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Vocabulary Word

Word: awful

Definition: terrible; very bad

Sentences Containing 'awful'

There was something awful in his unconsciousness of the figure that could have put out its hand and touched him as he stooped over his labor.
Whatever tools they worked with, they worked hard, until the awful striking of the church clock so terrified Young Jerry, that he made off, with his hair as stiff as his father's.
And it was now, about little Lucie's sixth birthday, that they began to have an awful sound, as of a great storm in France with a dreadful sea rising.
But, such awful workers, and such awful work!
He walked on the other side of it and protected it to the courtyard of the house where the afflicted heart so happy in the memorable time when he had revealed his own desolate heart to it outwatched the awful night.
As the smoke cleared, leaving an awful stillness, it passed out on the air, like the soul of the furious woman whose body lay lifeless on the ground.
I declare I do not know a more awful object than Darcy, on particular occasions, and in particular places; at his own house especially, and of a Sunday evening, when he has nothing to do.''
At the height of that movement line drawing went out of fashion, and charcoal, and an awful thing called a stump, took the place of the point in the schools.
But what an awful deathlike stillness is felt when the curtain is drawn aside.
Nothing is more awful than shadows darker in the middle and gradually lighter towards their edges.
In contrast with the awful sublimity of this figure of Death, how touching is the expression of the little figure of Love, trying vainly to stop the inevitable advance.
If that hill didn't change its shape on bad nights there would be an awful steamboat grave yard around here inside of a year.'
The awful crash was imminent why didn't that villain come!
Then that young girl said to me`Oh, how awful to have to go out in that little boat on such a night!
He could not escape his debtor and his debtor's awful sufferings on account of not being able to pay.
This silence became more and more awful, more and more ominous, every moment.
Seven Sundays, and all of them broken up at one time or another, in the day or in the night, by a few hours of the awful storm of fire and thunder and iron.
I fled to the surface and told the awful news.
It must be an awful thing to have a railroad left on your hands.
It is the insect with black claws, and the awful word which I wish to retain in my imagination in all its purity and all its importance.''
There she must always be; and to marry Mademoiselle Danglars would be awful.''
said the count mysteriously, his eyes fixed on the corpse, disfigured by so awful a death.
``If you have seen all, madame, you know that the son of Fernand has publicly insulted me,''said Monte Cristo with awful calmness.
A dull, gloomy silence, like that which precedes some awful phenomenon of nature, pervaded the assembly, who shuddered in dismay.
Again, she bade me fling myself into the cavern of Cabra--an unparalleled and awful peril--and bring her a minute account of all that is concealed in those gloomy depths.
It was quiet enough to reassure me, but I have no doubt if I had seen a moderately large wave come tumbling in, I should have taken to my heels, with an awful recollection of her drowned relations.
There was no immediate answer, but presently I heard my name again, in a tone so very mysterious and awful, that I think I should have gone into a fit, if it had not occurred to me that it must have come through the keyhole.
I had plenty to think of, therefore, besides my mind running continually on the kind of place I was going to--which was an awful speculation.
I didn't need anybody to tell me that that was an awful bad sign and would fetch me some bad luck, so I was scared and most shook the clothes off of me.
"My name," said he, "is John Openshaw, but my own affairs have, as far as I can understand, little to do with this awful business.
I don't know how long I was asleep, but all of a sudden there was an awful scream and I was up.
And he said that handling a snake-skin was such awful bad luck that maybe we hadn't got to the end of it yet.
Says I--" I broke in and says: "They're in an awful peck of trouble, and--" "WHO is?"
Jim was awful disappointed, but I said never mind, Cairo would be the next place, I reckoned.
When he turned into a cloudbank it was awful dark for half a minute, and that was enough; there wouldn't nothing go wrong again for a week.
Jim warn't on his island, so I tramped off in a hurry for the crick, and crowded through the willows, red-hot to jump aboard and get out of that awful country.
We got there in about a half an hour fairly dripping, for it was a most awful hot day.
She was about sixteen, and very sweet and gentle looking, but awful pale and scared.
And--but never mind the rest of his outfit; it was just wild, but it was awful funny.
Having lent him a night-cap, which he put on at once, and in which he made such an awful figure, that I have never worn one since, I left him to his rest.
It was awful to me to think of all those lords and ladies sitting round that breakfast-table and waiting for me to come back.
We want to be awful square and open and above-board here, you know.
Your affection for Arthur blinds you as to the awful consequences to me.
I'm awful sorry, Miss Mary Jane, I'm just as sorry as I can be; but I done the best I could; I did honest.
So I never stopped running till I found the canoe; and when I got here I told Jim to hurry, or they'd catch me and hang me yet, and said I was afeard you and the duke wasn't alive now, and I was awful sorry, and so was Jim, and was awful glad when we see you coming; you may ask Jim if I didn't."
There was something positively awful to me in this, and in the brightness of her eyes, as she said, looking fixedly at me: 'What is he doing?'
said my aunt to Peggotty, who quailed before her awful presence.
But Mr. Dick got taxed with such things in the course of his Parliamentary career, and was made responsible for such awful consequences, that he became uncomfortable in his mind sometimes.
I cannot describe how it relieved me to think that it had escaped the awful fate to which it seemed destined.
If those awful solitudes had spoken to my heart, I did not know it.

More Vocab Words

::: juggernaut - irresistible crushing force; overwhelming advancing force that crushes everything in its path
::: mercantile - concerning trade or merchants
::: avantgarde - group of artists whose work is based on the newest ideas and methods; CF. vanguard
::: tentative - not fully worked out or developed; provisional; experimental; uncertain; hesitant; not definite or positive; Ex. tentative agreement/reply
::: obsolete - outmoded; no longer used
::: offensive - attacking; insulting; distasteful; V. offend: violate; hurt the feelings of; N. offense: offending; violating of a moral or social code; crime; attack; Ex. first offense
::: gall - annoy; exasperate; chafe; N: skin sore caused by rubbing (as on the skin of a horse); exasperation
::: prate - talk idly; speak foolishly; boast idly
::: impute - attribute; ascribe; charge; N. imputation
::: acclimate - adjust to climate or environment; adapt