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Word: barrage

Definition: barrier laid down by artillery fire; overwhelming profusion; large number of questions or statements; Ex. a barrage of criticism

Sentences Containing 'barrage'

"Swallow" swept mines from the North Sea Mine Barrage laid by the Allied and Associated Powers during World War I. West Coast operations.
935 (County of Glamorgan) Barrage Balloon Unit (Auxiliary Air Force) was at Filton from January 1939 with 2 Flights of 8 barrage balloons, and responsible for the defence of the Naval Yard at Plymouth as well as the airfield at Filton.
955 Squadron, which was a barrage balloon unit and part of Balloon Command.
After the original impoundment of the waters of Cardiff Bay in November 1999 plans were mooted for an Royal inauguration of the barrage.
An Allied destroyer patrol was in the area on the night of 14 May, to the north of the Barrage.
Coal for the power generation is sourced from the Talcher Coal Field and water for the thermal power is taken from Samal Barrage Reservoir.
Construction started in 1994, following the successful passage of the Cardiff Bay Barrage Act of 1993 through the UK Parliament.
Construction was completed in 1999 and shortly afterwards the barrage came into effect. The impounding of the River Taff and River Ely created a freshwater lake.
Corps controlled the creeping barrage but divisions were given authority over extra batteries added to the barrage, which could be switched to other targets by the divisional commander and brigade commanders.
Heavy and medium howitzers were to make two layers of the creeping barrage, each deep, ahead of two field artillery belts equally deep, plus a machine-gun barrage in the middle.
In June 2012 a major rehabilitation project for the barrage began.
In November 1999 the barrage was completed and the sluice gates closed at high water to retain the seawater from the Bristol Channel within the 500-acre bay.
In the aforementioned episode, post-regeneration, Melody is immune to a barrage of gunfire due to her surplus regenerative energy.
In the afternoon the XX Corps commanded by Lieutenant General Philip Chetwode was then ordered to begin the Battle of Nablus, supported by an artillery barrage.
It is downstream of the Ottu barrage and reservoir (located in the Sirsa district of Haryana).
More recently, the guidelines have faced a sustained barrage of criticism.
Morgan said "This is far higher than was ever identified to Parliament during the passage of the Barrage Bill."
Much of the growth has been thanks to the building of the Cardiff Barrage.
On 12 July a heavy artillery barrage marked the launching of the offensive.
On July 26, artillery barrage initiated an assault, which resulted in capture of several Swedish strongpoints.
One of the major selling points of the proposed development was the opening up of a new pedestrian and cycle route across the barrage.
Six brigades of field artillery were available for the creeping barrage and the division's three machine-gun companies were reinforced by a company from 29th Division for the machine-gun barrage.
Soon afterwards the plaque at the Penarth end of the barrage was removed and an entirely new plaque erected mid-way along the barrage.
Subsequently BBC Wales discovered that Margaret Thatcher wanted to scrap the barrage proposal and only recanted when Nicholas Edwards threatened to resign.
The "unfinished" barrage was the cause of much embarrassment to the Welsh Assembly.
The 1917 Battle of the Strait of Otranto was the result of an Austro-Hungarian raid on the Otranto Barrage, an Allied naval blockade of the Strait of Otranto.
The barrage can discharge up to downstream with 42 spillway gates which are each wide.
The Barrage defeated the Outlaws 13-12 in OT in the MLL Semifinals at PAETEC Park on August 25, 2007.
The Barrage ended up in 3rd place in the American Division with a record of 3-11.
The Barrage failed to qualify for the 2002 season MLL playoffs.
The barrage has played an important role in the regeneration of the area.
The Barrage qualified for the MLL Playoffs for the third time in franchise history.
The barrage scheme was opposed by not only by environmentalists but, according to a BBC investigation, by the then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.
The barrage was consequently seen as central to the regeneration project. In 1987, prior to approval of the construction of the barrage, the Cardiff Bay Development Corporation was established to proceed with redeveloping the docklands - an area comprising one sixth of the entire area of the city of Cardiff.
The barrage was finally completed and open to the public on Monday 30 June 2008, allowing public access from Mermaid Quay to Penarth Marina.
The barrage was opened to the public in 2001.
The Barrage won their 2nd Eastern Conference Championship during the regular season with a 1st place record of 9-3.
The Barrage won their 3rd MLL Championship by defeating the Riptide 16-13 in the MLL Championship Game at PAETEC Park on August 26, 2007.
The bill included provisions for compensation for any homes damaged by the barrage and a large wetland habitat for birds further east down the Bristol Channel.
The bronze figure of the CBDC symbol of the mermaid, however, remained on the roundabout at the entrance to the Penarth end of the barrage.
The Cardiff Bay Barrage lies across the mouth of Cardiff Bay, Wales between Queen Alexandra Dock and Penarth Head.
The Jinnah Barrage is a barrage on the River Indus near Kalabagh, Pakistan.
The Philadelphia Barrage played their seventh season, as a charter member of the MLL (originally known as the Bridgeport Barrage), during the 2007 season of Major League Lacrosse.
The Saxons ran into an intense artillery barrage and ran away, but Claude Carra Saint-Cyr's division retook Aderklaa.
The Spartans then survive an arrow barrage unscathed and easily defeat a Persian cavalry charge.
The three cruisers were able to pass through the line of drifters, and at 03:30 began attacking the small barrage ships.
There she joined the Minesweeping Detachment of the Northern Barrage.
Three yellow ellipses were painted onto locks and gates, with professional mountain climbers being used to access the barrage's more difficult sections.
While he enjoyed the art, he wrote that the plot proved difficult to follow because of the page layouts, the large cast of androgynous characters, and the "barrage of events and names".
Xerxes, disturbed by the reminder of his mortality, watches as a massive barrage of arrows kills all the Spartans.
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