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Vocabulary Word

Word: benefit

Definition: advantage; anything that brings helpl, advantage, or profit; money provided by the government to the people; fund-raising public entertainment; Ex. unemployment benefit; V: receive benefits; be beneficial to; give benefits

Sentences Containing 'benefit'

'You pretend to have bought it for yourself, but you have really done so to confer a benefit on him.
A Cochrane review of pregabalin use in chronic pain concluded that "A minority of patients will have substantial benefit with pregabalin, and more will have moderate benefit.
A cost-benefit analysis can then be performed.
All photographs benefit from being developed.
All profits from the album went to benefit the foundation.
An all-star benefit was held in Siebert's memory.
An analysis of the economic benefit of sport.
An undfined scheme of her husband to benefit actors is mentioned by Davies.
Benefit Cards Redecard is working with the major Benefit Card companies in Brazil, operating under brands such as Ticket, Sodexho and VR.
By 1913, 2.3 million were insured under the scheme for unemployment benefit and almost 15 million insured for sickness benefit.
From their efforts, the "Survivor Benefit Plan" came into being.
Furthermore there were earnings from benefit performances.
GIZ claims to work on a public-benefit basis.
He supposes that not all patients will benefit from psychotherapy.
He thus adapts animals and plants for his own benefit or pleasure.
He tried to explain that he kept the money for the benefit of his daughter, but she was having none of it.
Hence the great benefit which the country has derived from this trade.
However, Chen said that the trip was intended to benefit Kaohsiung.
I doubt not the captain had this veracious picture taken for the benefit of his marines.
In 1907 the Daughters of America created a Funeral Benefit Department.
It is recognised by the V8 industry as working for their benefit.
It is very easy, where the judge is the principal person who can reap any benefit from them.
Kloss was "discovered at a local benefit runway show".
More Recently in a Full Evening Benefit Concert for the Irvington Town Hall Theatre, at Primary Stages annual gala, at Birdland for a Benefit concert for Zani's Furry Friends, and at the NYIT Auditorium benefit for Huntington's Disease.
Patients with solid tumors did not benefit from omacetaxine.
Projects must have a direct benefit to the water quality of an estuary.
SandymoorLife is run by local residents for the benefit of the community.
SCE started a fund for employees to benefit the victims' families.
She was the only women to benefit from the French approach to Classical Modernism.
Some patients may benefit from exposure to heat.
Some studies have shown benefit of administration of probiotics ("healthy bacteria").
Some were adventurers who hoped to benefit themselves by questionable methods.
The benefit of password expiration, however, is debatable.
The benefit of the discharge injunction is narrower than (but similar to) the benefit afforded by the automatic stay in bankruptcy.
The benefit of the person who does the injury is often equal to the loss of him who suffers it.
The benefit will be reduced by 1% for each £100 earned above £50,000 per year, so the benefit will be zero for an income above £60,000.
The compensation is not considered a wage, so it is not taken from the unemployment benefit.
The designation UB40 stood for Unemployment Benefit, Form 40.
The environmental benefit comes from the recycling accomplished.
The greatest benefit occurs when CBT is used along with exercise.
The public benefit foundation is based in Athens, Greece.
Their use has expanded into areas where they provide lesser benefit, and lesser evidence of benefit.
There is a debate among cyclists as to whether this is for the benefit of motorists or bicyclists.
There is limited benefit from steroids such as prednisone.
They argued that the National Forests were established for the benefit of the local community.
To suffer change can be no hurt; as no benefit it is, by change to attain to being.
With “four-way wins,” "all" parties benefit.
You come to give me the benefit of your sober judgement at a most opportune time.
Your mother should have taken you to town every spring for the benefit of masters.''
`That's where the benefit of the bank comes in.

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