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Vocabulary Word

Word: brink

Definition: edge (at the top of a cliff); Ex. on the brink of the Grand Canyon

Sentences Containing 'brink'

"Prank lab" pushes the boundaries and brings members of the public to the brink of insanity with its mix of unbelievable pranks and jaw-dropping quick hits.
"SFX" reviewer Nick Setchfield gave the episode four out of five stars, describing it as a "sufficiently sure-footed to waltz right to the brink of parody and no further".
"Susanne Brink's Arirang" () is a 1991 South Korean/Swedish film based upon the life and experiences of Susanne Brink, an adult Korean adoptee from Sweden who suffered abuse and racism in her adoptive home and country.
'My dear Copperfield,' said Mr. Micawber, 'yourself and Mr. Traddles find us on the brink of migration, and will excuse any little discomforts incidental to that position.'
A battle ensues between the Reapers, The Authority, and the Paladins in which one of the Reapers breached into the Carrier's engine core and causing its miniature universe on the brink of destroying the universe.
A trying suspense, to be passing a whole summer night on the brink of the black ocean, ready to take that plunge into it upon which Monsieur Gabelle had resolved!
According to University of Washington research scientist David Bain, this orca population is "teetering on the brink of extinction" (Ervin 2004).
Additional species were named by paleontologist A. S. Brink in 1979, although they are now considered synonyms of the type species "Diademodon tetragonus".
Any relief beyond this was left to provincial and municipal governments, many of which were either insolvent or on the brink of bankruptcy, and which railed against the inaction of other levels of government.
As if she were a part of the refuse it had cast out, and left to corruption and decay, the girl we had followed strayed down to the river's brink, and stood in the midst of this night-picture, lonely and still, looking at the water.
As soon as she came here, and saw the water, she stopped as if she had come to her destination; and presently went slowly along by the brink of the river, looking intently at it.
Beforehand, Havik had brought Kabal back from the brink of death, then instructed him to restore the same Black Dragon that Kabal had long tried to disassociate himself from.
Both civilizations are at the brink of war with each other in a battle over the remaining landmasses.
During Dusshera, as the Ramlila parade is ending, many Rajaris are killed and the village is on the brink of war, which Ram senses.
Ennerdale Water and Crummock Water are in view and careful steps toward the brink can also add Bleaberry Tarn to the picture.
George Newhall, who was the last surviving of Mayo's brothers and treasurer of the company, died that year, and Mayo discovered that the company was bankrupt and on the brink of insolvency.
He is aware of the difficulties involved in bringing the family back from the brink of nothingness and in marrying off his sisters.
However, I said 'No,' and I added, 'You don't seem to be either, though you say you are,'--for she was walking much too near the brink of a sort of old jetty or wooden causeway we had strolled upon, and I was afraid of her falling over.
I did not know before, that I had two daughters on the brink of matrimony.
If she were not true to it, might the object she now had in life, which bound her to something devoid of evil, in its passing away from her, leave her more forlorn and more despairing, if that were possible, than she had been upon the river's brink that night; and then might all help, human and Divine, renounce her evermore!
In 1831, Gottlund married Charlotta Augusta Brink.
In 1999 DaVita was known as Total Renal Care (TRC), a dialysis company on the brink of bankruptcy.
In 2002 Lafferty starred in the ESPN Made-For-Television film "A Season on the Brink" a film-adaptation based on the book of the same name by John Feinstein.
In a civil action brought by the loss adjusters of Brink's-Mat insurers, £3million was recovered from Noye while he was incarcerated.
In Abilene, one of the biggest cattle towns of the west, the town is on the brink of a confrontation between the cattlemen and the homesteaders.
It is all set up for a tragic conclusion, but suddenly Ibsen pulls back from the brink.
It seemed to him that heaven had at length taken pity on him, and had sent this noise to warn him on the very brink of the abyss.
It was launched as W5 in 1966 just after the demise of CBC Television's "This Hour Has Seven Days", at a time when the CTV network was on the brink of bankruptcy.
Madonna Tribute Act Evelyne Brink and Diana Ross Tribute Act Siam Hurlock found themselves in the Bottom Two.
Madonna Tribute Act Evelyne Brink and Rod Stewart Tribute Act Greg Dorrell found themselves in the Bottom Two.
Marion Bartoli reached the fourth round, beating veteran Lindsay Davenport, who would neither confirm nor deny whether she was on the brink of retirement.
Maybe the gents in Kyuss used to get up to similar tricks and have set out reproducing those same sounds that pushed them to the brink of passing out.
My distress vanished; I would have felt safe on the brink of Niagara, with Mr. Bixby on the hurricane deck.
Seeing this, Don Quixote braced his buckler on his arm, and with his hand on his sword exclaimed, "O Lady of Beauty, strength and support of my faint heart, it is time for thee to turn the eyes of thy greatness on this thy captive knight on the brink of so mighty an adventure."
Stoessinger also states that two countries on the brink of instability cannot afford for each political leader to anticipate an attack.
The Bring Ya To The Brink Tour was a worldwide concert tour by American singer-songwriter and actress Cyndi Lauper to support her album "Bring Ya to the Brink".
The government's argument is that Heathrow is on the brink of suffering a decline in connectivity.
The real Susanne Brink died of cancer in January 2009 at the age of 45; she was interred in her hometown of Norrköping.
The remains of a beacon (columnar cairn) mark the brink of the face.
There was no pausing on the brink; no looking down, or looking back; I was gone, headlong, before I had sense to say a word to her.
This expedient was no other than the well known shift of drawing and redrawing; the shift to which unfortunate traders have sometimes recourse, when they are upon the brink of bankruptcy.
This has led to a resurged interest in the Hunnic grapes, many of which lead a dwindling existence and are on the brink of becoming extinct.
Unhappy he, who, on the brink of misfortune, broods over ideas like these!
We have a hundred thousand francs or thereabouts loaned on their securities, and we are a little uneasy at reports that have reached us that the firm is on the brink of ruin.
When my child,' he said aloud, and with an energy of gratitude that shook him from head to foot, 'stood upon the brink of more than I can say or think on--Martha, trew to her promise, saved her.'
When night dawned, groaning sounds rose above the hospital and some of the withering bodies around had gone to waste and were drifting on the brink of death: these deeply stirred my feelings.
Whereas the first commission had stopped short of the First Anglo-Burmese War, the second commission had no choice but to tackle the two disastrous wars that had their dismembered kingdom on the brink.
Women on the Edge (German:Frauen am Abgrund) is a 1929 German silent drama film directed by Georg Jacoby and starring Gustav Diessl, Elga Brink and Inge Landgut.
``I doubt, sir,''returned the nephew,``whether, if it had carried me to the utmost brink of death, you would have cared to stop me there.''
• "Capital at the Brink: Overcoming the Destructive Legacies of Neoliberalism".

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