was enriched with endless and apposite anecdotes, although it was not devoid of a certain overbearing element.
After the Napoleonic Wars there was a brisk trade in Egyptian mummies.
alone carried over 27,000 passengers to and from Margate and competition was brisk.
Although in the earlier film the theme was played in a brisk, staccato and comedic style, the melody was the same as the love theme from "The Godfather", and for that reason was deemed ineligible for an Oscar.
As the holiday shopping season wrapped up, Windows 8 sales continued to lag, even as Apple reported brisk sales.
At their head were a venerable old man and an ancient dame, more brisk and active, however, than might have been expected from their years.
Big fire, all right brisk trade for ten days while people scared; after that, dull policy business till next fire.
Brisk men, energetic of movement and speech; the dollar their god, how to get it their religion.
By 1968, business was brisk on the Trail.
Cairo is a brisk town now; and is substantially built, and has a city look about it which is in noticeable contrast to its former estate, as per Mr. Dickens's portrait of it.
Drawn into the waiting boat, they were quickly brought to the deck; but Tashtego was long in coming to, and Queequeg did not look very brisk.
Finally he took the bell-rope in his hand and gave it a brisk tug.
For some days we had very little wind; it was not till the nineteenth that a brisk gale from the northwest sprang up.
Fortunately for the Malaysian art music scene progress in the current period has been brisk, and the number of serious composers and compositions in this field is increasing.
From the 1950s on Lieffen became known to a wider public for his film appearances, like the role of the brisk chauffeur Fritz in Billy Wilder's "One, Two, Three".
He added, "Aside from its humor, Ayckbourn's work is notable for its brisk pacing, multilateral action and the ingenuity of its complex structuring, all qualities that lose something in the screen transfer . . .
He was for a short time the pupil of R. Elijah Schick, and later he studied under Benjamin Diskin, rabbi of Vilkovisk, who, much impressed by his agreeable manners and great ability, accepted him as a pupil and as the fellow student of his son Joshua Leib Diskin, afterward rabbi of Brisk.
His long rollicking run up and brisk pace gave away many no-balls and too often he served up full tosses and long hops, but he turned the ball fiercely and his googly had even the best batsmen groping.
His manner was brisk, and yet his general appearance gave an undue impression of age, for he had a slight forward stoop and a little bend of the knees as he walked.
I had a hope that this brisk treatment might freshen my wits a little; and I think it did them good, for I soon came to the conclusion that the first step I ought to take was, to try if my articles could be cancelled and the premium recovered.
I was called from these reflections by the sight of a freckled woman with yellow hair and a yellow gown, standing in the porch of the inn, under a dull red lamp swinging there, that looked much like an injured eye, and carrying on a brisk scolding with a man in a purple woollen shirt.
I was joined there by a stranger, who dropped into conversation with me a brisk young fellow, who said he was born in a town in the interior of Wisconsin, and had never seen a steamboat until a week before.
If by the end of the seventeenth century English grammar writing had made a modest start, totaling 16 new grammars since Bullokar's "Pamphlet" of 115 years before, by the end of the eighteenth, the pace was positively brisk; 270 new titles were added during that century.
In a very little while, idle non associationists began to be pretty plenty, brisk as business was, and much as their services were desired.
In Sindhu Bhairavi, he presented ‘Samba Sadasiva’ – a lovely piece composed by his uncle V.V.S. He concluded his brilliant recital with a brisk and lively Madhuvanti Tillana of Shanmugha Raghavan with swarakshara prayogas.
In the Middle Ages, the ancestral Breton horse was sought by military leaders, partly because of its comfortable gait, which was said to be partway between a brisk trot and an amble.
Of cooks and cook-maids there were over fifty, all clean, brisk, and blithe.
On Friday, two ships and three tenders, taking advantage of a brisk gale and strong current, ran by our batteries, up the North River where they at present remain.
Óscar, the oldest, and his steel-willed mother run the family's grocery store called "el Jardín" (The Garden), which does a brisk business in the black market.
Quincy is a notable example a brisk, handsome, well ordered city; and now, as formerly, interested in art, letters, and other high things.
She was plainly but neatly dressed, with a bright, quick face, freckled like a plover's egg, and with the brisk manner of a woman who has had her own way to make in the world.
T'other one said THIS warn't one of the short ones, he reckoned--and then they laughed, and he said it over again, and they laughed again; then they waked up another fellow and told him, and laughed, but he didn't laugh; he ripped out something brisk, and said let him alone.
The climax occurs at an ancient desert fort after a whirlwind of brisk action and seductive scenery.
The duke says, pretty brisk: "When it comes to that, maybe you'll let me ask, what was YOU referring to?"
The new old gentleman turns brisk towards Ab Turner and his pard, and his eye lights up like he judged he'd got the king THIS time, and says: "There--you've heard what he said!
They were not unlike birds, altogether; having a sharp, brisk, sudden manner, and a little short, spruce way of adjusting themselves, like canaries.
True, other fish are found exceedingly brisk in those Hyperborean waters; but these, be it observed, are your cold-blooded, lungless fish, whose very bellies are refrigerators; creatures, that warm themselves under the lee of an iceberg, as a traveller in winter would bask before an inn fire; whereas, like man, the whale has lungs and warm blood.
Very orderly and methodical he looked, with a hand on each knee, and a loud watch ticking a sonorous sermon under his flapped waist coat, as though it pitted its gravity and longevity against the levity and evanescence of the brisk fire.
When he ceased she became brisk again in an instant, and rattled away with surprising volubility.
Yet this emaciation seemed to be his natural habit, and due to no disease, for his eye was bright, his step brisk, and his bearing assured.

More Vocab Words

::: lithe - flexible; supple; CF. limber
::: inopportune - untimely; inappropriate or ill-timed; poorly chosen
::: rift - narrow opening in a large mass; break in a friendly relation; Ex. through a rift in the clouds; OP. reconcilation
::: surpass - exceed
::: carnivorous - meat-eating; N. carnivore; CF. herbivore
::: rakish - jaunty; stylish; sporty; morally corrupt; dissolute; Ex. He wore his hat at a rakish and jaunty angle.
::: hierarchy - arrangement by rank or standing; authoritarian body divided into ranks; body of persons having authority
::: babble - chatter idly or foolishly; make continuous sounds like water running gently over rounded stone; N.
::: motif - theme; recurrent thematic element in a musical or literary work; single or repeated pattern; figure
::: synthesis - combining parts or separate things into a whole; the whole so formed; PL. syntheses; V. synthesize