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Vocabulary Word

Word: bland

Definition: soothing or mild (food); agreeable; causing no trouble or offence

Sentences Containing 'bland'

"Once you delve into the app, its power becomes apparent, as does it ability to help you manage your time, but with its bland design, Grindstone can feel about as appealing as work."
Although the gimmick was hailed as being innovative for its time, the tobacco itself was criticized for being bland and the devices had a tendency to jam.
Bland also performs in the area with pop/R band, The Rule.
Bland also played drums on Indigenous's 2006 album, "Chasing the Sun".
Bland Cottage and the Georgia Southern Botanical Gardens are located at .
Bland is also now working as a producer, currently working with the upcoming rock-pop band Catchpenny, also from Minneapolis.
Bland Simpson is an American author and pianist from North Carolina.
Bland was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Bland, with colleague and ex-NPG member Sonny T.
But the spermaceti itself, how bland and creamy that is; like the transparent, half-jellied, white meat of a cocoanut in the third month of its growth, yet far too rich to supply a substitute for butter.
Carole took over the post from her husband, NASCRAG Chief Lackey Emeritus, Len Bland, in the 1990s.
Caryn Ganz (with "Rolling Stone") said Caillat has "soulful swing, but over a dozen bland, sunny tunes, it's hard to pin her down."
David Balls of Digital Spy gave the song a two out of five star rating, and wrote, "in comparison to the majority of the group's singles, it's a half-hearted, bland and middle of the road offering that lacks the excitement of Sugababes at their best".
During the fall of 2007 Michael Bland has been busy working on a release by his own protégé, Mayda, performing with her regularly in the Minneapolis area as well as recording a studio album.
Eric Danton, of the "Milwaukee Journal Sentinel" and "The Hartford Courant" wrote that the album is "a collection so bland, it makes hardtack seem sumptuous".
Finding Corben's princess "bland", Miyazaki imagined "a young girl with character, brimming with sensitivity, to contrast her with an incapable father".
From 1995 to 1997, Bland, along with Sonny Thompson, recorded and played live with French Pop star France Gall -- they appear on one studio album and two live albums.
Harding Lawrence married Jimmie Bland George of Greenville, Texas, in 1942.
He did however hope to see some interaction between religion and police through one of the characters but stated "Given the generally bland nature of "Rookie Blue", that's probably too much to ask."
I looked around, and there stood Mr. Bixby, smiling a bland, sweet smile.
In 1914 she published "En piga bland pigor" which was an early form of investigative journalism and received a lot of attention.
In 2005, Bland was the drummer for Paul Westerberg's tour, and he recently played on the Hurricane Katrina Relief telethon with the Dixie Chicks.
In 2007 Bland Thompson laid down the rhythmtracks for some tracks on Prince's 2007 CD 'Planet Earth'.
In 2010, Bland became a member of Nick Jonas and the Administration (a side project of Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers) along with other former members of The New Power Generation, bass player Sonny T. and keyboardist Tommy Barbarella. Life and career.
In the South Africans second-innings he took the wickets of Lindsay and Colin Bland for the cost of 47 runs from 13 overs.
Many Finnish traditional dishes are prepared by stewing them for a long time in an oven, which produces hearty but bland fare.
Michael Bland (born March 14, 1969) is best known as a drummer for Prince starting in 1989.
Michael Bland continued working with Mayda and played on and produced a full length album with her in 2009, titled "The Interrogation".
Michael Bland was the drummer of the band Nick Jonas and The Administration.
Mr. Spenlow, settling his chin in his cravat and rubbing it softly, went over the items with a deprecatory air--as if it were all Jorkins's doing--and handed it back to Tiffey with a bland sigh.
NASCRAG is run by "Squirrel Queen" Carole Bland.
NIH Medline recommends drinking clear fluids, sitting quietly and eating bland foods.
Robert Edward Lee (1807–1870) and Col. Richard Bland Lee II (1797–1875) resigned their commissions in the Army and took up with the Confederacy.
The following year, 1773, he painted John Wesley (engraved by Bland).
The garden is centered on an early 20th-century farmstead the house of which, Bland Cottage, has been renovated into a visitor's center and place for meetings.
The garden's main entrance is located at 1505 Bland Avenue, Statesboro, Georgia, a few blocks from the main Georgia Southern University campus.
The graphics were criticized for being "bland".
The group's first hit was a raveup of Bobby "Blue" Bland's "(Turn on Your) Love Light," recorded on May 7, 1965 and issued on Soma Records.
The main grounds for the Georgia Southern Botanical Garden were willed to Georgia Southern University by the owners of the land, Dan and Catharine Bland.
The man who entered was a sturdy, middle-sized fellow, some thirty years of age, clean-shaven, and sallow-skinned, with a bland, insinuating manner, and a pair of wonderfully sharp and penetrating grey eyes.
The short ends with a jazzed-up version of James A. Bland's minstrel spiritual "Oh!
The workable humor of the series was said to stem from the gameplay itself that "the gameplay, environments, missions, minion antics, voice acting and script all worked well together", which would apparently not work if "against really straight gameplay or bland environments."
There he sat, his very indifference speaking a nature in which there lurked no civilized hypocrisies and bland deceits.
These friends, headed up by Len Bland and James Robert, decided to run their own tournament starting in 1980.
They had 13 children including Episcopal minister and hymn composer, F. Bland Tucker; Beverley Dandridge Tucker, Jr., the 6th Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Ohio; and Henry St.
This was especially true under the leadership of Dr. Salem Bland, one of the leading Social Gospel advocates in Canada, and who led the church from 1919 to 1923.
Towns look great, but dungeons are horrid, bland, maze-like nightmares."
Upon his return to Alexandria, Virginia following his graduation, he secured a position working in the law practice of his uncle, Richard Bland Lee I, who was a Congressman from Northern Virginia.
When not on tour, Bland can usually be found every Sunday and Monday night at the nightclub "Bunker's" in downtown Minneapolis performing with Dr. Mambo's Combo.
With Jef Lee Johnson and Sonny T., Michael Bland created News from the Jungle which recorded one album for Universal also produced by Jean Rochard. Both bands, Michel Portal's and News from the jungle, toured in France (Paris Olympia).

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