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Vocabulary Word

Word: blight

Definition: plant disease; V: infect with blight; ruin; destroy

Sentences Containing 'blight'

A native of Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Blight had a long and varied career in the sport of hockey, playing the position of Right Wing for teams in the NHL, MJHL, WCHL, CHL, and the AHL hockey leagues.
According to former mayor Charlie Luken in 2001, ReSTOC "are the owners of the most blight in Over-the-Rhine.
Alternaria dauci is a plant pathogen. English name of the disease it incites is carrot leaf blight.
At 6' 2" (1.87 m) and 195 lbs (88 kg), Blight was selected by the Michigan Stags (round 2 #19 overall) in the 1974 WHA Amateur Draft and the Vancouver Canucks (round 1 #10 overall) in the 1975 NHL Amateur Draft. The name Blight is of Cornish origin.
Blight retired from playing hockey in 1983 and began a career as a stockbroker and marketing consultant, as well as managing his family farm in his native Manitoba.
Blight was the Canucks' top scorer over his first three years in the NHL, finishing fifth, first and second in team scoring in 1975, 1976 and 1977 with a total of 187 points.
Blight, who also played hockey in Switzerland, was the recipient of the WCJHL Rookie of the Year Award in 1973, and was a member of the CHL Second All-Star Team in 1981.
Broken Windows Theory: Environments with urban blight such as broken windows, abandon cars and homes, graffiti, litter and unenforced nuisance crimes (e.g., drunks, panhandling, public urination, blaring music) give message that criminals are in control not the law abiding because the citizens are either afraid or indifferent.
But this, his thinness, so to speak, seemed no more the token of wasting anxieties and cares, than it seemed the indication of any bodily blight.
Douglas firs are also affected by "Phaeocryptopus gaumanni" which causes Swiss needlecast. Red band needle blight is a fungal disease which affects coniferous trees, particularly pine, with a worldwide distribution.
For example in rice such pyramids have been developed against bacterial blight and blast. The advantage of use of markers in this case allows to select for QTL-allele-linked markers that have same phenotypic effect. MAS has also been proved useful for livestock improvement.
He was a corresponding member of the Caledonian Horticultural Society in Edinburgh and read a paper there in March 1814 entitled "On the prevention of the blight in fruit trees".
If the likeness of that face don't turn to burning fire, at the thought of offering money to me for my child's blight and ruin, it's as bad.
In 1995, Blight was inducted into the Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame.
In September 2012 Jenny spent a week working on new album, Bluebird, with producer Simon Blight in Chepstow, Wales.
It is a monotypic genus, containing the single species Crivellia papaveracea, which causes leaf blight of opium poppy.
It is the most dense collection of skyscrapers in Africa, however due to white flight and urban blight, many of the buildings are unoccupied as tenants have left for more secure locations in the Northern Suburbs, in particular Sandton and Rosebank.
Its strategy, according to the Human Services Department, is "based on best practices, has community builders going door-to-door to support and encourage neighbors to address their issues (e.g., typically truant youth, blight, and loitering) and help them ultimately to organize (e.g., Friends of Durant Park, West Oakland Mini-Grant Committee, Resident Action Council, Block captains, neighborhood watches, Home Alert, Renters or Home Owners’ Associations) and take ownership of their communities.
Lower North Philadelphia, is a section of Philadelphia that is immediately north of Center City and below Upper North Philadelphia and can be described as a section of Philadelphia that was designated as a "Model City" target, in hopes of overcoming poverty and blight through a federal funding program since 1966.
Other potential diseases include shoestring root rot and redband needle blight.
Richard Derek Blight (October 17, 1955 – April 3, 2005) was a professional hockey player.
Such a marriage would irretrievably blight my son's career, and ruin his prospects.
The chestnut also used to occur in this region before it was removed by chestnut blight.
The community is known for its violence and blight.
The second of Ireland's "Great Famines", "An Gorta Mór" struck the country during 1845–49, with potato blight, exacerbated by the political and laissez-faire economic factors of the time leading to mass starvation and emigration.
The sixth book, "Inferno!", ends on a cliffhanger with Avenger trapped in the web of the Black Widow, Orb's darkest blight.
There most of his work was with bacterial or fire blight of pear.
This division was closed in the late 1930s as a result of 'Panama disease', a blight on the roots of the banana.
This neighborhood has an active citizen crime patrols, including one group of seniors who walk the neighborhood weekly to get physical exercise and report blight.
Two weeks later, on April 18, after a Canada-wide search, Blight was found dead in a field on his farm near Lake Manitoba, with his pickup nearby.
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