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Vocabulary Word

Word: belated

Definition: delayed

Sentences Containing 'belated'

Before the coming of the lamp, even in large cities like Paris, the only artificial light to guide the belated traveler at night was the candle required to be kept burning in an occasional window.
Belated, and not innocently, one bitter winter's midnight, on the road running between two country towns, the blacksmith half-stupidly felt the deadly numbness stealing over him, and sought refuge in a leaning, dilapidated barn.
Beyond lay another dull wilderness of bricks and mortar, its silence broken only by the heavy, regular footfall of the policeman, or the songs and shouts of some belated party of revellers.
Collins is now in his late sixties and is currently serving his life sentence in the Marquette Branch Prison in Marquette, Michigan in the Upper Peninsula. Belated data in the Mixer case.
He has a very cruel sense of humor and will make fun of Raymond to no end to get a little belated revenge.
He received a belated credit in 1999 for co-writing the debut of the popular feature "Blackhawk".
In 1994, the band released two singles, "Belated" in April with the help of Egg Studios and members of the band Posies, and "Swing Dream" was released in September.
In a belated response, a German submarine arrived in Village Bay on the morning of 15 May 1918 and after issuing a warning, started shelling the island.
Sonya returned to Odessa to give birth to their daughter Rivka; Adler stayed on six weeks in Zhytomyr and had sort of a belated apprenticeship with two Russian character actors of national fame, Borisov and Philipovsky.
The belated introduction of convoys sharply reduced losses and brought the U-boat threat under control.
The film, which went on nationwide general release on , was screened in competition at the 30th Berlin International Film Festival, where it won Interfilm and OCIC Awards, the Locarno International Film Festival, where it won Golden Leopard and Special Mention, was scheduled to compete in the cancelled 17th Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival, for which it received 6 Belated Golden Oranges, including Best Film and Best Director, was awarded the BFI Sutherland Trophy and was voted one of the 10 Best Turkish Films by the Ankara Cinema Association.
The new German area defence system failed badly at Verdun 15 December 1916 and again at Arras 9 April 1917, when troops had been kept in obsolete defences and by the belated commitment of the counter-attacking divisions, which were held too far back, against Allied attacking methods and equipment which were much improved from 1916.
This account also claims this was belated repayment for the guilt of the ten brothers who kidnapped Joseph.

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