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Vocabulary Word

Word: bouillon

Definition: clear beef (or meat) soup

Sentences Containing 'bouillon'

And if truth to life is the main thing the drama should keep in view, how is it possible for any average understanding to be satisfied when the action is supposed to pass in the time of King Pepin or Charlemagne, and the principal personage in it they represent to be the Emperor Heraclius who entered Jerusalem with the cross and won the Holy Sepulchre, like Godfrey of Bouillon, there being years innumerable between the one and the other?
Before them, however, in 1856, Edoardo Vera premiered his "dramma lirico" "Adriana Lecouvreur e la duchessa di Bouillon".
Born at the Hôtel de Bouillon to Emmanuel Théodose de La Tour d'Auvergne (1668–1730), Duke of Bouillon and his third wife Anne Marie Christiane de Simiane, she was the couple's only child.
Bouillon () is a municipality in Belgium.
Bouillon Castle still sits above the town centre, and is a popular tourist attraction.
Bouillon was the location of the ducal mint and the dominant urban concentration in the dukes' possession.
For some time, Baker lived with her children and an enormous staff in a castle, Château de Milandes, in Dordogne, France, with her fourth husband French conductor Jo Bouillon.
He sold Bouillon Castle to the Bishopric of Liège.
In 1947, she married French composer Jo Bouillon whom she also divorced.
In the Middle Ages Bouillon was a lordship within the Duchy of Lower Lorraine and the principal seat of the Ardennes-Bouillon dynasty in the 10th and 11th century.
Its ancient position at the crossroads where the route to Saint-Hubert crossed that from Liège to Bouillon required fortifying: the ruins of the old castle, which gave the place its name and a title to a long line of counts who had the right of coining their own money, still exist. This castle underwent many sieges and suffered at the hands of Marshal de Châtillon (1636).
Salt, bouillon cube, dried crayfish, vegetable oil (or any edible oil such as palm oil) and other seasonings are added to taste.
She had a romance with Maurice de Saxe, which ended in tragedy when she was apparently poisoned by her rival, Maria Karolina Sobieska, Duchess of Bouillon.
Styled as "Mademoiselle de Bouillon", she had been promised to Charles de Rohan since the age of eleven.
The bishops started to call themselves dukes of Bouillon, and the town emerged as the capital of a sovereign duchy by 1678, when it was captured from the bishopric by the French army and given to the La Tour d'Auvergne family.
The fortification of Bouillon Castle was, along with the County of Verdun, the core of the possessions of the Ardennes-Bouillon dynasty, and their combined territory was a complex mixture of fiefs, allodial land and other hereditary rights throughout the area.
The most famous of the Lords of Bouillon was Godfrey of Bouillon, a leader of the First Crusade and the first ruler of the Kingdom of Jerusalem.
There is a common misconception that Bouillon was a County.
While the lords of Bouillon often were counts and dukes, Bouillon itself was not a county.

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