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Vocabulary Word

Word: battalion

Definition: army unit made up of four or more companies

Sentences Containing 'battalion'

(Note – The 15 Punjab only became a battalion of the regiment after Independence).
After the German capitulation he commanded a marine battalion until August 1945.
After the war, the Battalion re-formed as a Battalion of the Royal Ulster Rifles.
As such, the adjutant is usually a man of significant influence within his battalion.
At the Battle of Loos, the 1st Battalion LIR particularly distinguished itself.
Attending the ceremony were a battalion from the Corps of Engineers and a battalion of Light Artillery (each of which included a band).
By the morning of November 16, the 1st Battalion, 7th Cavalry had been reinforced by the remaining elements of 2nd Battalion, 7th Cavalry and 2nd Battalion, 5th Cavalry.
Communist troops in the area consisted of the 8th Battalion, 66th Regiment, the 1st Battalion 33rd Regiment, and the headquarters of the 3rd Battalion, 33rd Regiment, of the PAVN.
Currently, the regiment has only a single battalion on active service; the 2nd Battalion.
During the Battle of Kapyong the 2nd Battalion, PPCLI, the 3rd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, and A Company, 72nd Heavy Tank Battalion (US) were tasked with the defence of the Kapyong Valley.
During the war he was a 2nd Lieutenant in the 6th Battalion of the Seaforth Highlanders.
For the 1758 campaign again two battalion were raised.
He served as a major in an infantry battalion.
He served with the 2nd Battalion Grenadier Guards, as battalion Adjutant of the 3rd Battalion 1893–4 and as Adjutant of the Guards Depot at Caterham 1895.
He served with the 3rd Battalion from 1988 to 1992.
His regiment was consolidated into a battalion the 1st Battalion of Veteran Infantry.
In 1759 the 1st Battalion went with Gen.
In 1921 the battalion was re-raised as part of the Citizens Forces in the state of Victoria, but was amalgamated with the 21st Battalion in 1929 to form the 23rd/21st Battalion.
In 1950, the battalion became a part of the General Reserve in Indochina.
Maintenance Company is the largest of the companies in the battalion.
Meanwhile, the 2nd battalion was with Gen.
Most members of the 10th were posted to the 2nd Battalion; most of the 11th to the 9th Battalion.
On 22 April 1945, the Battalion reached Berlin.
On 6 February 1945 the battalion was posted to Subsection Texel.
Order and discipline disappeared from the 2nd battalion of and from most of 1st battalion as well.
Subsequently, the battalion is posted first as a mechanised infantry battalion to West Germany as part of BAOR, then as a resident light infantry battalion to Hong Kong.
Supply Company is the third largest company in the battalion.
The 1st would again go to Halifax and the 2nd battalion under the command of Lt.
The 23rd Battalion was an infantry battalion of the Australian Army.
The 23rd Battalion was one of those chosen and it was linked with the 21st Battalion to become the 23rd/21st Battalion, adopting the territorial designation of "The City of Geelong Regiment/The Victoria Rangers".
The 2nd battalion failed to cross the marshes.
The 2nd Battalion returned to England in 1946.
The 2nd Battalion served in France, Greece and Palestine.
The 2nd Battalion was in India on the outbreak of war.
The Battalion took part in the fighting for Belarus, Poland and the Baltics.
The battalion was disbanded on 15 November 1920.
The battalion was formed of men who chose the latter option.
The battalion was mustered out in September 1866.
The battalion was subsequently transferred to the Western Front.
The first battalion which today constitutes this regiment was raised in 1805.
The original "Führerbegleit"battalion (FBB), 1939–1940.
The original 1st Battalion was divided into thirds.
The same was true of our sister battalion, the 2nd of the 7th."
The third battalion still continues as part of the regiment.
The Veinte Battalion was a volunteer battalion of the International Brigades during the Spanish Civil War.
There is now a male-female infantry battalion, the Caracal Battalion.
There was also a special Italian unit, the Garibaldi battalion.
There were only about a dozen survivors of Custer's battalion, all of whom had left it before the battle began.
These were 1st battalion of 139th Mountain Jaeger Brigade (Gebirgsjäger-Brigade 139), 6th Jaeger Battalion (Jäger-Bataillon 6), 6th SS Mountain Reconnaissance Battalion (SS-Gebirgs-Aufklärungs-Abteilung 6), and 6th SS Infantry Battalion (SS-Schützen-Bataillon "Nord" 6).
Two years later, the 1st Battalion replaced the 2nd Battalion, with the 2nd Battalion receiving its colours in 1960.

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